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< Machina Incidentally if anyone from the community is interested in writing for the site or has a blog that t
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< Machina updated his status:

Incidentally if anyone from the community is interested in writing for the site or has a blog that they post video game content on that they think would fit well on VGC send me a message - I'm always keen to add new writers to the staff.

I'm worried that what I'd attempt to write wouldn't be up to snuff with the quality that is expected.

4 days ago

Your writing on the forums says otherwise. We mostly need more reviews, so I'm mainly looking for reviewers. If you're interested PM me your e-mail address and I'll send you more info.

4 days ago

< Machina updated his status:

Kresnik has joined the writing team.

His first published piece on VGC can be viewed here -

haha, his first article is about the Vita? Perfectly fitting!
Should be a good addition to the team though, I look forward to seeing what he writes :)

5 days ago

Mostly about Vita I expect!

He's welcome to branch out to platforms that aren't borderline dead if he wants to though xD

5 days ago

I can give you a spoiler - the vast majority of the stuff I'll be writing about over the next 12 months will be about Vita. Someone has to fill that niche on the internet!

I might be tempted to write an article or two about something else if the mood strikes though :)

5 days ago

< Machina updated his status:

Been a while but it had to happen again eventually...

Can't publish any more charts until Brett fixes a bug in the next Japanese chart.

Problem fixed, back in business.

on 10 July 2017

< outlawauron posted something on Machina's wall:

Hey Machina, hope you're doing well. I saw you've played Enola on steam. Is it worth buying?

I'm good thanks. I didn't play Enola, just idled for the trading cards after getting it in a bundle, so can't say either way.

on 24 June 2017

< TruckOSaurus posted something on Machina's wall:

Do you think you'll get control of the hardware charts one of these days? That would be awesome!

We already do! Will does the HW and I do the SW. The only catch is that, as with the SW, we can't make adjustments after the fact; we have to pass them on to Brett and wait for him to make them.

on 16 May 2017

I see! I see! So I'm guessing the numbers are behind because of that then.

on 16 May 2017

That and he's been very busy in real life!

on 17 May 2017

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Anyone getting Fortnite?

in Gaming Discussion 10 hours ago

Had no idea it was being released this month as an early access title. They've not done a very good job of publicising it. I'm sort of interested in it, depends on how well received it is by players, and how the F2P model will work....

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When will the Switch be tracked on the main page?

in Gaming Discussion 5 days ago

RolStoppable said: Once other consoles of the same generation are launched. The 3DS wasn't put on the frontpage until after the Vita launched, the Wii U wasn't there until the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One. This. Or until such a time as it's widely considered 8th Gen.No decision has been made primarily because there's no consensus in the industry as to which generation it's a part...

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VGChartz Brotherhood Day!

in General Discussion 6 days ago

This is actually pretty cool....


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