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PLAYSTATION Nation -FIRST Project Cars trailer! -NEW Skylanders announced, looks gorgeous on PS4! -Watch Doges gameplay blowout! -Next PS Plus update revealed! -First REAL next-gen CoD screenshot!

in Sony Discussion 59 minutes ago by TheGoldenBoy

PS4 1.7 Update Video Showcases Features and UI; April 30th Release Date Officially Confirmed by Giuseppe Nelva (1 hour ago) 7 @abriael PS4NEWS Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia just released a new video showcasing the upcoming 1.7 firmware update. The video also finally confirms that the release date for the update will be on April 30th. The video...

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XBO Nation - XBO Ships 5.1m, X360 83.7m - Evolve 4v1 Trailer - XBO Launching September 4th in Japan, 48 Developers - XBO Ships 5+ Million Consoles - XBO to launch in China this July, Le

in Microsoft Discussion 4 hours ago by jlmurph2

385 posts? TL:DR...

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I Believe Xbox One Needs A Mininum $150 Pricecut To Be Competitive Again. And You?

in Sales Discussion 1 day ago by ethomaz

Shadow1980 said: Meh. I had mixed feelings about Halo 4, including the story (Warning: that review is very long). Sure, Bungie pretty much threw out the first two thirds of The Fall of Reach. Since Joe Staten was busy working on Destiny at the time, Bungie hired some nobody with little professional writing experience. Of course, even if it wasn't initially the plan to toss out most of...

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Halo and Destiny composer Marty O'Donnell was fired from Bungie for no reason

in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago by pbroy

He should get certified as a wedding official and do Halo weddings. Weddings would feel live a victory, rather than defeat....

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Titanfall exclusivity proved to be (quite) pointless

in Gaming Discussion 2 days ago by exdeath

Goatseye said:Whats the obsession with Titanfall hate? Real gamers are tired of fad photorealistic military arcade epeen vs mode online only bro shooters in general on all platforms.  Microsoft and XBox pretty much cater to that casual audience exclusively so they are prime hate targets for gamers tired of seeing their beloved non shooter franchises being hijacked by mainstream...

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Should I get an Xbox One or a PS4?

in Gaming Discussion on 17 April 2014 by tripenfall

starcraft said: S.T.A.G.E. said: tripenfall said:Maybe X-Box is for you mate. I am lucky enough to have all 3 8th gen consoles and so far the PS4 games have been lackluster. Titanfall feels truly next gen as does Super Mario 3D. Happy gaming! LOL Titanfall feels next gen to you? I love the game but really? Well, how would you definie 'feeling next...

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Phil Spencer" My Goal, Xbox is Gaming First"

in Microsoft Discussion on 01 April 2014 by Horrorfest

Not an Xbox fan but from what I've heard of Spencer I like him. Hopefully he will be able to turn things around for the brand and finally get them on track. I'd love to see a ton of new IP's. About the only thing that will get me to buy an xbox one....

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Hitman: Absolution and Deadlight are April's Games with Gold offerings

in Microsoft Discussion on 31 March 2014 by ironmanDX

Sweet. I'll pick both games up this month....

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Best Halo Game

in Microsoft Discussion on 27 March 2014 by Carl2291

Gonna have to go with Halo Reach. Brilliant game. Would love a game with Noble 6 before Reach, to see what he did to achieve the Hyper Lethal status....

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MS preys on Consumer Ignorance with Xbox 360/One

in Gaming Discussion on 23 March 2014 by Shaunaka

g911turbo said: Shaunaka said: g911turbo said: I'll make this my last post on the topic, as I'm just not sure you get what I am trying to say.     I guess it's mutual then. It's not fair to bring age into this. You don't know who I am and where I work and what I know. But it doesn't matter cause our conversation is over. Shaunaka.  Sorry,...

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Angry Joe Titanfall review, SHOCKING 7/10

in Gaming Discussion on 20 March 2014 by Alby_da_Wolf

While for my tastes and for what I saw up until now (too frantic and too little tactics for my tastes and given how much I suck at most fast paced games), it would be a 7.5, I'd have given it a 8.7, to take into account my not negative, but not enthusiast either, bias, as I can acknowledge it can be a very good games for many people and because I like the idea of renewing the FPS genre mixing it...

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Titanfall is everything that Killzone was not... Gameplay > Graphic...

in Microsoft Discussion on 15 March 2014 by curl-6

HEMSTAR said: yvanjean said: Killzone release on the PS4 with its glorious next-gen graphic and polish, unfortunately it did nothing to improve the gameplay and innovate on a overused FPS formula from the Xbox360/PS3 games. It reminded gamers that have fatigue of the same COD/Battlefield formula that we actually want gameplay/experience improvement over...

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Is the Titanfall review embargo a bad sign?

in Microsoft Discussion on 10 March 2014 by BraveNewWorld

NavyNut said:Normally an embargo is not a good sign, I don't think I've ever seen a game scoring in the 90s having an embargo on reviews. All games have review embargoes. The reason this is seen as a big deal is because the embargo lifts so late. ...

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Why should you buy an Xbox One for TitanFall?

in Gaming Discussion on 09 March 2014 by smroadkill15

J_Allard said: smroadkill15 said:I can think one big reason someone would pick Titanfall for X1 over all other platforms, and yes that is including PC. The X1 version will run on MS fancy dedicated servers, while the PC version is on EA's own Origin servers. We all know how reliable EA's servers can be Cough*sim city, BF4, and any EA sports game* Cough. From what I heard the 360...

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Microsoft wants to use Xbox Dashboard for political messages? Ugh.

in Gaming Discussion on 09 March 2014 by AZWification

People who don't own a Xbox One are going to miss out on some awesome political stuff.. Not really....

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The XboxDad Prequel - 'The Grim Gramma of Gaming and the Squad of Silence'

in Microsoft Discussion on 09 March 2014 by Kaizar

VitroBahllee said:Reported (this is a copy of one of my threads) Here's my original: You are a liar, and you are a very manipulative person. Stop lying to people. And stop being a manipulative person....

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How much time do you spend gaming?

in Gaming Discussion on 07 March 2014 by Cobretti2

MoHasanie said: Cobretti2 said:averaging about 1minute a week in 2014 lol Even mobile gaming? Or even homework can be a game if you enjoy it :P .  yep even mobile gaming haha.  ...

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Killzone ShadowFall Multiplayer runs at only 960 x 1080 resolution

in Gaming Discussion on 06 March 2014 by SvennoJ

Kynes said:The problem lies in that you could call by this same definition every game that uses software interpolation and places the user interface over the full resolution interpolated image a full resolution game, as the final framebuffer has the output resolution. It's temporal scaling though, it's basically rendering 1920x1080 in 2 halves to go from 30 to 60 fps. There is little...

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What do MS have after TitanFALLS?

in Gaming Discussion on 05 March 2014 by Chris Hu

Blood_Tears said:Forza Horizon 2? Crackdown 3? So people are just listing unannounced games to try and bolster a line up. lol The 2012 Ultima GTR was in yesterdays DLC car pack so Horizon 2 coming out later this year is pretty much guranteed now....

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What is your favourite game controller?

in Gaming Discussion on 04 March 2014 by MegaDrive08

Mega Drive 6-button...

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