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< TruckOSaurus posted something on Machina's wall:

You need a taller avatar, on forum pages we can't see all your badges!

Talon ruined it by making me a Beta Tester :(

on 02 May 2019

Oh wait, I forgot! He made it so you can remove individual banners.

on 02 May 2019

That's better!

on 02 May 2019

< Machina updated his status:

Woo, earned one of my favourites - http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/assets/badge-images/badge-1-6-4.jpg

< Machina updated his status:

Our last ever retail SW charts go up tomo. Must say I'll be relieved to not have to do them any more.

Unfortunately the new system probably won't be ready to go live tomo (added some difficult workload for Talon during testing, so not sure when we'll be going live).

I am happy that this huge work load is of your back.
Thank you for being as good as possible on track with the software charts.
I could imagine that you sometimes needed a lot of will power to move on doing the charts.

on 31 January 2019

Thank you :)

And yes it did, though I would've carried on with them if it were viable; I just don't think it is anymore.

The new system won't make up for it but I'm glad we're moving from estimates to reporting official stats.

on 31 January 2019

< XD84 posted something on Machina's wall:

I was wondering when you newly publish the shipped numbers, will those be published on a weekly basis?

Nope, they'll be added on a continuing basis. You'll be able to keep track of the uploads via a new box we're adding to the front page,

We're already adding shipments to the db (myself, TrunksWD and Marth) and hope to have the database nicely fleshed out ready for the switchover at the end of January.

on 09 January 2019

< mZuzek posted something on Machina's wall:

So many banners!

So many site jobs!

on 06 January 2019

Yeah, that doesn't sound as cool

on 06 January 2019

< GuyDuke posted something on Machina's wall:

I'll have to answer you here because it seems I can't reply on my own damn wall.

Thank you for the link. I figured some users would raise the question about the PoGo situation but couldn't find the proper forum. Sorry for the bother.

Keep up your tremendous work.

< GuyDuke posted something on Machina's wall:

Hey Machina, quick question for you. Do you know why Pokemon Let's Go have both versions splitted in the weekly software charts? Ultra Sun/Moon's sales are combined, whereas the new Let's Go game are not. Why is that?

< Machina updated his status:

If I forget to activate the Xmas site badge on the 25th someone please remind me!

< Rob5VGC posted something on Machina's wall:

Hey Machina. Question. Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far is exclusive to North America. How did it get sales in the "other" category?

Other North American countries. The NA on game pages is shorthand for America.

on 12 December 2018

Ok. I got cha. Thanks. lol

on 12 December 2018

< Marth posted something on Machina's wall:

Hi :) How are you doing? Have you seen the new Dota patch already? Icefrog has really gone insane this time :D

Yeah I read through the patch notes and watched Matu play it for a bit yesterday. Some pretty broken-sounding stuff in there; expect a lot of quick nerfs.

on 20 November 2018

Probably. But its also a lot of fun. Tried Midas Dagon Ogre and a 1-4-1 Bounty Hunter xD

on 20 November 2018

< Rob5VGC posted something on Machina's wall:

Hello Machina. Question: Would you happen to know when users will be able to see the sales of overseas releases when they launch outside of Japan after 10 weeks again? For example, Valkyria Chronicles 4 launched on PS4 (been out in Japan), Switch, X1 overseas. I can see the overseas data for the Switch and X1 versions since they didn't release in Japan earlier, but I can't with the PS4 because it launched in Japan earlier.

You can see the total to the nearest 10k.

But I guess you're asking when will you be able to see the fully detailed 10 week breakdown? In which case the answer is almost certainly never, because Talon has unfortunately left the site, and he was the one working on those sorts of things.

on 17 November 2018

Though if you have specific titles you want to know, I could paste them to you.

In the case of Valk 4 the PS4 version did:
- 23,792 week 1 US, 11,322 week 2 US
- 14,021 week 1 Europe, 4,577 week 2 Europe

on 17 November 2018

Yeah. I was asking about that. Unfortunate that Talon left. That is a huge blow. I've been waiting so long to see specific region numbers again. Well, now I know. Thanks for the VC4 numbers. If I have any specific titles, I'll definitely ask you. Thanks again.

on 18 November 2018

< Machina updated his status:

Actually, just finished Metamorphosis and it was alright, but The Trial and The Castle were insufferably tedious.

< Machina updated his status:

Fuck me are Franz Kafka's novels boring.

< Signalstar posted something on Machina's wall:

What's new Machina?

Same old, same old.

What you doing nowadays?

on 12 November 2018

Still working in NY. Thinking about going back overseas again though.

Are we friends on Facebook? We could chat there.

on 13 November 2018

Tsch, I don't use Facebook!

What country you thinking of going to?

on 13 November 2018

< TruckOSaurus posted something on Machina's wall:

Have you seen this horror? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ab2-WW1skOM

Only thing horrific I can think of when watching this is the word “mobile”...

Other than that, I don’t understand why you’d call this an horror.

on 02 November 2018

After blizzard teasing something big for Diablo in the last few months, to have it be a mobile title that's very similar to Diablo III is more than a let down.

on 02 November 2018

This is what you get for rewarding the mediocrity that is Diablo III.

On the plus side maybe next year they'll remake Diablo II, since they've remade StarCraft and are now remaking WarCraft III.

on 03 November 2018

Do you guys not have phones?

I liked the guy asking about an out of season April Fool's joke too.

on 03 November 2018

< Masked_Muchaco posted something on Machina's wall:

I think I should've already earned the Cleanse The Wilderness badge, I certainly did more than 250 comments on news articles, considering I've made a total of 350 article comments, but only about 15 of them were on reviews and sales articles and none on previews and opinion articles as far as I can remember.


on 27 October 2018

Thanks :)

on 28 October 2018

Is the haunted badge working? Looks like no one has earned it yet.

on 02 November 2018

Ah, yes, it works but needs activating on the day.

I'll activate it today for 24 hours, since I forgot to do it on the day itself.

on 02 November 2018

< Machina updated his status:

Trucks has fixed the issue with the charts. Am able to start work on them again now!

Awesome! Thank you for the notice.

on 23 October 2018

< Ryng_Tolu posted something on Machina's wall:

Hey Machina, i have another request if you could please help me. Could you change my name from "Ryng_Tolu" to just "Ryng" ? thanks

Not something I can do (I don't know the first thing about coding). Trucks can do it tho.

on 21 October 2018

Can you give me the link of his account?

on 21 October 2018

< Ryng_Tolu posted something on Machina's wall:


Let me know what you thing. :p

Excellent, thanks for taking on that responsibility.

My main suggestion - to add Boutros' list of links to older NPD threads to the bottom of the first post.

on 19 October 2018

yeah i wanted to do that BUT i made the thread at 1:30 and i was really bored lol.
OI'll add some stuff!

on 19 October 2018

< Machina updated his status:

Sorry for the lack of charts. I want Talon to resolve the issue with totals before I do any more. Will get straight to work on them as soon as it's fixed.

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