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Rise of the Tomb Raider - Baba Yaga: Temple of the Witch (Xbox One DLC Review) | ZyroXZ2

in Gaming Discussion 21 minutes ago by ZyroXZ2

d21lewis said: ZyroXZ2 said: The wha?! "Bid" fight? O.o I use Swype on my phone. If I don't pay close attention, it always chooses the wrong word. Sometimes, the wrong sexy word! For the record, your review was pretty spot on. I forgot about the new how.  Need to test that bad boy out! But wait... You never explained "bid" fight!... And none of the keys...

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Republic of XBOX- MS holding XB1/W10 event Feb 25th to show off Spring games | Gears 4 release window moved forwards to Fall 2016 | Every Holiday release sells at least 1m, XB1 tracking ahead of 360

in Microsoft Discussion 2 hours ago by GamechaserBE

pity the SOTN does not work. Just downloading TTT2. If I am remember well the left 4 Dead 2 had a 'does not work yet' message when you start it....

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Xbox One: Just the beginning

in Microsoft Discussion 3 hours ago by TheSting

S.T.A.G.E. said: Ruler said: why do they show last year games like rarereplay and then 2017 games like scalebound? Probably because Microsoft dominated fourth quarter and its only February? NO ONE plays old games. Old as in released 3 months ago or later than that. Truth...

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Fitness Federation: New Years Resolutions

in Sports Discussion 2 days ago by ReimTime

Chalk being outlawed in my gym has pissed me off for a while, but then a nice man gave me his liquid grip, and all of my pull exercises are going off the charts! Deadlift, bent over row, shrugs, pull ups, hanging leg raise etc have all improved so much since I started using it. For example, I could get my deadlift up because the bar kept slipping. Tried liquid grip and went 70 lbs higher. Too...

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So, at the end, Splatoon will outsell Halo 5. HANDS DOWN!

in Sales Discussion 4 days ago by Swordmasterman


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Best Video Game Soundtrack of 2015?

in Gaming Discussion on 26 January 2016 by AZWification

I haven't played Undertale, but it does have a great soundtrack. Out of all the games I've played, my answer is Splatoon ( shocking, I know)....

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Xbox One BC Fanfare [BC Database] "10 new titles for January. Titles will release when available from now on" - "BC is region free" - "Free multiplayer for 360 games played on One"

in Microsoft Discussion on 21 January 2016 by d21lewis

Not quite the "20 per month" they promised but hey, more games! Of this ten, I own four. Yay!...

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Is Microsoft flooding the market with way too many bundles?

in Microsoft Discussion on 19 January 2016 by Chris Hu

PowerGamer said: Chris Hu said: Its good for consumers so I really can't see that having too many bundles is a bad thing. I wish I had the choice between numerous bundles every time I bought my hardware. Except consumers are not buying them. I seen tons of the TR/Forza bundle at the store today and even that bundle is not attractive.   I doubt that you saw a...

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Shuhei Yoshida States That "We ( Sony ) Have Work To Do" When It Comes To Releasing More "AAA" exclusive games.

in Sony Discussion on 18 January 2016 by Tmfwang

Looks like they did their job. Just look at the PS4 2016 exclusive lineup... HOLY COW!...

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PS4 and Xbox One *True* Exclusive comparison

in Gaming Discussion on 17 January 2016 by Normchacho

Huge update! Added 9 games to the PS4 list and 2 games to the Xbox One list and changed the scores and totals to reflect the update....

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Halo's Fall from Grace

in Microsoft Discussion on 14 January 2016 by Mr Puggsly

SecondWar said: jason1637 said: But Halo 5 is a really good game. Is it? Yes. But simply being one of the most notable FPS games this gen isnt enough....

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PS4 vs XB1 in 2016? Voting: PS4 wins 6:1

in Gaming Discussion on 11 January 2016 by tiffac

Azuren said: tiffac said: ...

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Opinion: PS4 will blow away the XB1 with better games in 2016

in Gaming Discussion on 13 December 2015 by Miguel_Zorro

This thread is going down the toilet. Locking....

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ok so as i stated early i bought a xbox one but i have one MAJOR problem wit it......

in Microsoft Discussion on 13 December 2015 by d21lewis

I didn't know about it at the time and I'll be buying one soon because I have devices all over my home and the router is only on one side but : power line router. For about $30, your whole home is a big basically a giant broadband cable. Look it up!...

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Xbox One Is No Longer the Underdog

in Microsoft Discussion on 12 December 2015 by fireburn95

Still sells like shit in europe. It'll never beat xb360 sales WW if it doesnt gain ground in europe...

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The State of the Xbox One in 2015 [Kotaku]

in Microsoft Discussion on 12 December 2015 by Pjams

MS is not in the business of consoles and tablets and phones, they are in the business, first and foremost, of brand strength through perception. Let me quote the great Ballmer, and his very recent analysis on how MS is currently conducting itself "Bullshit". (they're a mundane business storage solution company, that's actually all that they are) So, you can think, yeah but this, yeah but...

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2007 was the best xbox line up ever.

in Microsoft Discussion on 11 December 2015 by OneKartVita

Halo 4 started off waaaay better than halo 5. So that means halo 5 is waaaaaaaaaaaay lower than halo 3. Which is all that matters because we're comparing halo 2007 with Halo 2015. Don't change the subject. ...

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(Black Friday) USA Weekly Charts 28th November 2015

in Latest Charts on 10 December 2015 by johnsobas

Nautilus said: Angelv577 said:splatoon over halo 5? how did that happen? I know splatoon has a bundle but could it be heavily bundled? Not only that, but Splatoon was 25 dollars in many stores.So i guess that helped move alot of units i think you mean 1 store, not many stores, and limited quantity.   It was 35 dollars at a couple other places and more at others....

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Cyberpunk 2077 is 'even more ambitious than we planned' - CD Projekt Red

in Gaming Discussion on 07 December 2015 by Mummelmann

I really believe in these guys, this could turn out to be a real gem! ...

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Getting XBOne, need game reccomendations

in Microsoft Discussion on 05 December 2015 by kyokusanagi

You're going to love rise of the tomb raider is really fun....

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