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< Machina
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< TruckOSaurus posted something on Machina's wall:

Do you think you'll get control of the hardware charts one of these days? That would be awesome!

We already do! Will does the HW and I do the SW. The only catch is that, as with the SW, we can't make adjustments after the fact; we have to pass them on to Brett and wait for him to make them.

on 16 May 2017

I see! I see! So I'm guessing the numbers are behind because of that then.

on 16 May 2017

That and he's been very busy in real life!

on 17 May 2017

< Machina updated his status:

Going on holiday for a week starting this weekend.

Should still have internet access (tho dunno how reliable it'll be) so will continue to do some chart work, but probably not at the same rate as usual, so don't expect as many SW charts for the next week.

< Kerotan posted something on Machina's wall:

Question for you regarding a Vgchartz chat room. There's already one with mods and users from here in it run by a mod but it's way too negative regarding this site.

I'd prefer if we had an official pro Vgchartz chat ran by you for example. have a read.

For some reason it was quickly locked. So there won't be a discussion. Have a read anyway and give me your opinion.

on 03 May 2017

We used to have one. I wouldn't be opposed to Trucks implementing one, but I don't consider it a high priority; an unofficial chat room is fine for the time being.

on 03 May 2017

< tak13 posted something on Machina's wall:

Machina, did you encounter a bug so something failed to upload or were you hasty? ;) ;) ;) haha

O_o That wasn't me, I wasn't even at home.

on 13 April 2017

Brett published it by mistake it seems.

on 13 April 2017


on 13 April 2017

What? lol

Is someone missing his old habits?

on 13 April 2017

Dunno why he did it, I suspect it's because when he was adding Switch HW he saw I'd published Germany and forgot that France goes next, so assumed that the Europe chart was ready to go but that I hadn't gotten around to publishing it yet. Needless to say he was wrong.

on 13 April 2017

< Machina updated his status:

Back in action! UK chart will be live shortly.

YEY! Ioi was fairly fast! Long live former vgc lord, ioi!

on 07 April 2017


on 07 April 2017

You're on fire Machina... ;)

on 07 April 2017

Are you going to give usa global today?

on 07 April 2017

lol no, I do intend to sleep at some point :P

on 07 April 2017

You sleep to early boss! Anyway, justifiable with all that work you do... ;)

on 07 April 2017


on 07 April 2017

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Red Dead Redemption 2 delayed until Spring 2018, new screenshots

in Gaming Discussion 6 days ago

Ubisoft breathing a sigh of relief....

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Star Trek Discovery trailer #1

in Movies Discussion on 18 May 2017

SvennoJ said: Perhaps it will be good in a decade or so. I'm currently enjoying Star Trek Enterprise which I hated when it was aired. Now the quality of everything else has gone down it's not so bad anymore :p I can only stand half an hour a night of Jonathan Archer, not exactly binge watching :) Enterprise is pretty mediocre until you get to the Xindi arc (first teased in season 2's...

Write 53

Star Trek Discovery trailer #1

in Movies Discussion on 18 May 2017

shikamaru317 said: Machina said: I'm relieved - it looks like it has potential. +The captain and the commander are played by good actors (Michelle Yeoh especially), which means it's possible to ignore the obvious diversity pandering, which would otherwise be a little bit eye-roll inducing. +I quite like the look of the token alien crew member. Hopefully he gets some good story...


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