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< Mr Khan posted something on noname2200's wall:

So did you want to meet up tonight for MH? Maybe around 6 your time, 9 mine? I can't go much later i'm afraid, class/work tomorrow.

That's sounds like a good plan. Is it organized like Tri, i.e. Server-City-Gate, or...?

1 day ago

Aye. I forget what the list is, though. (boots up game)

How about Free F, lobby 1? I should just be able to find your room from there.

There's a surprising number of people playing. First city had 995 people playing.

1 day ago

Sounds like a plan! Mind if I invite amp too?

1 day ago

No problemo. I'd love to hunt with him again.

23 hours ago

< sonicgalaxy27 posted something on noname2200's wall:



on 18 August 2014


on 20 August 2014

hey there

on 20 August 2014


on 25 August 2014


on 25 August 2014


5 days ago

< RolStoppable posted something on noname2200's wall:

Was there ever any update for the 3DS ambassador GBA games? There's no save feature on the emulators, right?

No to both, just a ROM dump.

on 04 August 2014

< RolStoppable posted something on noname2200's wall:

You know what the worst thing about a drought is? That when it ends, you'll drown in games. I expect a September that is stuffed with four to five games that I am interested in. Retail-wise, I know of Hyrule Warriors and Shin Megami Tensei IV (okay, that's not physical in Europe, but you know what I mean). When it comes to eShop games, there should be at least one Mega Man and one new title.

I know what you mean, and never really understood why Summer (when kids are free all day, every day) is not filled with more releases. I get that Summer games don't sell as well, I just don't get WHY.

On the flip side, some of those September releases can be blazed through relatively quickly, like Mega Man. SMT IV will take quite some time, though... Surprised to hear you're getting Hyrule Warriors: I know you like brawlers, but I didn't take you for a Dynasty Warriors fan.

on 02 August 2014

I haven't played any Warriors game, but Hyrule Warriors has a lot of playable chicks. Besides, what else is coming out for the Wii U?

on 02 August 2014

Xenoblade! 2015
And Splatoon! 2015
And Wooly World!... in 2015
And Rainbow Curse! 2015
And Treasure Tracker! 2015 for you.
And Fire Emblem x SMT! 2016
And of course Smash Bros! 2015, according to illiterate trolls a.k.a. the gaming media.

Plenty of options.

on 02 August 2014

You are such a troll, Noname.

on 07 August 2014

< Pineapple posted something on noname2200's wall:

I saw your post on my wall first now.

I haven't left the site entirely, but I've sort of reverted to just being a lurker. I can't exactly pinpoint the reason as to why I don't post anymore, and I was frankly quite shocked to see it's been nearly half a year since I last did.

I suppose that with there being fewer genuinely sales-oriented topics (I don't count the threads with people who go "WILD PREDICTION: The platform I like will sell 40 million in 2017!" as proper sales threads), there are fewer threads I'd naturally post in, but it's probably more me than that to be truthful.

I'll make an effort to post something next time an interesting thread pops up, though! Who knows, maybe I'll get a kick and return properly.

Looking forward to it! I know what you mean though: there's quite a bit of interesting sales data, but it's not what we're focusing on as much here anymore...

on 01 August 2014

Actually, I think that in a sense, the data is less interesting, too. The Wii/DS takeoff (which was happening around the time both of us joined) was something unprecedented. What could the future hold? It was certainly a very interesting time.

This generation lacks that tension. It could still come if one of the big 3 comes up with a great idea, but if they don't, it's looking very simple to guess the future. The Wii U, Vita and Xone as low to moderate successes, and the Ps4 and 3DS as moderate to high successes.

It's not interesting on the same level, and it doesn't spur the same debates.

If we had reliable data for mobile games, and genuine comparisons that could be made there, as well as people who claimed mobile gaming is superior (I find that there are nearly no mobile gaming enthusiasts here), then there could be plenty of interesting discussions.

on 01 August 2014

The drama that I see this generation comes from a couple of places.

First, will Microsoft stay in the gaming business? Some folks don't want to hear it, and it's far from a foregone conclusion, but their future participation is far from certain, and a repeat of the original XBox's performance wouldn't bode particularly well.

Second, and more particular to my heart, how does Nintendo respond to the massive screw-ups that they've made this generation? It's breathtaking to see how they went from doing no wrong to doing nothing but wrong, all in about three years. They've recently started saying the right things again, but talk is cheap: I'm eager to see what this QoL platform of theirs is like, and how their next systems will look going forward.

Third, the figures we're seeing show that mobile is gaining money, although it's ambiguous as to what sources are being included and where that money is going to. This one interests me the least, since I'm concluding that it's very much a matter of a dozen huge winners and hundreds of thousands of losers, but if the Doom Prophets of the past decade are ultimately right then the Future Is Mobileā„¢.

Not quite the same as the prior generation I'll grant you, but it's still got some human drama to keep things going.

on 02 August 2014

I agree, those are very interesting.

I don't think Microsoft wants to keep staying in the console industry. A large part of their problem recently is that they're spreading themselves too thin, without any cross-platform benefits. Ie, owning a Windows Phone doesn't make you want to own an Xbox One any more (or at least, to a much smaller extent than what for instance Apple is doing).

I think that if Microsoft had never made the Xbox, then their PC digital distribution service could have had a much better chance against Steam, simply because it would have gotten new, exclusive games to it.

Today, I think that if they'd made some absolutely brilliant games for the Windows Phone, that could also have helped them a lot there.

At the moment, they're just barely surviving in nearly all their endeavours - except for Windows and Office, which are obviously still doing great. But nothing else has really taken off, and that's because they're spreading too thin.

If Microsoft could manage to liquidate all their assets from the Xbox division and get out, I think they would. The problem is that they can't. Their investments so far are, if they drop out now, worth nearly nothing. It would be a massive loss. And they most likely still hope that it can be turned around into something that makes money at some point down the line.

It's possible that nearly all their investments into the Xbox division really are sunk, but that's a very hard thing to accept.

(I'll get to the other two points sometime in the future)

on 11 August 2014

I agree regarding Microsoft, and would add that the new leadership is publicly expressing lukewarm-at-best regard for the Xbox division. They seem to be focusing more and more on the latest white whale of cloud technology, and like you I have a hard time seeing where the Xbox brand fits into the future.

It's not something a lot of folks on this site want to hear, and it's amusing to see a handful of diehards insist that Microsoft will somehow throw its billions into keeping the brand afloat, but at the end of the day I'd argue that the threat the Xbox was created to defeat never really materialized, so it's time to pull out and move on.

I can foresee them spinning off the product and seeing if they can realize a return on their investment that way. I have a hard time seeing anyone stepping in to buy an appreciable amount of their assets. I'm also inclined to think this won't happen for another few years though: Microsoft has a history of letting products linger. See: Zune

on 11 August 2014

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RUMOR- New Nintendo 3DS has no region locking and big NNID changes O_O

in Gaming Discussion 5 hours ago

Tachikoma said: This is the same guy that claimed the new 3ds cpu was 3x faster than the current dual core MPCore arm11 processor - when ARM do not manufacturer an MPCore CPU that's 2x faster, let alone 3. End result: guy's spouting crap for follows/hits knowing when it all turns out to be bs he can just say "source was wrong sorry". He's not even going all out on the promises, "theres a...

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New Ys game announced for PS4 & PS Vita - reveal trailer added

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Kresnik said: New Ys info: - Development 30% complete - Story takes place before 7 and between 5~6 - New action system - Wants to take advantage of PS4 functions and release as fast as possible - Huge focus on the ocean Slightly disappointed. 5 isn't available in the west in any form that I'm aware of, and 6 is a pain...

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate meet up thread

in Nintendo Discussion 22 hours ago

cannonballZ said: I am playing MH3U right now if anyone cares to join. My friend is really good and can help us all rank up.   Edit: No one wants to join? Oh well, I'm off to do some hunting. Sorry, had to finish up some things, and won't be free for a spell. Good hunting though!...


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