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< Aeolus451 posted something on ps3-sales!'s wall:

Thanks for the friend's request.

of course.

You defended me in that post lol.

What kind of games do you play?

on 24 August 2015

RPG, FPS, TPS, action/adventure, flight combat, survival horror and a few others. I don't play any sports or fighters though. You?

on 24 August 2015

hmm. all same. but not flight. and I love me some 2k basketball.

Currently have a ps4 and a wii. been playing Witcher 3, Destiny, Mario Galaxy 2, and Zelda

on 24 August 2015

< Wright posted something on ps3-sales!'s wall:

VGChartz Plays! is up! Come join us!

Thanks for invite!

I'll be looking forward to the next game as I don't own any of the consoles Human Revolution is on :(

Keep me posted!

on 19 August 2015

< ganoncrotch posted something on ps3-sales!'s wall:

Surprised that thread went on as long as it did, some people seem to have some pretty bad feelings towards any degree of piracy but I wonder if they're even aware of things like saved pictures on their PC's from google image search heh, since without it being listed as free for use then that's piracy.

Odd seeing that car stealing comparison used so often, maybe if I download enough copies of that Fant4stic then I'll have "stolen" all the copies in the world and no one else will have to suffer it! :D

Agreed Fant4stic is terrible!

I'm also surprised; yet still disappointed. It seems every time a hot topic like that comes around here they get locked. Very disappointing.

That's classic Vgchartz mods overreacting in my opinion. Shame. Such great opinions from all.

on 19 August 2015

Aye there was a few people going into it just a bit over angry tho, a comment in there from someone that just read "moron" I mean you have to consider if a thread invokes that reaction then they have to step in I guess, but yeah great read over some peoples views on it and moreso the reasons behind those views.

on 20 August 2015

Well I might have been a bit forcefull with how I proposed my opinion. That's my personality I don't hold back lol.

on 20 August 2015

< BasilZero posted something on ps3-sales!'s wall:


Just let it happen.

on 16 August 2015

Sorry but I dont do second invites to friendships :o

on 16 August 2015


on 17 August 2015

on 17 August 2015

Wow you actually took the time to look back that far.

This isn't facebook lol.

on 17 August 2015

To be honest ctrl+f for "Ps3-sales!" really doesnt take that long.

on 17 August 2015

Especially something that is small and insignificant compared to Facebook.

on 17 August 2015

The real question should be...why did you unfriend me? And why all of a sudden want to friend me again? But you should keep that answer to yourself :3. Have a great, glorious, golden day~

on 17 August 2015

I don't remember unfriending you.

I have never unfriended anyone on this site. I'm dead serious. #Dead. #Serious.

on 17 August 2015

< MohammadBadir posted something on ps3-sales!'s wall:

There's something I've always wanted to ask.

Um, did anybody call you "low" back when you joined in 2008? lol

Probably. I'm short (5'10) and my comebacks hit low.

on 16 August 2015

I meant the fact that PS3 sales were low then :P
Also, 5'10 is tall in my eyes. That' because I'm 5 inches shorter :(

on 16 August 2015

Oh wow you are quite tiny.

I got a lot of "flack" per say. But persistence is key.

Now I'm like "we made it mom"

on 16 August 2015

5'10 short? Do you live in the land of giants or something?

on 16 August 2015

Well. My lifelong dream was always to be a professional basketball player. 5'10 is kind of short. I wish I was at least like 6'2. It's so much more manly.

on 16 August 2015

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Anybody deal with depression/bi polar/a similar condition?

in Introduce Yourself 1 hour ago

AlfredoTurkey said: I am bi polar and suffer from mood shifts. The way it works for me is for a few weeks, I'm manic (no sleep, energy levels through the roof, sex drive that elevates to obsession, angry as shit, sharp whit, creative, argumentative, risk taking) and then all of a sudden, I'm in deep depression (sleeping 12 hours a day, no energy at all, little sex drive, no interest in...

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Anybody deal with depression/bi polar/a similar condition?

in Introduce Yourself 2 hours ago

Just curious. Personally I deal with and have dealt with a lot of off/on depression over the past 10 or so years (I'm 22) and was wondering if anybody else dealt with something similar.  I'm not the sterotypical gamer as I played a lot of varsity sports in high school and usually have a pretty large friend group.  But whenever I hang out with people I always feel weird. Like I...

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What is VGChartz's opinion on Super Mario Sunshine?

in Nintendo Discussion 1 day ago

XenatheStrangler said:IMHO Sunshine is the best in the whole series, no question! It has the open world of 64 but better in every way. I don't like the limitations and restrictions of Galaxy/3D World. this   I'm also in the minority but Sunshine is easily the best of all the Mario games....


Occupation: Air Traffic Control - USAF

Education: High school

Height: 5'10

Eye colour: Green

Hair colour: Ginger

Relationship status: Single


Favourite Games: Too many to list ermergawd....

Favourite Films: Varied. Dark Knight series, anything Quentin Tarrentino related.

Favourite Books: Life of Pi, The Kite Runner, Animal Farm, Call of the Wild.

Favourite Food: Chicken, vegetables, potatoes, hot sauce, PRETZALSSSS

Hobbies: Basketbal junkie, anything basketball related (playing, watching NBA, fantasy)
hanging out with people who don't care about looking cool or fitting in

About Me: Hey I'm Steven I'm 20 and I love video games and Vgchartz. I like to have fun, work out, and eat lots of food. I'm an Air Traffic Controller in the United States Air Force.

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