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Republic of XBOX- Elite bundle announced 1TB SSHD and Elite Controller $499 | Forza 6 goes gold, getting demo Sep 1 | Quantum Break 1080p, 30 fps | Vote on Press Play's next game | Halo Wars 2 announc

in Microsoft Discussion 7 hours ago by shikamaru317

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So, is the backwards compatibility overhyped?

in Microsoft Discussion 1 day ago by Jranation

More features on the console are always welcome. ...

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Can You Help Me With Which Game I Should Get in October?

in Gaming Discussion 2 days ago by POE

Yoshi because nintendo....

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Halo 5: Guardians Opening Cinematic

in Microsoft Discussion 3 days ago by DM235

That video is awesome. I agree that a CGI movie would be a great idea. I am still hoping they finally move on that live-action Halo movie that they talked about years ago. I enjoyed Forward Unto Dawn, and I can only image what a big budget production would look like (probably something similar to today's Marvel movies)....

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in Gaming Discussion 5 days ago by Samus Aran

Zekkyou said: Which is completely irrelevant to the validity of a metascore. Games are (at least for the most part) reviewed with their target audience in mind. That rarely happens and you know it. DKC: TF got lower scores because it wasn't seen as ambitious enough for Retro Studios and that it wasn't Metroid. That GS review says a lot ("unimaginative level design, too hard,...

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Until Dawn Review Thread - Meta: 79

in Sony Discussion on 28 August 2015 by d21lewis

TheGoldenBoy said: d21lewis said:This game is great! First game (Sorry Batman) to make me feel like I'm playing a next green title. It's it a movie? Yes. I still couldn't be happier. I love it! @bolded: next green? Goddam auto correct.  Foils me at every turn....

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PS4 vs. Xbox One *True* Exclusive comparison

in Gaming Discussion on 28 August 2015 by Normchacho

RubberWhistleHistle said: Normchacho said: the ps4 and x1 might catch up to ps3 and 360, but the ps3 and 360 had a bunch of games exclusively to their names at the beginning of the generation. as the generation went on, games got passed around more. in this generation, that has happened from the start. so we will see. yes, that's true. My guess is that the PS4 will...

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PS4 vs. XBO: Official Exclusives Thread

in Gaming Discussion on 28 August 2015 by Veknoid_Outcast

While we appreciate the time and energy that went into the creation of this thread, it has derailed past the point of no return. Locking....

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Gears of War Ultimate Edition Review Thread - Meta 82

in Microsoft Discussion on 27 August 2015 by Headshot

the-pi-guy said: That's not the only way to look at this.   It's doesn't mean that he's discrediting the multiplayer being based on skill, but to me it sounds more like he's discrediting the match making.   Which is a completely different thing.  He makes a massive assumption regarding the multiplayer. He doesn't specifically say that everyone he played was high...

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Sony US Giving a Free Madden with Every New PS4 (Response to Xbone Madden 16 Bundle)

in Sales Discussion on 26 August 2015 by Mr Puggsly

Eddie_Raja said: Mr Puggsly said: They would also put less resources in games. There would be no incentive with no significant competition. They would just be more reliant on 3rd parties. They make a lot of money off of their games, if there was no competition they simply wouldn't be in a rush to get them out fast - oh wait that's what they are doing now because they...

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So I got an xbox one

in Gaming Discussion on 26 August 2015 by d21lewis

Dusk said: Natsu said: It was updating Aha! So the update went well did it? Again. If it is now done updating, why aren't you playing it. Ya know, I bought some jeans yesterday. Figured I would mention that on this thread since it seems like the cool thing to do. Although, I am wearing them so they seem to be getting more attention. I got Gears of War and Until...

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Major Nelson Strikes Back

in Microsoft Discussion on 26 August 2015 by Mr Puggsly

DonFerrari said: Mr Puggsly said: Why am I bringing Sony into this discusion? I guess you don't understand the video. For $30 a year, its a cheap subscription. That's cheaper than 2 months of PS Now's subscription. Again, I'm a fan of letting consumers decide. Not letting Sony decide what's a good value. They are the same people that think a God of War III Remaster untouched for...

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X1 gamers: How you enjoying your awesome Nintendo.....errr Rare games?

in Gaming Discussion on 23 August 2015 by AZWification

Mr Puggsly said: Well Banjo N&B is a collectathon. But that game didn't feel as tedious because you're often building or tweaking vehicles to complete missions. I own both Rayman Origins and Legends. I started Origins, had some fun with it, but moved away to play other stuff. Its certainly something I plan to revisit eventually. I like to try a lot of stuff in hopes of...

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Windows 10 can search for and disable Pirated Games

in Microsoft Discussion on 21 August 2015 by HollyGamer

D-Joe said: HollyGamer said: None, so??? OP is not explaining very well blame OP not me!!!! Still " Windows 10 can search for and disable Pirated Games " So i am still right.  Nope Windows 10 can't, it's the services from Microsoft can(which Windows 10 or any other Windows are not listed) You should tell that to OP and change the title becuase the title is...

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Phil Spencer says OG Xbox Games on Xbone Could Happen

in Microsoft Discussion on 20 August 2015 by Puppyroach

If this becomes reality (which I guess might be next fall), should MS basically give the games for free to all gold members?...

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Exclusives with maths: 1486 points for PS4, 791 for XBO, 2455 for Wii U

in Gaming Discussion on 17 August 2015 by Jimbo1337

Farsala said: Jimbo1337 said: I know exactly what I said and my argument was not weak and here is why: Backwards compatibility was a feature that was released at the beginning of the PS3 era.  Many would argue that this is the best time for backwards compatiblity to be introduced because it offers consumers the ability to upgrade without the worry of not playing old/unfinished...

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Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, anyone?

in Movies Discussion on 16 August 2015 by AbbathTheGrim

Miguel_Zorro said:Watched a few episodes so far. FYI, the original movie from 2001 is also on Netflix. I'm not sure if it's better to watch that first, or after. TV Series come before the film. It is like a Star Wars Original Trilogy and Prequel Films situation. The right order would be the TV Series first, but if you watched the film first (like I did) you would see how they...

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Fantastic Four (2015) - Now 8%(!) on Rotten Tomatoes

in Movies Discussion on 14 August 2015 by The Fury

Abun said:This is Fox people,Fox.The same company who constantly screw up X-men and have messed up the first to F4 movies and DD. Fox have a weird relationship with X-men, all super films based on Marvel are odd, as they aren't quite Marvel Universe (616) versions. So for fans it's always off slightly. Fox did a good job with X-men 2, First Class and DoFP but did not so well with...

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What you think of Crackdown's Cloud Computing?

in Microsoft Discussion on 11 August 2015 by SvennoJ

Zappykins said: SvennoJ said:   I remember that demo and these were the results Wow, thanks for doing the math.  Yea, like I say, this demo is already several years old, and before current leves of compression (side note: aren't the current twings getting  compression .h265 in software...

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Halo 5 disappointed at GamesCom.That say the "GamePro" magazine

in Microsoft Discussion on 07 August 2015 by iceland

I'm just disappointed it's on the xbox one, I mean that hardware limitation is awful. Minds well be on the ColecolVision. Also how do you expect something good when MCC is still having issues? ...

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