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    Xbox Empire V2 - Inside Xbox April Recap | Xbox One S All Digital Edition Announced | Game Pass Ultimate Announced | E3 2019 Briefing Dated

    in Microsoft Discussion 20 minutes ago by Ryuu96

    shikamaru317 said: EspadaGrim said: https://m.imgur.com/gallery/i3TnTKk Could be true, and Lockhart being a streaming console would explain why it is only 4 tflops, the streaming console we heard MS was working on only runs latency intensive tasks locally, the rest is pulled from the cloud, so you wouldn't need a powerful GPU. However, some stuff in that leak has me...

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    Picture Association Game

    in General Discussion 30 minutes ago by CaptainExplosion


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    MK11 full roster + 9 DLC Characters Leaked!

    in Gaming Discussion 1 hour ago by Bristow9091

    Shadow1980 said: So Cyrax and Sektor are in the cinematics, but not on the roster of playable characters? Okay... I mean, Rain and Baraka were in MKX but weren't playable characters either :( ...

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    COMG! Japan Pre-order Chart Thread - Daily updates!

    in Sales Discussion 1 hour ago by Boutros


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    PS5 Confirmed Backward Compatibility

    in Sony Discussion 1 hour ago by Pemalite

    Bofferbrauer2 said: jason1637 said: But the switch OS is missing a lot of features compared to the PS4. With the rumored changes to PSN I could see the PS5 taking up maybe 4-6gb. 8 would be too much though. Not even Windows, with all it's functions, is coming close to using that much RAM. If a console OS would take that much, it's really wasteful programming. 4GB okay, 6...

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    Post ALL Database Issues/Suggestions/Etc Here

    in Website Topics 1 hour ago by Bandorr

    I'd like better information about my submissions. Specifically adding trophies under the extra section. Something along the lines of "http://www.vgchartz.com/game/84679/persona-5/extras" "Passionate Listener" was accepted. If you change the rows to have a row id for each table then you could directly link them to that specific item. Which one was approved, Queued, rejected. Perhaps by...

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    Sekiro: Shadow die twice, holds strong at 90 on Opencritic based on 111 reviewers. GotY?

    in Gaming Discussion 3 hours ago by Cerebralbore101

    Found this on Reddit. It needs to be posted here... So this one is a quickie, but I have come across multiple people, some of whom have completed multiple playthroughs, that still didnt know about this mechanic so I just wanted to put it out there as its truly a game changer. If you already knew this, awesome. I am not trying to be one of those people that thinks they are hot shit finding out...

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    PS5>XB4>NS units sold next gen

    in Sales Discussion 6 hours ago by jason1637

    I think its still to early to tell. Bur right now im expecting Switch to be end up around 80-90m. PS5 around 110m and the next xbox around 60-65m....

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    Sony to crack down on sexually explicit games |Update: Specifically Japanese games containing underage characters

    in Sony Discussion 6 hours ago by Alby_da_Wolf

    So will Sony ban camel drivers marrying 9yrs old girls?...

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    The VGChartz Website Development Thread - Post Suggestions/Feedback.

    in Website Topics 8 hours ago by gergroy

    Hey, anybody else having issues with the site not loading in? I have only tried on my phone (iOS) but for the last week I havenít really been able to do much on this site. The page stops loading about halfway through... so I canít really comment on most threads, I had to reload this page 5 times in order to even get to where I could post. Just wondering if it is just me or if others are having...

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    EA and Nintendo: What is with EA?

    in Nintendo Discussion 8 hours ago by Bofferbrauer2

    twintail said: KrspaceT said: This video reminded me of this issue: I have certainly been aware of the fact that E.A is probably the worst supporter of the Switch among the big western devs (even Activision is better), but I'd like to see the thoughts on it here.  If I had to be nice to EA I'd say 'Frostbite problems' as the most logical and...

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    NintenDominion | Best Sellers as of 4/15! | Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD releases tomorrow!

    in Nintendo Discussion 1 day ago by Wyrdness

    Ice Climbers just got a massive tech buff in the new patch, they can Desync on grab without the cheer animation now in other words immediately as you're grabbed....

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    The Official US Politics OT

    in Politics Discussion 1 day ago by EricHiggin

    Waiting on the eventual Mueller media leaks. Any day now, just like Comey. Moral men of law and the people. Crucial information and opinions to make sure justice is rightfully served. They won't let us down! #contextoo...

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    "Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker" Trailer

    in Movies Discussion 1 day ago by DarthMetalliCube

    / Yeah I'll probably just wait an extra year or two when it inevitably hits Netflix/on demand on my cable service. Unless a group of friends are like dying to see it in the theater, which my friends and I don't typically do much these days. Now it's usually hanging out at bars if anything ha...

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    Switch Gamers Club - Post Your First Party Titles and How Many Switch Games You Own - March Summary

    in Nintendo Discussion 1 day ago by OTBWY

    I got digitally: Cuphead Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection...

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    List of Games You've Beaten 2019

    in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago by Bristow9091

    Games I've beaten in 2019Bold Italic means I've added them to the list since my last post Kingdom Hearts II Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (Terra)Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (Ventus, Aqua, Final Chapter, Secret Ending)Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop DistanceKingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep - A Fragmentary PassageHorizon Zero Dawn (Platinum!)Tales of XilliaYakuza 4The Last Guardian PS. The...

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    Official Nintendo Switch Third Party Society - (Updated to April 1)

    in Nintendo Discussion 1 day ago by KrspaceT

    So....this is something I am thinking on upon seeing a video about EA's treatment of Switch gamers (....you can guess what that is): beyond the numbers here what third parties are really supporting our system, and which (EA) are dragging their feet....

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    Playstation Classic Fire Sale in Canada!

    in Sales Discussion 1 day ago by Medisti

    It was down to $30 at my nearby store, yet the case is still full. This is a complete flop. Even with the other problems, I would have gotten one if it wasn't for the PAL games. No thank you....

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    The Official Legend of Zelda Thread: Cadence of Hyrule Ė Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring the Legend of Zelda Arrives This Spring on Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion 1 day ago by Mar1217

    Veknoid_Outcast said: Nintendo reveals new info on BotW VR mode "Once you've updated the game's software, it's easy to use. During play, open the menu screen, select System, and select Options. Then set the Toy-Con VR Goggles option to ON, and simply insert your Nintendo Switch console into the VR Goggles and attach its Joy-Con controllers to the sides. When you look through the VR...

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    What's your least favourite genre of music?

    in Music Discussion 1 day ago by CaptainExplosion

    John2290 said: The genre where they scream and mention suicide and dark shit every second lyric. There is a bleed over of that music that I like, some bands at least but generally I find it sickening and depressing. It's called emo....

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