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Greetings. Haven't been here in a LONG time. Currently in Korea with the Air Force, doing things.

Anyway. Not sure if anybody remembers me. But I have returned as a Switch fan. I officially love and play my Switch more than my Ps4. It all started with BotW. I got my Switch before I came to Korea, with intentions to play it on the train ride to and from Seoul, as most Asians prefer handhelds/Switch with all the public transportation. I honestly wasn't really into it as first, and was quite disappointed being my first Zelda game I played as an adult. I played OoT as a kid and have fond memories but not enough to make me a Zelda "fan".

Anyway, I decided to give it a second chance when I had a week of leave to relax. Good thing I did. I ended up from Monday-Friday putting in over 100 hours and BotW becoming easily one of my favorite games of all time. All of a sudden the Switch was now my favorite console and ended up buying a few more games including Mario Odyssey.

Just thought I would say, Hi! Glad to be back. Looking forward to being part of the forums once again. Been an off and on member since 2008. Side note any Switch game recommendations are very much appreciated. Just now seeing the new Direct with a new Zelda game too!



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