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    Picture Association Game

    in General Discussion 3 minutes ago by CaptainExplosion

    You asked for it you plastic bastard. *sprays him with gas and lights him* ...

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    Ocarina of Time vs Final Fantasy 7

    in Gaming Discussion 3 minutes ago by Moren

    So, did the community come to an unanimous conclusion? ...

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    Rumour: The Major Switch Title This Holiday Season Could Have "Tyres" In It

    in Nintendo Discussion 25 minutes ago by NightlyPoe

    Lonely_Dolphin said: Slownenberg said: A lot wrong in your comment, but the main point being: Nintendo doesn't care what you want, that IS your problem. They care about what is going to make the most sense from a business perspective. Mario Kart 9 on the Switch would be a pretty stupid decision, which Zorg pointed out very clearly. It's not Nintendo's problem that you don't...

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    China coronavirus

    in General Discussion 31 minutes ago by CrazyGamer2017

    SvennoJ said: It sounds like you're the one that's panicking. The world will go on, life will go on. Indeed very likely not everyone will get infected when it spirals out of control and spreads like the flu, perhaps a way to combat the effects and increase survival rate will be found as well. But things are serious when 20% of cases end up seriously ill to critical condition status. The...

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    MS: 1st party Xbox games will be cross-gen for "next year, two years"

    in Microsoft Discussion 59 minutes ago by sales2099

    goopy20 said: LudicrousSpeed said: Ah yes yes, silly MS stumbling down the same rabbit hole again and again. Clearly they abandoned core games on 360 and went all out with Kinect, which they are now repeating with cross gen games. Because a lack of core games on one platform is just like putting lots of core games on three platforms. And then of course you have the TVTVTVTVKinect...

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    Official 2020 US Election: Democratic Party Discussion

    in Politics Discussion 2 hours ago by NightlyPoe

    Mnementh said: uran10 said: Its over, lol Its pretty much over lol. Bernie winning the the first 3 states and if he goes on to win SC over Biden its over. We're so close to a Bernie Nomination. Sooo close! Just a reminder how Democrats can play this game: Not really a whole lot of conservative Southern Democrats left to pick off these days. ...

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    The James Bond Rewatch: Current Movie - The World is Not Enough

    in Movies Discussion 2 hours ago by Snesboy

    Well...I missed about half of this due to my life being a living catastrophe. I watched GoldenEye two weeks ago and Tomorrow Never Dies last week though. GoldenEye was great. I still love the characters in this movie...but lets move on to some cool stuff: Bond sleeps with two women in this movie: The psychological evaluator and of course the darling Natalya Simonova The cars are a...

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    What's your favourite genre of music?

    in Music Discussion 3 hours ago by Keiji

    I actually listen every genre of music except Pop. Today I listened : The Eagles, Gun's N Roses, Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone and Eminem. ...

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    The Challenges of Political Discourse

    in Politics Discussion 6 hours ago by the-pi-guy

    RolStoppable said: All the categories you've touched on are the same ones as in gaming/sales discussions, but there's no reason to have such a defeatist attitude. Something that greatly helps discussions of any kind is one or more designated persons who keep them on track by pointing out things like questionable sources, the falsity of supposed facts, partisanship, intellectual...

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    Record Temperatures

    in Politics Discussion 6 hours ago by Immersiveunreality

    This time of the year is normally the coldest and i worked in a T-shirt(i work outside),it is 20 degrees higher than the extremes i faced in the same period. ...

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    Do you workout ?

    in Sports Discussion 8 hours ago by d21lewis

    Here's a pic of me from 2013 https://twitter.com/d21lewis/status/483037401812455424?s=09 I look pretty much the same except less hair. Maybe, just maybe there's a link to my personal Facebook in my bio, though. I'm currently 43...for a few more months, at least. ...

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    Tinder worth paying for?

    in NSFW Discussion 19 hours ago by curl-6

    Out of all the dating apps I've tried, OKCupid is easily the best these days, at least in terms of how many dates I have gotten from it. Plenty of Fish used to be great years ago, but it's as dead as the Vita now. Not sure why, I just get more matches there, perhaps their matching algorithm is based less on how many right swipes you've gotten and more on shared interests or something like that,...

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    Say something about the person above you

    in General Discussion 20 hours ago by CaptainExplosion

    Has a pretty disturbing profile pic. ...

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    Predict the Next Direct (Winter 2020 Edition)

    in Nintendo Discussion 23 hours ago by NightlyPoe

    CaptainExplosion said: Nautilus said: No?of course not... I'm confused now. Nintendo did say that they would have announcements throughout the year.  That's probably where that's coming from. ...

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    The US Politics |OT|

    in Politics Discussion 1 day ago by Bofferbrauer2

    EricHiggin said: Runa216 said: You've written so, so, SO much, yet I don't think you've said a single thing. Impressive! you remind me of someone. Thanks for the positive support. Statements like this really help to stabilize the discourse! Are we having fun yet? 0:00-3:48 You simply don't get it, do you? You may be posting a wall of text up there, but...

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    The Official Legend of Zelda Thread: BotW Sells 16.34 Million on Switch, Link’s Awakening Sells 4.19 Million

    in Nintendo Discussion 1 day ago by Veknoid_Outcast

    Link's Awakening soundtrack up for pre-order: Doesn't look like there are any imminent plans to release this in the west. Source ...

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    Animal Crossing Direct announced for February 20

    in Nintendo Discussion 1 day ago by CaptainExplosion

    Nautilus said: Jumpin said: Not really. General Directs seem to be something they're phasing out in favour of regular Youtube and Switch News channel updates with Directs being focused on independent titles. In the past, Nintendo usually only did 1 or 2 general updates per year, prior to 2011. A factor they're likely considering is that the Nintendo Directs have not seemed to been...

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    Countdown to Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    in Nintendo Discussion 2 days ago by super_etecoon


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    Switch Gamers Club - Post Your First Party Titles and How Many Switch Games You Own - December Summary

    in Nintendo Discussion 2 days ago by Mar1217

    It is understandable. Thank you Rol for the dedication you've given to this thread. If only I had bought more 1st party physical copies to support you ... Also I got myself two 3rd party games. Aviary Attorney Tangle Tower Both digital. ...

    Write 5477


    in Nintendo Discussion 2 days ago by CaptainExplosion

    Am I the only one clamoring for certain Smash Bros. characters to get their own action figures? I've been waiting anxiously for someone to make a 6 inch Captain Falcon figure, or an 8 inch Ridley action figure. ...

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