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    Are you a true Bloodborne fan? Bloodborne: The Board Game Kickstarter

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 May 2019 by CladInShadows

    LivingMetal said: CladInShadows said: I ended the campaign with $210 ($90 early bird pledge plus three $40 expansions). I hope to get the other expansions between now and the end of the pledge manager. If I understand this correctly, someone could pledge $100 (non-early bird) and be promised the core game.  But he can later up his pledge to purchase the other...

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    Castlevania Anniversary Collection Launch Trailer

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 May 2019 by Xxain

    Its clear that people dont read threads .... ...

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    Rapper NBA youngboy was shot multiple times outside trump resort

    in General Discussion on 16 May 2019 by jason1637

    Dark_Lord_2008 said: Ganoncrotch said: I'll be honest, when I seen his name all that was going through my head was.... "wonder if the shot was from far enough away to be a 3 pointer" "swish" and "nothing but net!" But that's just me! I don't know who the f this guy was but I know how dark comedy works. Either way, the guy wasn't shot, a car of his was shot at and his body...

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    Capcom just released a game on Nintendo Switch on a 16 GB Game Cart for $30 MSRP

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 May 2019 by bonzobanana

    I haven't been following gaming recently so apologies if I'm out of touch but how are Nintendo rom sizes calculated purely by saying they will be the same size as the download up to the nearest cartridge size or is there some sort of site that lists actual rom sizes? I had a quick google but couldn't find such a site. For some of the older formats the download size was larger than the rom...

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    PS5>XB4>NS units sold next gen

    in Sales Discussion on 15 May 2019 by Rab

    NS2 ...

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    Nintendo E3 2019 Plans Detailed - Nintendo Direct June 11th @9AM PT + Treehouse and Tournaments

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 May 2019 by Green098

    Jumpin said: Looks like the leak was absolutely true. They just happened to translate the month wrong. Or maybe as the leaker was leaking he had a brain issue when the information came to him, and he wrote April instead of June.Have faith in our Prophets my siblings! HAVE FAITH!http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=239829 Please tell me you're kidding right :-D ...

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    Spoilers - Marvel Endgame Discussion - Spoilers

    in Movies Discussion on 14 May 2019 by d21lewis

    mZuzek said: mZuzek said: Okay, I'm doing an actual post now. So, hmm, let's see...It's a really hard movie to digest for me. Infinity War was hard because of the nature of everything that happened, and in that regard Endgame is easier as it has a happy-ish ending and all, but what makes it difficult for me is what happened to the Guardians of the Galaxy. I mean... I was fine with...

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    What Nintendo systems has Switch already surpassed for you?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 May 2019 by curl-6

    Jumpin said: I think of consoles more in tiers.Top Tier: SNES, Wii, DS, SwitchMedium Tier: NES, 3DS, Gameboy, GBALow Tier: Wii U, N64Irrelevant Tier: Gamecube, Virtual Boy But I also think of Nintendo in terms of historical eras (excuse my slight Eurocentrism):Classical Age: NES/early SNES - The era which Nintendo really built its foundations as an innovative video game giant which...

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    The Official Legend of Zelda Thread: Cadence of Hyrule - Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring the Legend of Zelda Arrives This Spring on Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 May 2019 by Veknoid_Outcast

    Zelda chess set on sale! List Price: $74.99  Price: $39.99 You Save: $35.00 (47%) Source ...

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    Predator: Hunting Grounds (IllFonic x Fox x Sony WWS)

    in Sony Discussion on 13 May 2019 by Keiji

    I'm really glad with these news because I love Evolve and the Predator. ...

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    Wii or N64?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 May 2019 by Jumpin

    HoangNhatAnh said: S.T.A.G.E. said: The wii had the lowest quality libary of any popular platform of all time, all helmed by a handful some of the best Nintendo first party games. The N64 had fewer games, but a vastly and more solid lineup of first and third party games. The Switch is already ahead of the Wii in terms of quality games and its only been around two...

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    State of Play set for May 9th; No PS5 news but a New game will be revealed (Square Enix teasing something)

    in Sony Discussion on 12 May 2019 by Bisa

    This State of Play format Sony is going with doesn't do it for me. ...

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    IT: Chapter Two trailer

    in Movies Discussion on 11 May 2019 by Darwinianevolution

    Hiku said: Nobody:Grandma: *gets naked* That reminded me of The Witch when the Spoiler! old witch cooks the baby and rubs the result onto her skin. That movie was great. Fucked up, but great. ...

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    Super Mario Maker 2 launches June 28

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 May 2019 by super_etecoon

    Flilix said: Pretty hyped for this. It will be the first game I'm buying on launch day since Super Mario Odyssey. same ...

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    If the 9th gen consoles launch with BC in 2020, is there any reason to produce 8th gen consoles beyond 2020?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 May 2019 by DonFerrari

    Mr Puggsly said: DonFerrari said: "PS3 started very high in price, but the parts also dropped quickly and they removed things to lower the price. By 2013 they were selling it at a good profit." http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=9004676 Seems like your memory is a little odd, unless you want to say good is different then big. Still please prove they were making good...

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    Sony: PS5 not due out before April 2020

    in Sony Discussion on 10 May 2019 by DonFerrari

    Pemalite said: DonFerrari said: I certainly can agree that sometimes your great design will be taken by surprise on reliability issues that couldn't be foreseen (that is what in aviation generally end up making Airworthiness Directives). Some times you'll discover something totally new and unexpected after the project was tested a lot. Indeed! DonFerrari said:...

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    All the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Games [Updated for June 29, 2017]

    in Microsoft Discussion on 09 May 2019 by konnichiwa

    -Hitman HD Pack This contains the HD versions of Hitman: Contracts and Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. ...

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    Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 May 2019 by chakkra

    The Assassin's Creed games are WAAAAY more entertaining than any of the 2D mario games (well, any 2D platformers to be fair). ...

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    Bethesda Is Doubling Down On Creation Engine. What Gives?

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 May 2019 by Dulfite

    Marth said: Dulfite said: Rather than digging through articles to find latest official numbers, I simply used the numbers in the VGC database, which aren't updated I guess. That being said, I agree that the game and RDR2 will continue to sell lots next generation, therefore making Skyrim not seem like it sells out of this world. The VGC shipment numbers are as up to date...

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    Sekiro: Shadow die twice, holds strong at 90 on Opencritic based on 111 reviewers. GotY?

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 May 2019 by Cerebralbore101

    Platinum Achieved! The grind for the final 9 skill points was real. Had to go all the way to NG+4 and then farm the Ashina Outskirts soldiers. ...

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