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Dulfite said:

I hope they expand on her character more. There is more to being a bounty hunter than just the hunt. I want a hub area where she can interact with others, build her and their characters, accept side missions, which lead to cutscenes. I want more world building. I want to actually walk around in her spaceship, to be able to customize it, to be able to fly to other worlds like No Man's Sky.

I don't just want her on one singular mission trying to escape some underground station that's about to blow up.

To be honest, I want the opposite. Other series can do these things; they can even do a spinoff for all I care. But I like my Metroid games to be well-designed interlocking worlds where I shoot shit, explore, and drive myself crazy trying to get enough upgrades to arm a mid-sized nation. I personally don't find the world all that interesting, especially when they try to do anything more than hint at things.