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< Machina
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OK Computer Rejected or approved 500 GameDB jobs.
Harvest Time Logged in at the start of Spring.
Sander Cohen 500 video game banners added to the VGChartz database.
Mighty Heart Logged in on Valentine's Day.
Odd Job Dealt with (accepted or rejected) 50 reports.
Marshall Law Dealt with (accepted or rejected) 100 reports.
Careful Now Rejected or approved 50 GameDB jobs.
Job Simulation Rejected or approved 100 GameDB jobs.
Cleanse The Wilderness 250 comments posted on VGChartz news articles.
Oh, I'm Just Getting Started 15 comments posted on VGChartz staff reviews.
Hit And Run 15 comments posted on VGChartz news articles.
Gaming Journalist 100 VGChartz news articles posted.
Super Sleuth 250 VGChartz news articles posted.
Psychic Spy 1,000 VGChartz news articles posted.
Retro Gamer 500 game release dates added to the VGChartz database.
Freezing Logged in on Christmas day.
Hot Coffee 10 cheats added to the VGChartz database.
Killer Scorpion Earned 60 badges.
Writing into the night. 50 summaries added to the VGChartz database.
It's not just a job, it's an adventure... 10 summaries added to the VGChartz database.

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< Masked_Muchaco posted something on Machina's wall:

There is a badge that's apparently not working for me. I added my 100th banner more than 24 hours ago and I still not received the Artiste badge.

Odd. I've manually awarded it. Do let me know if any other badges don't unlock, because if it's a common problem Talon will need to take a look.

5 days ago

< FloatingWaffles posted something on Machina's wall:

hey machina

not sure if this was the place to ask but I thought maybe you would know since you're a site admin

have you noticed a lot of older accounts or people who haven't logged in in a while all show the same "last online" date of April 27, 2017? Is the site glitched or something lol

Yeah I vaguely remember that being caused by some site issue, and around the same time I received a flood of 'I can't log in' e-mails.

Eventually Talon got to the bottom of it, so it's since been resolved.

on 12 May 2018

ah, so will it always just say that date regardless now?

on 12 May 2018

Until/unless they log back in, yep.

on 13 May 2018

What a coincidence, I was about to ask the same thing XD

on 13 May 2018

Adding to that permabanned accounts waaay before that date somehow also managed to log in

on 14 May 2018

< Machina updated his status:

Grrr, same problem as last week. This frigging site :@

I'm assuming :@ is supposed to be an angry face or something? It looks like a guy with a funny moustache though

on 05 May 2018

Yeah it's the old MSN chat angry face!

Fortunately Talon came to my rescue today.

on 05 May 2018

Good 'ol Talon coming to the rescue again. It's really good that him, trunks and yourself are keeping the sales side of the site going now

on 05 May 2018

< Machina updated his status:

Site's functioning again. I'm working on the charts straight away.

< Machina updated his status:

No chart today. Talon's checking out some of the code; hopefully I'm able to restart work on the charts tomo. In the meantime I'll do some adjustments.

No progress yet unfortunately.

on 26 April 2018

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Write 27

Favourite From Software Souls-like?

in Gaming Discussion 12 hours ago

Azuren said: ruffy37 said: dark souls > demon souls > ds3 > ds2 > bloodborne I don't know .. somehow I don't like bloodborne that much. probably because the game was way too easy after blood starved beast and those chalice dungeons were extremely monotonous Someone clearly didn't fight Maria or the Orphan. But the be fair, they were DLC bosses. Orphan...

Write 27

Favourite From Software Souls-like?

in Gaming Discussion 18 hours ago

It's interesting that Bloodborne is leading so heavily. I'm sure some of that's down to its exclusivity, but not all of it. In which case I can pretty safely conclude that From Software titles aren't for me. I've only played DS2 and Bloodborne, and given the latter is considered the stand-out one and it did not impress me, I doubt any of the other Souls titles would either....

Write 27

Favourite From Software Souls-like?

in Gaming Discussion 20 hours ago

With Dark Souls: Remastered releasing in a few days' time, this week's front page poll is dedicated to From Software's Souls series and its spiritual successor, Bloodborne.   Comment on your picks below. Or just bitch about the question and options like usual......


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