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    Famitsu Sales: Week 33, 2019 (August 12th - August 18th) - Aftermath

    in Sales Discussion 2 days ago

    Top 10's Nintendominated! ...

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    Alternate history: N64 goes with CDs instead of cartridges

    in Gaming Discussion 2 days ago

    A CD drive at the time would have costed about $100 more. Nintendo ain't losing money on hardware.So, maybe they would have gotten more market share, but ultimately Sony would still win I think.Prior to the PS1 no console had crossed the hundred million mark. Including Nintendo's systems with all that third party support. The success of the PlayStation wasn't only about third parties. They made...

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    Matrix 4’ Officially a Go With Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Lana Wachowski

    in Movies Discussion 4 days ago

    I'm pretty sure they're gonna go nuts, and make an Inception-like story line. Could be interesting. I can't see anywhere else they could go at this point, and not be redundant. ...

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    Let's talk about Metroid (Poll Added)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 August 2019

    Super Metroid is my fav. But Metroid Prime is a close second. Absolutely amazing games. I can't believe how many people haven't played this games.. I really don't understan why. The controls are easy to get into, and the beginning of pretty much all Metroid games are awesome. Is it a marketing issue? Someone please resolve this once and for all. Why don't more people buy this game? ...

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    July NPD 2019

    in Sales Discussion on 15 August 2019

    Please specify guessing numbers and real numbers. ...

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    How much would you pay for the game of your dreams?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 August 2019

    A very well crafted remake of Panzer Dragoon Saga made for the PS4. I would pay more than 300 dollars for it.. easily. ...

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    Rumor: Secret Email Hints At Huge PS5 Reveal In Feb 2020

    in Sony Discussion on 14 August 2019

    twintail said: ZODIARKrebirth said: Sounds great, can't wait for the first reveal...wonder how Sony plans to release the remaining big AAA games Well, I don't see them holding any games back unless they themselves can't get PS5 software ready for launch,  which sounds unlikely to me. I believe we still just see the usual release windows: 1st party ps4 stuff coming out...

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    Rumor: Secret Email Hints At Huge PS5 Reveal In Feb 2020

    in Sony Discussion on 14 August 2019

    Alex_The_Hedgehog said: It would be good to reveal it in February, so they can use E3 to focus on software. E3? Is there really gonna be E3 next year? I'm a little out of the loop on this.. ...

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    Nintendo fans in China protest Genshin Impact announce at ChinaJoy 2019, claiming that it shamelessly copies BOTW

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 August 2019

    Wow, it looks almost exactly like Zelda. Yeah, I think this qualifies as plagiarism. the Nintendo ninjas(lawyers) are coming for sure. ...

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    Brazil is getting closer and closer to becoming a dictatorship

    in Politics Discussion on 03 August 2019

    DarkTemplar said: Brazil's current government has all feature of a neofascist regimen. We just need to read Yale professor Jason Stanley book "How Fascism Works" to understand why. However, personalizing Brazil's problem on its president is huge mistake. The real issue are the ones that elected him: (most of) Brazil's middle class. Brazil's middle classe is were we will find the true...

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    EA comments on Switch support, says most players also own a PS4/X1 and often play the publisher’s games on those platforms

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 July 2019

    They will never understand the Switch because software quality is at the base of its success. EA only understands exploitation. ...

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    Ps4 @100mill shipped!

    in Sony Discussion on 30 July 2019

    I'm not one to downplay this great achievement, but do we know what kind of shipments this is? I remember for PS1 and most of the PS2 era, Sony would bolster about "production shipments", which only meant they had produced a unit, and hadn't even really shipped it to a retailer yet. That created A LOT of confusion back then. And, to this day I'm not entirely certain if the numbers we have for...

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    Playstation 1 games with cool FMVs or CGs

    in Sony Discussion on 26 July 2019

    Soul Edge (Blade) ...

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    E3 1999 Voting

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 July 2019

    Sega won, I think. But at the time, in the grand scheme of things, Sony had the lion's share of media momentum. Mostly because of their announcement of the PS2 parts, with the demo's and so on. Sega had the show, but people were really talking about Sony and the PS2. A similar thing happened again in 2000(the MGS2-gate). ...

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    What Game Are You Best At?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 July 2019

    Virtua Fighter 3, by a mile. I'm also pretty good on NiGHTS Into Dreams. ...

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    Are you an a.....

    in General Discussion on 10 July 2019

    Not asshole. But I can be very annoying sometimes. ...

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    Do you think Google Stadia is doomed to fail?

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 June 2019

    It's not necessarily doomed to fail. But I'd be very surprised if Goggle gets an easy ride with this.It's gonna be difficult for all parties involved in this trend.This ain't gonna be like the App Store. It's NOT gonna grow out of proportion over night. It's gonna be built slowly. That's almost a given. ...

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    Best Game of E3 is a Ps4 Exklusive (FF7remake)

    in Sony Discussion on 27 June 2019

    The visuals are very impressive, but I'm not gonna be playing this game. Not a fan of Action RPG type Battle systems. I wish I could, but I don't have fun with those. No offense to SE or any modern FF fan, but I'm gonna be watching FFVIIRemake on YT. I don't play graphics, videogames are still about gameplay to me. And I can already see the gameplay in this is not for me. Congratulations...

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    FINAL FANTASY X fans ... i need some help and convincing !

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 June 2019

    FFX was the last good Final Fantasy game.To me of course. Every single one since then has been crap to me. Crystal Chronicals, FFXI, XII(especially), XIII, XIV, XV. ALL stink!I even bought XII at full price when it came out, because it was getting good reviews and I had loved all FFs up to X. It was the biggest regret of my life. It took money, and time away from me that I'll never regain. I'd...

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    Which early 3D "look" stands up better to you?

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 June 2019

    I liked both. I think the jittery polygons and warped textured had a charm to it. But in the end, N64 wins to me. It just looked better overall, especially in games like Zelda OoT and SM64. ...

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