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< Ponyless posted something on noname2200's wall:

Don't listen to rol about person q, he's just bad at videogames. I gotten farther into it and i'm enjoying it quite a bit, the wall of dialogue gets better after 1st dungeon and the difficulty is right there with EO4 and a bit harder than untold, at least at almost hardest difficulty.

tthat being said, i think 25-30 would be a really great price if you still want to wait for it.

15 hours ago

< Ponyless posted something on noname2200's wall:

Have you had a chance to play Persona Q? i made the mistake of listening to persona fans and overleveled my characters because i was way under the recommended levels for some bosses, and now i'm steam rolling through the game.

No, I passed. Rol's comments didn't sell me on the game, and yours is reinforcing it!

3 days ago

< TheFallen posted something on noname2200's wall:

Merry Christmas to you too. Thanks for the invite, but I don't have a capable PC atm otherwise i'd join.

All good. Merry Christmas!

6 days ago

< RolStoppable posted something on noname2200's wall:

Now I know why Persona Q was so hard. If a character has equipped a sub-persona that is five or more levels below their main persona, then all attacks receive a damage penalty. At five levels it's 10%, at six it's 20%, at seven it's 30%; it tops out at 50%.

So by filling out the compendium and trying to see all personas' skills before fusing them, the game got increasingly harder for me due to level ups for the main personas. Leveling up makes you weaker... that is... that is incredibly illogical.

It's a life lessons about not having your reach exceed your grasp. Or something. I have NO DOUBT that all of this stuff was clearly explained in one of the earlier walls of text though.

on 09 December 2014

I did read all the explanations for personas, but this wasn't mentioned at all. I mean, how messed up is that? I went into this knowing that I wouldn't be playing at full strength by not using my highest level sub-personas, but to get penalized for it like that? No wonder that it felt like enemies have enormous amounts of HP when I was dealing only 50% damage with everything I did.

And the persona stock limit of 14 is also real. I want to punch the people who made those design decisions. How couldn't they realize how stupid those things are?

on 09 December 2014

< outlawauron posted something on noname2200's wall:

Should I bother playing SMT4? I see you talked about it with Rol previously. I got tired of the outrageous difficulty and super bad luck in conversations at the start of the game.

I didn't enjoy it very much. It gets much, much easier after the third of fourth hour (maybe a bit too much, to be honest), but the same core problems persist for the entire game.

on 01 December 2014

I'm about 2 hours into the game. I went into the portal or whatever after you rescued one of the students who was a giant a-hole.

Am I close to the difficulty drop?

on 01 December 2014

Yes, once you beat Medusa (sounds like you're near) things should become much easier. Just make a point of spending your app points on getting more skill slots for you and your demons, as that flexibility really opens up the game.

on 01 December 2014

I started playing Bravely Default after I got disenchanted with SMT4, but I may go back to it.

on 01 December 2014

I gave SMT IV a score of 4.8/10 based on a 20 Euro price. The game is really lame and never picks up.

on 03 December 2014

Which RPG should I target then Rol?

on 03 December 2014

Etrian Odyssey games, of course. Considering that you have bad taste, you might even enjoy Persona Q a lot.

on 04 December 2014

I have EO Untold. I guess I could play that. I just finished a relatively long FP dungeon crawler in Demon Gaze, so I've been putting it off for that reason.

on 04 December 2014

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Legend of Korra Finale

in Movies Discussion 19 hours ago

Yeah.... if the Korra and Asami thing isn't just an internet fabrication like I suspect, then it was terribly handled and built up to. The entire season was merely average though, so maybe it'd be par for the course....

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The NFL Thread 2014: Dallas wins NFC East, now the question is how far can NobleTeam360's fanboy prediction go?

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RolStoppable said: So much for looking out for number 1. You aren't the only one who fell for the Saints hype, but in your case it's more damning because you are such a traitorous swine. That was a pick for cancer patients everywhere!...

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Steam Secret Santa: Signups closed, PM's sent. Don't forget to make and check your friend requests!

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The_Sony_Girl1 said:I can't join anymore, Xander just told me his account is region locked to Southeast Asia. Sorry. That's a bummer. But thanks for trying!...


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