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    Xbox Empire - Dead Rising 4 Launch Trailer | Halo Wars 2 Atriox Trailer | Halo Wars DE Trailer | Forza Horizon 3 wins Best Sports/Racing game | Gears 4 Map DLC Releasing Dec 6th

    in Microsoft Discussion 18 minutes ago by Veknoid_Outcast

    So I started re downloading all my games on my Xbox One S. I thought all my saves were stored on the cloud, but I don't see them. Am I boned??...

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    The Xbox Rant - MS needs to step up their game

    in Microsoft Discussion 14 hours ago by Snoopy

    CGI-Quality said: Snoopy said: It means to the users who are saying xbox needs niche japanese games in their library have no idea how much problems it will cause and not worth the money for the developers/publishers. Still not seeing how that has anything to do with what you said. Just stay on topic and avoid the friction. Yes Mr. mod....

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    Mass Effect: Andromeda (PS4, XBO, PC) official gameplay trailer

    in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago by Ka-pi96

    MTZehvor said: starcraft said: Yeah the characters all have universal translators. Which isn't as ridiculous as it sounds when you think about the fact their travelling 3 million light years in cryo-stasis, have biotic abilities, and during their journey people back home annihilated a sentient race of uber-machines bent on cyclical genocide. If that's the case, I'm mostly...

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    Halo Wars 2 (XBO, PC) ‘Atriox’ trailer

    in Microsoft Discussion 5 days ago by busbfran

    looks great!...

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    Launch "Stand by me" FF XV trailer

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 November 2016 by smroadkill15

    Good trailer. ...

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    in General Discussion on 27 November 2016 by slab_of_bacon

    LadyJasmine said: slab_of_bacon said:   Not necessarily...  Our bodies all work a little differently.  I'm certain the sugars from the orange juice help you process the alcohol.    Of course if I had a bottle of Strong Whisky straight lol    But for my size I do well nonethless.  Indeed...  me too :P  although...

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    Exchange my PS4 Pro for a $200 PS4 Slim Bundle?

    in Sony Discussion on 26 November 2016 by cesarmgc

    Right now Pro is just a PS4, but later... with game optimize for it, the game change a lot :P...

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    Fitness Federation: Enter the Flex Zone

    in Sports Discussion on 26 November 2016 by ReimTime

    LadyJasmine said: My goal is not to be some skinny fragile thing. I want to be a bit strong so working on my legs  Good goals to have! If you need any advice or have any questions then feel free to drop them in this thread and hopefully we can help you out. If you want to talk to a woman whom is kicking ass and taking names, we have one here named Nymeria whom I'm sure...

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    So, I ordered an Xbox One S.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 23 November 2016 by piggychan

    I hope those that like the JRPGs and have an xbone support this game when it comes.  The more I play the more I like.. This is just the demo,  FFXV Judgement Demo japan.   This this sucker just t-bag me? ...

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    Clueless Gamer: Conan plays FFXV, "Why would someone play this?"

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 November 2016 by okr

    Elijah Wood is even more boring than the game....

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    Just got a Ps3 for a great deal!

    in Sony Discussion on 30 October 2016 by Kerotan

    Fantastic deal. I paid 200 euro for a new one this year. ...

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    Gears Of War 4 Review Thread - 85 MC

    in Microsoft Discussion on 28 October 2016 by d21lewis

    Still playing the campaign. Vacation, a ton of new games, and a busy work schedule have kept me from finishing this one. I haven't read a single review but I have to say, I friggin love this game....

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    Top 10 most played Xbox one games - Fall 2016

    in Microsoft Discussion on 27 October 2016 by I LOVE GIGGS

    Top 15 for the fun: Witcher 3 - 230.3 hrs NBA 2k16 - 213.78 hrs Xbox Fitness - 200.33 hrs Metal Gears Solid Valley- 155.72 hrs NBA 2k15 - 82.33 hrs Fallout 4 - 70.67 hrs Dragon Age: Inquestion - 62.18 Forza Horizon 2 - 56.42 hrs Dying Light - 49.25 hrs Halo MCC - 48.65 hrs Rise of Tomb Raiders- 44.33 hrs Rayman Legend - 42.8 hrs Forza Horizon 3 - 40.05 hrs Halo 5: Gaurdians -...

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    Forza Horizon 3 Metacritic/Review thread - current meta: 91

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 October 2016 by piggychan

    Blob said: Great game. Absolutely deserved of the scores it is receiving. Having a lot more fun with it than horizon 2 for some reason, and I quite enjoyed 2 I actually enjoyed 2 more than this but the graphics here are bright colorful and faster.    ...

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    Recore only sold 56,733 units in its first week.

    in Sales Discussion on 11 October 2016 by DonFerrari

    Swordmasterman said: DonFerrari said: If i'm not wrong we have had several discussions about this on VGC and the consensus is that the scores must be given at the time of release and not changed. So if they were able to correct most issues so fast they should've instead delayed the game a little and delivered a better game. You do know that Amazon is very poor predictor of sales...

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    Sea Of Thieves. So What's This Game About?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 05 October 2016 by LudicrousSpeed

    Sounds cool. The problem with the DZ in The Division was design. Not only is PVP broken, but griefers get constant confirmation of where people are and the DZ is pretty small. If SoT has a big game world and griefers aren't pointed towards enemy players,it should be fine....

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    Some Xbox fans cry over Titanfall 2 developer posting a PS4 disc

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 October 2016 by Carl2291

    I don't think we really need this thread. It just makes part of a fanbase look bad. It offers literally nothing worthwhile and the argument itself is actually pointless....

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    Trump Leads Global Poll With 52%

    in Politics Discussion on 03 October 2016 by gatito

    That would only prove that half the world is holding a grudge against the US and want to see it fall apart....

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    PS4: The Last Guardian Advertising Begins

    in Sony Discussion on 03 October 2016 by Azuren

    KazumaKiryu said: i like emotions, so i want The Last Guardian < 3 ...

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    2016: Worst year of gaming EVER?

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 October 2016 by Conina

    Okay, I was wrong. Francis agrees that 2016 is the worst year ever, not only in gaming: ...

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