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< Carl2291 posted something on noname2200's wall:

That's a real classy avatar.

Thank you sir!

on 25 September 2015

< RolStoppable posted something on noname2200's wall:

I beat the three dragons in Etrian Mystery Dungeon. 77% completion now. Really long postgame because the story was over after 50%.

I figured out that the diagonal 8 on quests is supposed to be the infinity symbol, so I've retaken the gold golem and red pooka quests a lot. No money problems, and lots of white potions in stock (they raise a character's level by 1 in an instant).

The skill system gives more leeway in this game. The total amount of skill points needed to learn everything is 101, so that lines up perfectly with 98 level ups and 3 points at the start. So in this game it's only a matter of picking what you want to learn first.

Also, EXP needed for a level up have remained flat since level 40, so it's very much doable to get to level 99. Best of all, benched characters earn EXP too, so it isn't a hassle to rearrange the party. Likewise, taking a two level penalty for redistributing skill points is pretty much redundant, because you can keep backups of backups. I have created 50 characters and all of them have at least level 30 by now.

I like the sound of most of that, but the skills being all maximizable is a bit of a downer. I always liked the fact that the main series forces you to make choices, even with post-retirement characters. Still, that part was occasionally frustrating too (see: Hexers).

on 22 September 2015

One of the post-game dungeons sucked (party is set to level 1, can't take items and equipment with you, can't eat beforehand to get buffs) and I died on the 42nd floor, so I looked up a FAQ to learn how long that thing would go on. 60 floors, but I read up on another few things too.

Apparently some conditional drops are still unknown, including the ones for the boss of that horror dungeon mentioned above. Isn't that crazy? It's not even a sure thing that you can beat that dungeon (lots of stuff is randomized) and then you have to put up with conditional drops on the boss. I think it will take around three hours to beat that dungeon.

A lot of the best equipment requires also several pieces of the same material, so that means boss grinding (unlike in the proper EO games where one of each kind is enough).

It's... it's so disappointing. The game managed to coast above my expectations for so long, but the final stretch turned into a nightmare. That leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. 100% completion is basically out of reach, unless insane luck triggers. This is even a lot worse than the conditional drops from the three dragons in the original Etrian Odyssey; I didn't bother with them after a dozen of failed attempts because the drop rate was pitiful.

on 23 September 2015

There's a glitch that allows you to permanently boost the strength stat of characters. Cheating a game that is so random seems only fair. And due to the fact that you can have so many viable backup characters, it's going to be a breeze to switch back and forth between legit characters and the pack of cheaters.

Of course, first I'll have to test if the EU version has that glitch too. For Etrian Odyssey Untold, the item duplication glitch (used by many to get better grimoire stones) was fixed for the EU version.

Anyway, horror dungeon and boss grinding COULD be manageable with ridiculously powerful characters. For your information, my level 90 Landsknecht has about 220 strength and that's not even half of the bar.

on 23 September 2015

The optional dungeon part sounds familiar: aside from the Pokemon game, all the Mystery Dungeon games have something similar. I think it's the developers basically throwing up their hands at making additional content and throwing in BS to eat time. They'd probably say it's a homage to Rogue, though.

Still, it sounds like the game is worth picking up: you were at it fairly hardcore for days, and until the end of the postgame content it sounds like you enjoyed yourself.

on 23 September 2015

Keep in mind though that I got all the DLC for free. Not having to worry about money made things run smoothly. I am not sure how annoying the game would have been if I had to go collect money from the dungeons. Thanks to that DLC quest I could upgrade the facilities of the town right away and didn't have to worry about losing fortresses in the dungeons (I didn't lose many anyway, but I could have afforded careless play).

on 23 September 2015

< RolStoppable posted something on noname2200's wall:

Good decision to make Kimishima the president. It's only a temporary solution, but good to have someone who does business at that position. Iwata's vision should get carried out now.

Who knows what Miyamoto would have done. Probably launch a wave of 3D Mario, Pikmin and Steel Diver games.

Miyamoto has apparently created teams to create more Pikmin. As in, plural. Not sure if I prefer Kimishima over Takeda, but Kimishima at least has had plenty of exposure to gaming, even if finance is his forte.

on 14 September 2015

I consider Takeda to close to Miyamoto to make him a good fit for the job of CEO. You know, as the boss of hardware, Takeda had to take a lot of input from Miyamoto in the past.

on 14 September 2015

I suppose, although Iwata was once directly under Miyamoto, and Takeda's games have always felt very different than Miyamoto: like Yokoi's stuff, they often felt more mechanical than artistic. Plus, I have to conclude he was able to resist Miyamoto fairly effectively, since he was the one who pushed for the Wii's modest technical specs, something I just can't envision Miyamoto being very happy about. I saw him and Miyamoto as Yin and Yang.

on 14 September 2015

No matter how you see it, it's good that Miyamoto doesn't get to call the shots.

on 14 September 2015

< RolStoppable posted something on noname2200's wall:

So how's EO2 Untold? Is there a proper subclass system?

I'll get the Mystery Dungeon in the mean time.

It's quite good. The classes and enemies were rebalanced, and the maps were changed too. It's much better than EO Untold I, and much much more balanced than the original EO II. EO IV still takes the "most versatile classes" award, but in fairness that was partly because it was so easy. Generally though there's at least three ways to handle tanking/healing/DPS/etc.

The story mode is a bit unbalanced because of the new class, who can become incredibly overpowered starting in the mid game, but classic mode is one of the more challenging in the series. There's a DLC super-boss that's just evil though: no idea how to beat him just yet, although I've come close (fifty turns in...). It's easily the hardest in the series.

There's still no subclassing, but the grimoire system is improved. You get them about four times more often, and instead of combining multiple skills to one grimoire they're each individualized. You can equip an extra one every ten levels, with a maximum of six. It's better balanced, although there's still an unfortunate amount of luck involved. You can also trade and recycle grimoires now too though, both with other players and with NPCs, so it's...better than it was before. Still not ideal.

Skills can also go up to twenty now, if you add grimoires to your class' skills. There's often diminishing returns, but a level 20 skill is noticeably more potent than a level 10 one. The Force system was also overhauled, and has some nice risk-reward stuff in the form of force breaks: each class has a super powerful skill, but it's one-time only, after which you not only lose your force boost, you can't get another force boost until returning to town. They also added a food system where you can add a party wide bonus each time you go to town, kind of like the guild bonuses from EO U, but more versatile.

Overall, two thumbs up.

on 02 September 2015

I never had an issue with the difficulty in EO IV. Yes, it's easier than the rest of the series, but that's mostly because the cheap difficulty has been removed. Except for the final floor of the post-game dungeon where escaping from battles is more often than not the smarter choice.

Your explanations sound good overall. Shame about the grimoire system, but better than nothing. It would have been a smart design choice to allow the fusion of stones, and combining skills makes them stack. For example, if you fuse ATK Up 3 with ATK Up 8, you would get ATK Up 10 (technically it would be 11, but 10 is already the max level). That would reduce the involved luck in getting high level grimoire stones drastically.

on 05 September 2015

< RolStoppable posted something on noname2200's wall:

Rehash time:

Let's see what comes out of this.

Love option #3. :-D

on 18 August 2015

Do you find it strange that a lot of people will be looking forward to get insulted by me?

on 18 August 2015

Not at all. Some of the most successful entertainers were insult comics. As long as the insults are witty, may folks actually enjoy them!

on 18 August 2015

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