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    < kirby007 updated his status:

    you're welcome

    < RavenXtra posted something on kirby007's wall:

    Had to remove your avatar unfortunately as it conflicted without our rule that: "All Avatars must be safe for work. This means that they should not be overtly sexual (this includes blatantly sexualised poses), grotesque or graphically violent in nature."

    Sorry to be that guy! x_x


    on 20 January 2016

    < Carl2291 posted something on kirby007's wall:

    Nice to see you returned in time for the European Championships.

    i was gonna come back with a witty reply but i think im gonna support england

    on 25 January 2016

    Why do that to yourself?

    on 25 January 2016

    < Wright posted something on kirby007's wall:

    Merry Christmas and be sure to have a happy new year!

    im bit late foir christas but happy new year will suffice

    on 16 January 2016

    happy new year

    on 16 January 2016

    Took ur time

    on 17 January 2016

    hell be happy i signed in whne being pissdrunk ya ungratefull wrong

    on 17 January 2016

    < jason1637 posted something on kirby007's wall:

    I luv ur sig

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    [Staff Announcement] VGChartz is Recruiting New Moderators!

    in Announcements 4 days ago

    RolStoppable said: CGI-Quality said: Just a thought - from personal experience, the poster who has the most vocal feedback about becoming a moderator usually isn't one of those chosen. Just a head's up. :p Everyone knows that. I always get the most vocal feedback and I never get to be a mod. you should get it even superchuck was one...

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    [Staff Announcement] VGChartz is Recruiting New Moderators!

    in Announcements 4 days ago

    axumblade said: kirby007 said: making rol mod would deffo make me visit more often I don't get it...are you trying to help or hurt his chances of becoming a mod? support from me would make him insta mod shouldn't it...

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    Switch Sales Predictions - Open Your Eyes

    in Sales Discussion 5 days ago

    meh stop reading after 7 points because anything with more then 7 points is nonsense...


    Occupation: kaarter

    Education: VWO

    Height: 6'10

    Build: Other

    Eye colour: Green

    Hair colour: Brown

    Zodiac sign: Aries

    Favourite Games: Goldeneye

    Favourite Music: Equilibrium, Nightwish, Queen, Scooter, Muse,
    Otis, Green Day, The Who, Rammstein, Eminem,
    Mattafix, Stromae

    Favourite Films: 300, LOTR, Scarface, Rocky, Fast & Furious,
    Rambo, The hunger games, The lion king

    Favourite Books: fantasy
    Out of the dark !!! ( Scifi like: earth underattack

    Favourite Food: Pizza
    Most things fried

    Hobbies: Poker

    About Me: mehhhh

    I MISS

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    Started on 27 March 2014

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    • 107 total number of games
    • 0 games in common
    • 7.9 average game rating
    • X360 favourite console (25 games)
    • FPS favourite genre (19 games)
    • 66% of games completed