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< Bisa posted something on Zkuq's wall:

Please read the guidelines, we don't accept steam as a valid summary source. Thanks.


Is it not considered to be written by the publisher?

on 11 January 2018

Adding to that, I consider a game's Steam page to be very well comparable to the back side of a physical game case, so this ruling seems a bit... arbitrary. If you feel like that's still a reasonable ruling despite my points, I'll follow it of course, but here's my two cents on it.

on 11 January 2018

< VGPolyglot posted something on Zkuq's wall:

Merry Christmas!

Thanks, and the same to you too!

on 25 December 2017

< KiigelHeart posted something on Zkuq's wall:

Katos en hokannutkaan että täällä joku suomalainen häärii. Et vissiin Xboxilla pelaile kuitenkaan?

Juu, suomalainenhan minä. En koske Xboxiin, Microsoft ei miellytä. Tosin nykyään eivät hirveästi muutkaan konsolit mutta PS4 (ja PS3) löytyy silti talosta. Pääasiassa PC:llä pelailen.

on 06 November 2017

Heikosti on X1 menestynyt täällä kun vertaa 360:seen, mutta X:lle lienee ollut kysyntää kun julkaisupäiväksi ei saa enää mistään. Liian myöhään laitoin oman ennakkotilauksen niin kuun lopussa vasta pääsen siihen käsiksi. Erät toki oletettavasti olleet pieniä. Mutta eipä siinä, hyviä PC-pelailuhetkiä :)

on 06 November 2017

MS on kyllä vetänyt X:n kanssa yllättävän hyvin, mikä on ihan hyvä juttu. Kilpailu on hyvästä kun Sonykin vaikuttaa tällä hetkellä melko laiskalta pl. yksinoikeuspelit. Onnea sen X:n saannin kanssa ja mukavia pelihetkiä sinullekin!

on 06 November 2017

< VGPolyglot posted something on Zkuq's wall:

Thanks for accepting!!

Thanks for requesting! Also, welcome to my extremely busy wall.

on 06 September 2017

< Xen posted something on Zkuq's wall:

Well, what can I say? My experiment failed :P

Ordered from the states fine and all, but the place decided to route it through Belgium (thanks, video games plus), so we will never really know if that would get caught by customs.

Oh, the horror of not having to pay extra. :P I know now where I'll order if I want something from North America though!

on 04 August 2017

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Which Internet Browser Do You Use the Most?

in General Discussion 2 days ago

I use Firefox except for when something's broken, in which case I use Chrome. It's rare but it does happen. I'm not a huge fan of Firefox, but it's both open-source and fairly trustworthy. Lots of browsers are one or the other but I think Firefox might be the only bigger one that's both. If Vivaldi was open-source, there would be a good chance of me using it though since it seems like a pretty...

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How does this school system compare to yours?

in General Discussion 3 days ago

shikamaru317 said: The school day is also longer, it starts at 7:30 AM now, compared to 8:15 AM when I was in school. Heh. It was 8:15 AM here in Finland when I was in school, but recently there has been more and more talk about having school start later, especially for adolescents....

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How does this school system compare to yours?

in General Discussion 3 days ago

Even without watching the video, I can fairly confidently say it sounds exactly like the system we have here....


Occupation: Student

Education: Upper secondary school

University: Yes (currently)

Height: 5'11

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Favourite Games: Cities: Skylines
Dynasty Warriors
Final Fantasy
Grim Dawn
Metal Gear Solid
Titan Quest
Total War

Favourite Music: Amaranthe
Machinae Supremacy
Poets of the Fall
The Sounds

Favourite Films: Spirited Away
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Favourite Books: Gao Xingjian: Soul Mountain
Luo Guanzhong: Three Kingdoms

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  • 215 total number of games
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  • 8.7 average game rating
  • PC favourite console (145 games)
  • Shooter favourite genre (62 games)
  • 31% of games completed