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    Salnax's Wall

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    < thetonestarr posted something on Salnax's wall:

    Hey, my 3DS broke and I got a N3DS, but I lost all my friends! I've re-added you, but I need you to re-add me too! New Friend Code - 4957-5573-4181. Don't forget to delete my old 3DS if you still had it as a friend.

    Thanks for the heads up. Will do that soon.

    on 22 December 2015

    < spurgeonryan posted something on Salnax's wall:

    Did you forget?


    < JoeTheBro posted something on Salnax's wall:

    I won our bet :)


    Huh. I thought I got off the hook in September. Were there adjustments? no matter.


    What would you like my signature to say?

    on 20 September 2015

    Oh I don't care. Just wanted to settle the bet so it wasn't left open.

    on 20 September 2015

    Sounds good. I'll be a bit more punctual if we do this again.

    on 20 September 2015

    I no, I took a break from vgchartz for the past year, It's my fault, not yours

    on 20 September 2015

    < Slarvax posted something on Salnax's wall:

    Hi Sal. How's my old pal doing?

    Not bad. I'm finishing off my degree, and am going to move and (hopefully) get a job soon. The past seven or so months have been productive ones for me, in more ways than I can easily summarize.

    How have you been doing?

    on 14 April 2015

    That's great to hear.

    I've been nice. Playing a lot of great games recently and school's fairly easy.

    on 14 April 2015

    I've been playing a mix of Hyrule Warriors and Majora's Mask 3D for a while now. Hyrule Warriors is surprisingly enjoyable, to the extent that I am now interested in playing other Omega FOrce titles, and MM3D is about what I expected (excellent). I guess this makes Zelda U's delay a good thing for me, since I could have been overdosed on Zelda if it came out this year.

    I've also been revisiting some 3DS games I haven't visited for a while, like Paper Mario: Sticker Star and NSMB2. I actually liked both games back in 2012, and still enjoy them today, so I guess I'm officially mentally ill.

    I also have made a habit at looking at Bargain Bins in game stores, and have discovered that some games that were overpriced at $40 or so are great deals at $4. Pilotwings Resort, Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, and the tie-in game for Thor on the DS are surprisingly fun when you don't expect $40 of value from them.

    The best part about wrapping up college is that you finally get all of the barriers between you and the good stuff out of the way, and can focus on said good stuff. For me, this includes cartography using GIS and Environmental Sustainability in Urban Environments. I'm having fun and learning skills that are both practical and marketable. And because my enthusiasm for these topics is a decent sleep aid for most people (most people don't seem to care about the advantages of Robinson projections or the misuse of Mercator projections), that's all I have to say about those.

    Did you ever end up moving to another country? I remember you mentioned that being in the cards a while back, but I think I went missing shortly afterwards.

    on 15 April 2015

    I always look at the Bargain Bin and never ever found something that interests me.

    Recently I finished Metroid Prime, it was amazingly good and got way better when I got the Wave Beam. I also started Kid Icarus: Uprising and got back into Earthbound, which is breaking my mind with how weird it is.

    I'm moving this August to Canada ^_^

    on 15 April 2015

    < HylianSwordsman posted something on Salnax's wall:


    Don't forget to vote this month!

    < HylianSwordsman posted something on Salnax's wall:

    A wild Salnax appeared! Are you coming back now? Like, more permanently, I mean. You've been missed!

    I'm about 80% sure I'm back on a more regular basis.

    on 05 January 2015

    Sweet! Those are good odds. Welcome back!

    on 05 January 2015

    < noname2200 posted something on Salnax's wall:

    Season's greetings! I would like to personally invite you to join this year's Steam Secret Santa event, thread link below. Please drop by and help us make this holiday season a bit more merry for everyone. Looking forward to seeing you there!


    < Smeags posted something on Salnax's wall:

    You never have to explain yourself Salnax. You just have to do what is the best for you, and we'll always be better off because of you. :)

    < theprof00 posted something on Salnax's wall:

    Hey bud, join us again for this years 10 week countdown!


    < Salnax updated his status:

    Thanks to everyone who wrote on my wall. I think I'm back now, and will explain myself as much as possible ASAP.

    I'm glad to see you again!

    on 04 September 2014

    Welcome back, you.

    on 04 September 2014


    on 04 September 2014

    Michael, are you trying to say Salnax is yours?
    Welcome back, man! Hope you had a nice time put of here :D

    on 20 September 2014

    < Proxy-Pie posted something on Salnax's wall:

    Come back! ):

    < Slarvax posted something on Salnax's wall:

    Hope your having fun

    You're very missed here!

    < Alby_da_Wolf posted something on Salnax's wall:

    Have nice holidays!

    < NobleTeam360 posted something on Salnax's wall:

    Salnax? You've been offline for a good while hope everything is ok.

    We need you Salnax

    on 03 August 2014

    < Michael-5 posted something on Salnax's wall:

    Where is you?

    < HylianSwordsman posted something on Salnax's wall:

    Hope all is okay your way. You're missed here.

    < AZWification posted something on Salnax's wall:

    Where are you, mah boi? :P

    reminds me of this:

    on 25 July 2014

    < HylianSwordsman posted something on Salnax's wall:

    You won your bet with JoeTheBro it seems! 3DS outsold PS4 for the month of June! At least according to this thread anyway:


    < Ps3 posted something on Salnax's wall:

    What an interesting, yet cute avatar < 3 3 3

    < HylianSwordsman posted something on Salnax's wall:

    So uh...there was a little error that never got fixed in this...also the next update is due :P


    I hope you're not losing interest in this? I enjoy it a lot. I know it doesn't get as many comments as the monthly most wanted threads, but that's because there's less to talk about each week and because it doesn't have an interactive element like the most wanted threads do.

    on 02 July 2014

    Thanks for the reminder. This week and the middle of last week were just both a bit busy IRL, that's all. I'll update the thread ASAP.

    on 04 July 2014

    I know you're busy, but here's another reminder.

    on 14 July 2014

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