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< RolStoppable posted something on noname2200's wall:

I am still waiting on information of how I can get the OoT/TP/SS costumes in Hyrule Warriors. (That means I've read parts of the Mewtwo thread.)

You needed to preorder with the appropriate retailer, of course. Or wait until the exclusivity deal ends. 6 months seems to be the norm, judging from the DLC on other platforms. You're cool with that, right?

6 hours ago

There weren't any preorder deals in Europe to begin with! The only thing we had was Ganondorf's OoT/TP costumes if Hyrule Warriors was registered on Club Nintendo within a month of release.

But there are still three DLCs left, so I guess the costumes can be a part of those. However, if the first DLC is anything to go by, detailed information won't be made available until the respective week of release.

6 hours ago

I thought you generally didn't buy DLC.

6 hours ago

That's true, but I am not opposed to the expansion route. You know, like New Super Luigi U which was 20 Euro and a good amount of content (unlike the overpriced Fire Emblem maps). So I prepurchased the Mario Kart 8 DLC (which is essentially an expansion split into two parts) for 12 Euro, and all of the Hyrule Warriors DLC for 15 Euro.

So I hope that I'll get all of the costumes eventually. The first DLC added about 30 additional hours of playtime, so the price to value ratio for the whole package is already good.

5 hours ago

What's in the Hyrule Warriors DLC then? I thought it was mostly small stuff (costumes, weapons, etc.), but it sounds more like extra maps and modes or some such?

5 hours ago

The Master Quest DLC offered five new chapters for the story mode (play some of the events from the villains' perspective) and the name-giving adventure map (Master Quest version of the original The Legend of Zelda) where all of the new weapons, costumes and heart pieces/containers had to be unlocked.

As you may know, that map has 128 screens/tiles, with each one representing one mission. The DLC shamelessly reuses existing scenarios from the base game and adds new conditions/objectives, but it's still fun to tackle the new challenges.

The second and third DLC will also come with a new adventure map, weapons, costumes, heart pieces/containers and even new characters. The fourth DLC supposedly only adds new game modes; this could be anything from cool to worthless.

5 hours ago

Color me pleasantly surprised. Quite the contrast from their first attempts at DLC. And yes, I'm still bitter that the Fire Emblem stuff wasn't meaty at all. :-/

5 hours ago

Yeah, if Fire Emblem had been done like MK8 and HW, then all the maps put together would have been $15 at most.

5 hours ago

I honestly think they missed out by not expanding on that Future pack in particular. An entirely new campaign in the world where the bad guys won would've been pretty awesome, plus it'd have the perfect excuse for why the enemies are all at post-game levels.

But at least the DLC appears to have been slowly improving over time. The free map handed out wasn't worth $1, let alone $3 or $4. I did buy the Mario Kart stuff though, and am glad other games are closer to that model.

5 hours ago

Mario Golf had day 1 DLC, so it's not a straight line of improvement. I suppose they had to make sure that they tried all sorts of ways to deliver DLC, backed up by the fact that Mario Golf used different methods in America and Europe. I think it was season pass in America, and no season pass in Europe but first of the three packs for free instead.

5 hours ago

Oh, and base game only $30 in America, but 40 Euro in Europe.

5 hours ago

It certainly hasn't been constant improvement. Hyrule Warriors is another example: some stuff was pre-order exclusive, with different retailers no less. Overall, it seems like they're occasionally doing exactly what their competitors did last generation, so I'm always wary. But the MK8 stuff was genuinely a good deal, better than most PC expansion packs were back before the DLC days, so I'll bite my tongue and hope the trends are reversing.

As an aside, another sleepless night huh? :-(

5 hours ago

I need no sleep until I break down from total exhaustion.

5 hours ago

So, in an hour then?

5 hours ago

< RolStoppable posted something on noname2200's wall:

Why did Broncos fans not pick the Broncos for TNF?

Because they know deep down that Phillip Rivers is the better QB.

Really deep down

7 hours ago

You mean they would rather sleep with Rivers than Manning?

What happened to you? You didn't used to be so gross.

7 hours ago

Sorry, I don't get it. Some British-ism I'm not aware of?

7 hours ago

You are really stoopid.

7 hours ago

< RolStoppable posted something on noname2200's wall:

chocoloco is really sensitive when it comes to the Broncos. Check out my wall.

Well he's completely correct. I mean, who says hitting the same note over and over again doesn't constitute beautiful music? You're like the people who thought Yoko Ono was a hack and a joke, but just like her choco will win out in the end!!!

I like NobleTeam's response though. :-D I'm also not sure how things escalated so quickly.....

3 days ago

I think he is on the rag.

3 days ago

You're just on the rag becuz you don't post on GAF

3 days ago

And you are on the rag because you are on the rag.

3 days ago

< Smeags posted something on noname2200's wall:

This post was brought to you by Ryuzaki.

SOMEONE has to keep the faith around here!

on 15 October 2014

< Smeags posted something on noname2200's wall:

We get Captain Toad this year. Does that count for something?

It counts as 3 GB of sheer adoreableness. I count a victory for Smeags!

on 09 October 2014

I'll take what I can get!

on 09 October 2014

Toad is coming to the West this year as well?

1 day ago

Yeah, early December. It's the Euros who have to wait.

1 day ago

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Wii U at Best Buy - not looking great

in Sales Discussion 5 hours ago

I3LuEI3omI3eR said:I feel like making a thread of me going to my local Target and showcasing the Wii U section (because its ALWAYS sold out there). Then I guess that would disprove this thread right? :-/ Not if it means the retailer had a clearance sale and hasn't bothered to restock. O:-)...

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Wii U at Best Buy - not looking great

in Sales Discussion 5 hours ago

ICStats said: cycycychris said:All the stores around me have a good size Wii U section. It's not huge but they got all the most wanted games. Nothing like the one example you gave us. Mind posting a pic of the Vita section(which is 7 games big if your lucky at stores around me). Well I'm no longer at the store, but the Vita was like you say 7 games if that.  I found one...

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Mewtwo is on his way to Smash

in Nintendo Discussion 5 hours ago

the_dengle said: I wasn't being snide or an ass Assuming you're being honest, then I apologize. But I do feel compelled to point out that your posts really read like they have an ample share of both. The omitted portions of this post alone certainly don't help. Whatever, moving on....


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