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Machina's Wall

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< Machina updated his status:

Not heard back from Brett yet about the bug with the pre-order chart. Unfortunately can't proceed until it's resolved :/

I'm not sure why you guys have pre-order charts at all when there's next to no available data behind verifiable sources for it. The data always seemed a little bunk too so why not just delete it altogether ?

1 day ago

I actually like the pre-order charts. They create for me a bigger hype when games release and at least give me an indicator how well they might sell in the first week.

1 day ago

The pre-order charts isn't even a realistic estimate, It's just flawed sampling (if the team is even doing that) of a fandom. WTH is KH3 doing at 2nd place and why the hell is Dead Island 2 in the pre-orders even though there's no solid date for it ?

1 day ago

I've long wanted to ditch the pre-order chart too, because it's the least accurate chart we do, but Brett wants to keep it.

The current problem is not a problem limited to the pre-order chart, so just ditching it wouldn't actually solve this particular issue.

1 day ago

< XD84 posted something on Machina's wall:

The link to the USA Pre-Orders, 23rd December 2017 leads to the USA Pre-Orders, 16th December 2017

Yeah there was a problem with the chart, so I had to delete it (so the site is redirecting anyone clicking that link to last week's chart instead).

Working with Talon to identify the issue and fix it.

on 11 February 2018

< Darwinianevolution posted something on Machina's wall:

I see that the Admin team has added a Latest User Reviews option to the main page. Thanks, this is a really cool feature!

Did you post this 8 hours ago?

on 05 February 2018

I did, but it had a big typo, so I erased it and rewrote it.

on 05 February 2018


on 05 February 2018

Real nice

on 05 February 2018

No problem, was an important addition to give them some exposure.

If you haven't done so already - clear your cache and you'll be able to order them by score.

on 06 February 2018

< Machina updated his status:

Brett is updating some data and will be test running it on this week's charts (including doing the next chart himself, to make sure everything worked correctly).

So no charts from me until the next UK chart is up unfortunately.

Is he happy with the new site improvements?

on 05 February 2018

< Machina updated his status:

Back in business.

< Machina updated his status:

No chart today, Talon's got to do some maintenance that will impact the charts. Hoping to get stuck in again tomo though.

< Xen posted something on Machina's wall:

Heya, you missed adding me to the potential designer badge receivers, unless you of course think I am not good enough =P

Adding you now!

on 18 January 2018

Thanks a lot!

on 18 January 2018

No problem, thanks for making some badge designs.

on 18 January 2018

< Machina updated his status:

Maybe 4 charts today, if I have a clear run at them.

< Masked_Muchaco posted something on Machina's wall:

Hi, is there a plan to remove the various duplicate entries in the games db?

Yes, Admins can delete duplicates. If there's a particular duplicate you want deleted you can report it via the game page. The only duplicates we're not deleting yet are ones with sales on them - not until we have a reliable tool in place that can shift the sales data over to the better entry.

on 04 January 2018

< Machina updated his status:

No chart tomo, Talon needs me to hold off on them while he does some coding stuff.

It is great that you inform, when you are unable to do any charts.

Out of curiosity: In average how many hours do you spend doing the weekly charts fof all regions?

on 06 January 2018

I don't log it, but it's a lot!

Maybe I should time it one week just to see what it comes out to.

on 06 January 2018

< Dr.Vita posted something on Machina's wall:

So now that you finally have an software adjustment tool can we expect you to work on this list in the future? ^^

Most of them yes. I'm only making adjustments to SW from this gen - that's my cut-off point.

I've already done some of the ones on that list. Right now my focus is NPD reports from this gen, then I'll move on to individual series/games.

on 03 January 2018

You can follow my progress here btw -

Each week I list the games I've adjusted.

on 03 January 2018

Alright that's very good news! Thank you so much for your hard work! ^^

on 04 January 2018

< VGPolyglot posted something on Machina's wall:

Merry Christmas!

That's awesome xD

on 25 December 2017

< Machina updated his status:

Some game names/publisher details may be wrong for the next couple of weeks (e.g. Pokken on Switch doesn't have DX in the name). These are to do with the switch to the new db and we'll be able to fix them once we go live.

< Machina updated his status:

Charts are back. Assuming everything checks out it'll be back to routine as normal (minus two days off on the 25th and 26th).

Spoke too soon, something went wrong in the transfer after all :(

on 22 December 2017

< Machina updated his status:

There is a small chance of a chart today. Talon's transfer is done but he wants to test things together to make sure it's all working as intended before I get back into my usual routine.

< Machina updated his status:

Maybe no charts today - Talon's working on transfering the sales stuff to the new database and I can't work on them until it's done. He will prioritise the areas I'm due to work on next tho, to minimise disruption to the sales, so I may be able to get some done if it's a smooth transfer.

< BasilZero posted something on Machina's wall:

Games with no box arts have their titles disappeared - something in the works :P?

Yeah Talon's working hard on the new db. Thinks his goal is to get it out in a functional (though not necessarily pretty; Zekkyou has come up with some awesome designs that for the mostpart will be added after it goes live) form by the end of the month.

on 09 December 2017

Nice! Looking forward to it :)!

on 09 December 2017

< Machina updated his status:

11th Annual VGChartz Game of the Year Awards -

< Machina updated his status:

Organising A New GameDB Admin Team -

< Machina updated his status:

Testing the alpha of the new GameDB!


on 19 November 2017

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