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    < MARCUSDJACKSON posted something on noname2200's wall:



    on 23 June 2016

    How are things

    on 24 June 2016

    < RolStoppable posted something on noname2200's wall:

    Why is there no Fire Emblem Fates castle data of yours? You still have the same 3DS, right?

    No, my system broke a week or two back. Switched to a New 3DS, haven't played FE since I got it.

    on 01 June 2016

    If you give me your new friend code and set up an easy to beat Streetpass team, I'll visit you daily to give you some battle and visit points. My friend code: 4940-5524-9113.

    on 02 June 2016

    Will do once I get home.

    Shit, I forgot that I'll have to add friends all over again. Hardly seems worth it at this late stage...

    on 02 June 2016

    < RolStoppable posted something on noname2200's wall:

    I guess I'll have to put eight Ultrafauna Slayer XX on my skell to beat the beast. I'll have to be able to do it in two shots because my skell doesn't survive long enough to do anything else.

    You know, you could have told me from the start that I need at least ten Ultrafauna Slayer XX to get it done. With eight of them I depleted about 55% of the Telethia's health with the opening shot, but since it heals itself and the second shot doesn't have the benefit of Opening Attack anymore, I only take off about 45%. That's not enough because of the regenerated health. But at least I am close now.

    I've got some questions regarding locations that I don't recall where they are. The spreadsheet is translated from Japanese into English (sometimes loosely) and I am playing the game in German, so it's... well, hard to remember. Give me Frontier Nav numbers, please.

    1. Primordia: Bluecliff and Castaway Cavern.
    2. Oblivia: Demon's Pocket and Ibitsa.
    3. Sylvalum: Abysscave.
    4. Cauldros: Don't need a location here, but I've never seen the weather magnetic storm. The common weather is cloudy, occasionally it's clear, brimstone rain is followed up by rainbow most of the time, but magnetic storm is a complete mystery to me.

    on 29 March 2016

    It doesn't take that many though. I only have four Ultrafauna Slayers, and I still take off 80% on that opening shot. I'm guessing you don't have the best physical and/or range attack bonuses from your armor and other weapons.

    As for your questions, give me a few minutes to check my save.

    on 29 March 2016

    Castaway Cavern is the cave one hex southwest of FN 113, at the end of the rock bridge. You had a few quests there, especially where you take the BLADE whose afraid of Man-on around that area and ultimately end up rescuing a Man-on who made with friends with that BLADE.

    on 29 March 2016

    Optimizing equipment is so tiresome in this game. So many weapons, so many augments...

    I don't consider making all those Ultrafauna Slayers a waste of time though. Like I said before, the game wants you to kill 100 Telethias and 100 Yggraliths, so killing them with a single shot of the Zenith Cannon would be great. Yes, that's not possible on the Telethia, but taking off 1m HP before firing the cannon works to kill it in 20 seconds.

    on 29 March 2016

    I can't find a Bluecliff, but that might have a different name in German. Is it a dark cave where everything is colored blue? If so, that might be Turtle Nest. It's technically one hex north of FN 106, but it's easier to access it by warping to 105, going straight east at sea level, and then going south at the first opening. If you find a sand bar dividing two bodies of water, the cave is at the end of that little river, at sea level.

    on 29 March 2016

    That's Castaway Cavern? I had to find the enemy Burning Lophid, so I thought that would be a cave with lava in it.

    on 29 March 2016

    It'll take more than twenty seconds, unfortunately: after the first shot, he's effectively invincible until he (slowly) descends to the ground. So you're probably looking at closer to a minute.

    on 29 March 2016

    You'd be right: those should be at the Molten Hollow, just south of 109.

    on 29 March 2016

    I don't think that Bluecliff is a cave. I need to find a vesper and a blatta at that location. When the spreadsheet uses such names, it's commonly refering to travel points that aren't Frontier Nav numbers. Commonly, not always. Still doesn't mean that it is actually such a travel point, it's just that sometimes the translation is something different. Castaway Cavern is plain and simply Gray Cavern in German, hence why I didn't make the connection.

    on 29 March 2016

    Demon's Pocket is technically one hex northeast of FN 306. Warp to 306, fly as low as you can into the canyon and follow the walls to the left. The entrance is at the tip of the "boot" on the map.

    on 29 March 2016

    Ah, Bluecliff sounds like Drop Shaft (real creative). It's one south of FN 111: you should be able to spawn right on top of it. Just go down the hole(s) directly in front of you. Sometimes it has a dragon-looking tryant guarding it, if that helps.

    on 29 March 2016

    I've seen a Youtube video of the Telethia. First weakened with a few normal melee attacks, then killed off with the Zenith Cannon long before the Telethia would switch to invincibility to prepare for phase two.

    Molten Hollow is not it. For one, I've checked that cave, and two, the spreadsheet uses the name Molten Hollow for other enemies.

    on 29 March 2016

    If you can't warp to that hex, start at 111, fly straight up to that high rock terrace, and go straight south until you run into a pit, which in turn has another smaller pit in it.

    on 29 March 2016

    You should be correct about Demon's Pocket. I vaguely remember to have seen the Cantor enemy there before, long before I was able to defeat it. It's the only Cantor in Oblivia.

    I don't think Bluecliff is the Drop Shaft either, because once again the spreadsheet uses Drop Shaft or something very close to it for other enemies. I also repeat that I don't think that Bluecliff is a cave.

    on 29 March 2016

    I'm looking right at two Burning Lophids in the Molten Hollow. They're near the cieling: just fly up.

    on 29 March 2016

    Okay, I'll believe you about Molten Hollow. Perhaps I haven't looked up above when checking the cave.

    But Bluecliff isn't Drop Shaft. I need two enemies in the range of level 11-20. The spreadsheet also lists an Auravis for the Bluecliff location, but I've found that specific enemy at one of its other locations already. I hope that helps a little bit. Bluecliff has Auravis, Vesper, Blatta.

    on 29 March 2016

    Looking at my notes again, I need another location in Primordia: Sayram. It's for a Forfex, so it has to be a beach area.

    Overall, I am still missing 33 of the roughly 1110 entries in the bestiary, but a good bunch of them are tyrants that I couldn't beat with the Ares 90.

    on 29 March 2016

    Are you looking for something that might be translated into Swift Blatta?And are they near Sky Auravis? If so, that's Unicorn Rock. Go one hex south of 105, and go near the southeast corner of that hex. About halfway up there's a very small cave without a name there, containing a Mechanical treasure chest.

    If you need more directions, it's the rock where a level 37 auavis tyrant is circling a perch near the top of the rock: the cave is almost directly below that perch. There are evellos there during the day.

    on 29 March 2016

    Sayram Lake is the lake that stretches just north of New LA and covers several hexes. Do they narrow it down at all?

    on 29 March 2016

    The spreadsheet calls them Sneaking Blatta, Welkin Auravis and Blood Vesper. The Blatta appears during the day, the Vesper during the night. The Sky Auravis is located at Unicliff which I've already found.

    on 29 March 2016

    I can't find anything called Ibitsa. What's there?

    on 29 March 2016

    Sorry, got the Blatta mixed up. It's actually Larva Blatta and like the Vesper it only appears during night.

    on 29 March 2016

    Damn, not Unicorn Rock then: Sneaking Blatta are different, and there are no vespers there at night. I think they're in one of two places: in the silent mire or near noctilum. Give me a sec to check.

    on 29 March 2016

    Found the blood vesper: Wonderment Bluff. Warp to the military base between 101 and 103, then fly to the ledge up and to the west. Right now there are no auravis, and the blattas are lava blattas, but I assume that'll change come morning.

    on 29 March 2016

    Oops, nevermind. Yeah, that's the place.

    on 29 March 2016

    Good to know that Sayram is a lake. No wonder that I didn't find that Forfex at the coast.

    Ibitsa in Oblivia has another Forfex. The spreadsheet also says SW (southwest). I am looking for the Sand Forfex, but the Land Forfex is also listed for the same spot. I think it's a travel point on the southeast of Oblivia, maybe the Sand Forfex is a random replacement for the Land Forfex, or like other Forfexes, it only appears during rain?

    on 29 March 2016

    In Sylvalum's Abysscave I am missing the Azure Blatta. It's probably easy to find, but I have noticed in other spots that Blatta can load in really, really late.

    So the only real thing left is how do magnetic storms occur in Cauldros?

    on 29 March 2016

    Sand forfexes are mixed in with land forfexes at the east end of the canyon, one hex southwest of 312. They don't pop up until you're close. If it's under level 20, it's a sand forfex.

    on 29 March 2016

    EM Storms are incredibly rare in Cauldros, but they do happen. Only during Early Morning, though. Whoever thought weather should be time restricted, without telling the player, should also be shot...

    on 29 March 2016

    < RolStoppable posted something on noname2200's wall:

    So today I tried the Telethia again. Did around 3m damage with the opening shot (still missing Ultrafauna Slayer from the setup you suggested), but that's only a quarter of its health. Afterwards I am screwed because I have no other good weapons on the skell. The Zenit Cannon takes up only two slots, so that leaves another six. What should I go with?

    How many slots on your skell's weapons are used up? Do they all have Opening/Above Up to the maximum allowed, or are there still a few more you can squeeze in there? I suspect you could get it up more even without Ultrafauna Slayer.

    You really only need to get it up to five or so: after a third of its health is gone Telethia becomes temporarily invincible, so I just let it go all the way down to the ground and hover around a mountain a bit while my cannon recharges, while telling my idiot teammates to stay close to me. The Telethia doesn't seem to actually do anything if you do this, so it's invincibility wears off, and it only has time to recover a few hundred thousand HP. Gradually close in and give him another shot, and he should be dead/nearly dead, depending on how many of your slots are devoted to Opening Damage Up.

    on 22 March 2016

    Above Up goes on the skell frame itself. I am using two of those while the the third slot is for Attribute Physical Up. On the weapons I have three Weapon Attack Up on the Zenith Cannon, on the rest I have one Opening Up and one Negate Physical Reflect. So I have four weapon slots empty. I'd rather make two Ultrafauna Slayers than another Opening Up, because the former needs fewer materials IIRC.

    Still though, even if the Telethia would be almost dead with two shots, I need at least one weapon that does half-decent damage because the garbage I have on the skell just doesn't do it.

    on 22 March 2016

    I'll have to check my file when I get back to see what else I put on it; once the cannon was complete I just slapped on whatever weapon most boosted physical, ranged, and/or above damage, since the cannon killed everything I wanted to fight in a skell.

    I do remember the G-Buster 2 was an excellent weapon, especially since it also staggered, and I think you could put the Detonation-B superweapon with the Zenith Cannon, though because it's a melee thermal weapon it won't be as impressive with this build. I also used to emphasize weapons with short cooldowns, like the gatling guns, in order to trigger the most cockpit modes. It's a bit too luck dependent, but with high Potential skellwear those came on fairly regularly.

    on 22 March 2016

    I don't want to make another Opening Up because it feels like a waste. It's only good for the first shot. But I think I got an Opening Up XVIII on my Ares 90 that I haven't switched over; that's actually all the more reason to not make another one of those.

    on 22 March 2016

    Yes, check your file. Some good extra weapons on the skell will also help to deplete more RP of the online Nemesis. It won't hurt to have that when aiming for that stupid trophy that requires you to be there when the Nemesis gets killed. There's the risk that the player count is eventually so low that the Nemesis can't be killed in time anymore.

    on 22 March 2016

    < RolStoppable posted something on noname2200's wall:

    I put the Zenith Cannon on the Amducias that I already had, added three Weapon Attack Up XX, Negate Physical Reflect, two Above Attack Up and I think that's it. Went to the Telethia to see how it works and did 0 opening damage. That sucked.

    At least I've completed the on-foot build. Couldn't be bothered to make a fifth Potential Up, so I added a Max SP Up X that I found somewhere, because having over 4k SP isn't bad. I defeated Dadaan (a level 77 Prone) within 15 seconds, so I think the build is good enough. And yes, all the Melee Attack Up augments are good because I am using three red arts in addition to Blossom Dance. All of them are multihit, so I managed to drive up the Overdrive counter over 50, even though I don't even know what I am doing. I just activate arts one after another.

    And you really beat all tyrants? I've come across a headless Millesaurus in Oblivia. I looked up his stats and the thing has 100 million HP.

    Wait, you did ZERO damage? I did not realize that was possible! More importantly, there has to be something else going on, because even out of the box it should be doing six figures... have you tested it on other enemies?

    Your build will probably get you through just about everything now, so you should be good to go. What armors are you using? If you maximized Candid and Credible their armors should come with Potential Up X or so, while the cat people's business gets you some Potential Boosts instead. This is on the armor proper, and the light armors can have three slots like usual. You could mix and match to get you another hundred potential or so, if you want a bit more oomph.

    And yes, all 250 tyrants. The Headless Emperor is actually a pretty straightforward and boring fight: If you've beaten Lucielle the Eternal, you've basically beaten the Headless Emperor, just dragged out forever. I did it on foot and just kept spamming Overdrives, with Ghost Walker preventing him from ever hitting me. Took like five minutes of whalloping, not very interesting.

    on 21 March 2016

    The attack missed, hence no damage. I didn't test it on other enemies yet. I want to beat the Telethia because it's an optional part of a quest. Yes, I still haven't finished all the quests.

    I've maxed out all stores a long time ago. Today I also got the trophy for adding 777 augment slots to my equipment, so now I don't know what to do with miranium on a regular basis. I don't get why you can't give May May miranium in exchange for cash. Then again, I wouldn't know what to do with cash either. Would have been cool if cash bought you materials, just like the reward tickets do.

    Anyway, the armor that I am using is all level 55 pieces that come with Treasure Sensor VI. I've bought full sets for the rest of my party to increase the drop rates for a total of 120%. Each piece also has Potential Up VI on it, so it's not that bad. Yeah, I haven't bothered to equip the best armor for combat or even look for it. There's obviously room for improvement.

    on 21 March 2016

    Ah, I know the quest you're talking about. You'll also need to kill the Telethia a second time after completing the quest in order to complete the hex: even though it's the exact same fight, killing it during a quest doesn't count. With a powerful Zenith Cannon it was easy. With the Thermal build, it became significantly more annoying.

    on 21 March 2016

    You know what the trophy list says? That you have to kill 100 Telethias and 100 Yggraliths. There's only one of each in the game. These are the times when I wish I was involved in development and could have slapped the idiots who were responsible. The number of materials needed for anything should have also topped out at 9. That would have been enough to convey that you gotta go farming.

    on 21 March 2016

    I assume multiplayer kills don't count, right? Because you can kill each of them a few dozen times in eight minutes there. But then that would probably go against the grind they're clearly aiming for...

    Yeah, I don't understand the need to introduce any grind in a game that already has so much content. Again, the game as a whole often seems like one step forward, one step back.

    on 21 March 2016

    Indeed, the Nemesis battles don't count. The guy who was responsible for the trophies valued consistency higher than common sense. Since there are trophies for killing 10, 30 and 100 enemies of each species, he just went with that for the rare species as well, instead of adjusting the numbers to 1, 3 and 10.

    I have to say that the postgame really sucks. Getting to 95% exploration rate is fine, but then it begins to become a nightmare. How could this sort of thing be greenlit? It's terrible game design. It's Bravely Default level of stupidity.

    on 21 March 2016

    They probably assume 99% of players will never get that far, and that those of us who do will have invested so much time and energy into the BS that we'll grit our teeth and do at least some of it.

    on 21 March 2016

    I wanted to do all of it, but now I don't know if I can stomach it. Maxing out all arts and skills seems like a lost cause too. The special mission at the BLADE terminal nets 60 BP for every run, but that's merely a drop in the bucket. Maxing out the party members isn't much of an issue, but the main character has learned all arts and skills... I guess that lame mission has to be played around 500 times.

    on 21 March 2016

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