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< Seece posted something on johnlucas's wall:

Seen as you keep ignoring the FACTS. I'm not a mod, can't open your UNITY thread even if I wanted too, and I didn't ask for it to be locked. I have a hunch you did.

So I'm gonna ask Kahn to comment on this wall post and ask why he locked it.

Mr Khans response

"I locked it because discussion had become circular and all it had become was a source of reports and headaches for us. If i didn't lock it, somebody else did. I believe i posted that on his wall, as well. "

on 13 January 2015

You got pull at this site.
You flex your pull & get it reopened.
End of message.

on 13 January 2015

No, I don't. It's just a lame excuse you're using to not talk about WiiU sales.

on 13 January 2015

low WiiU*

on 13 January 2015

< Seece posted something on johnlucas's wall:

Opinions on this holidays sales and WiiU being third place? You didn't really touch on it in your thread.

Get my UNITY thread unlocked. We'll talk all day long.

on 01 January 2015

A) I didn't get it locked B) you requested it was locked.

C) what a cop out excuse (as per usual).

on 01 January 2015

Why exactly does the UNITY thread need to be unlocked for u to answer the question? U can just respond in the new thread u made or in ur response on this wall.

on 01 January 2015

He sort of touched on it... every sale of another system or PC means 6 wii-u's will sell before the end of the generation!

I mean... if you were to apply that logic to the PS2 generation where people had a PS2 + (either other system) then surely you would have seen the Original Xbox and GC selling in the hundreds of million systems?

on 01 January 2015

I NEVER requested UNITY to be locked.
I was in the middle of a discussion in the thread when the moderators suddenly locked it due to you guys' behavior.
You want to discuss the sub-topic of my sales predictions? You get my UNITY thread unlocked.

There's something called keeping things ON-TOPIC.
You're not gonna derail FACTS vs. FICTION with discussions not covered in the topic.
There IS a sub-topic about sales in my UNITY thread so get my thread unlocked so we can discuss that sub-topic THERE.

on 02 January 2015

Nope, none of us got it locked and I don't know why on earth you're assuming we're the ones that can get it unlocked. All you have to do is go to kahn and say you want your thread unlocked now.

There was no derailing, only FACTS about NUMBERS proving your thread and theory WRONG. That is not off topic.

on 02 January 2015

swimsuit model guy is striking again XD
but yeah agree with seece

on 02 January 2015

That thread brought out the worst in everyone involved, in time. If you can get one of the Triumvirate to go along with it, i'll budge, but not before then.

on 02 January 2015

Mr Khan, I was nothing but civil in that thread.
I can't help what other people do in the discussion.
The things those people did were designed to SHUT DOWN the discussion. To silence what I & other people had to say.

I once again request the UNITY thread to be opened & that those who bring that kind of mayhem to the discussion be disciplined accordingly.

Seece wants to discuss the UNITY sub-topic of my sales predictions & it seems he wants to derail my new thread to talk about it.
I understand what a forum is supposed to be about & I know how to keep things ON-TOPIC.
In the UNITY thread, I have sub-topics about sales & the general 8th generation race.
It is THERE where his requests for discussing the latest happenings with XBox One should take place.

If he wants to discuss the points I made in my new FACTS vs. FICTION post, he can do so.
But I will NOT let him turn it into another silly show & derail the topic.
He's free to discuss the topic of second consoles, Microsoft's decision to unbundle Kinect, "traditional controllers", the importance of the Japanese market, & the ramifications of the "strongest console".
That's what 'FACTS vs. FICTION - Volume 1' discussed.

If he wants to talk about what was discussed in the UNITY thread—including the sub-topic of the 8th generation console race, then the UNITY thread must be reopened.

on 03 January 2015

Your thread is about WiiU beating XB1 and PS4 in sales. However much you dislike LOGIC, sales numbers are used as EVIDENCE to disprove your thread/theory. That is why you don't like people using them, because you simply have no defense for sheer hard facts.

It's a sale discussion, Kahn and other mods will not moderate me and others for disproving your theories with cold hard facts, logic and numbers Lucas.

You're just gonna have to keep on ignoring those numbers on the front page.

on 03 January 2015

We will moderate you for being rude, however, and i'm looking into your posts in that fact/fiction thread for that as we speak.

on 06 January 2015

Have fun, I havn't been rude and you're clutching at straws. I don't NEED to be rude, go off topic ect. All I need to talk about in his threads are the sales numbers and the real facts.

on 06 January 2015

and I suggest if you're going to try and look for things to ban me over Kahn, make sure you read Mummels and Tors posts as well, they're in the same vein as mine. (and they clearly have no issue with anything I have posted).

on 06 January 2015

Mods actively seek out posts to ban people over now...? this is new, its also vindictive, personal and totally unprofessional. Bit like wishing someone killed for their opinon on a matter... rings a bell.

on 06 January 2015

< spurgeonryan posted something on johnlucas's wall:

Any predictions for this coming year? Don't worry about those others on your wall, they should not be harrassing you anyways. Just say your peace in a thread and leave it at that.

Well I don't change my predictions right or wrong (and this year's Wii U prediction will be wrong). BUT I do have something to say & I have said it.
Go take a look. ;-)
It's called FACTS vs. FICTION – Volume 1.

on 31 December 2014

< Seece posted something on johnlucas's wall:

< Metalheadgamer posted something on johnlucas's wall:

Hmmm, it's been a while since you came here. People have been waiting for you because they secretly agree with you, but refuse to admit it. Think about it: if they truly considered you stupid, why would they even pay attention to what you do?

of course, just because I said that, they will cry to me ''nyan nyan nyan, it's not true! nyan nyan nyan! you're a fake account!''. XD

I find it ridiculous how people are hurt by this story, as if their lives were threatened.

on 12 October 2014

I'd be amazed if anyone agreed that the WiiU would sell 30m consoles this year or whatever his prediction was.

on 12 October 2014

I don't agree with the sales. I agree with the rest.

on 14 October 2014

Hey Metalheadgamer! Nice to see you. I know I have been missed & I will make up for my absence for most of this year when I come back in full.

I think it's a combination of people agreeing with me & also people scared that I am right.

The hate towards Nintendo comes from the simple fact that people know they're the strongest force.
It's resentment. They can't conquer this one & it frustrates them.
That resentment & frustration comes from the 3rd party developers/publishers in rebellion against Nintendo then filters into the general gaming public.
The public apes the attitudes of the bitter spiteful 3rd parties trying to wrest control of the industry from the one who MADE this industry 30 years ago out of the ashes of the 1983 Crash.

So when I underline how dominant Nintendo is, how resilient Nintendo is, & how all the traits Nintendo is known for will ultimately give them the final word...
...people under the steady drumbeat of spiteful 3rd party propaganda get mad.
They have been thoroughly convinced through decades of gaming media distortions that Nintendo is on its way out, that it's past its prime, that it's time is up.

They keep waiting for the other shoe to drop since Sega had to pack it in with the Dreamcast 13 years ago.
Nintendo was supposed to fall right after them so the 3rd party can rule this business outright...
...and then That Didn't Happen...
...and then It's STILL Not Happening.

Anytime you show this truth of what Nintendo is, you get the backlash from those who have fed the false picture.
It doesn't matter how many facts you show historical or current, certain gamers have been convinced that Nintendo is Done.
And if Nintendo is FAR FROM Done in Reality, what does that do to the people who believed in the Falsity?
5 Stages of Grief I guess.
Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.
It's hard to lose a false worldview you built your life around.

Nintendo UNIFIES the business in the 8th Generation.
And there's nothing the rebellious 3rd parties & their believers can do about it.
Right now I will receive the Laughter of Denial mixed with the Fury of Anger.
As the generation goes on, I will receive more Furious Anger along with the Whys of Barganing.
Towards the end I will receive the Tears of Depression along with the Whys of Bargaining.
Who knows if I'll ever get the Serenity of Acceptance from them?

on 03 November 2014

"I will make up for my absence for most of this year when I come back in full."

LOL Believe that when I see it. You're never gonna come back to posting because WiiU is never gonna beat XB1 and PS4 :P

on 05 November 2014

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Prediction: Splatoon – 1 Million Worldwide by end of May 2015

in Sales Discussion 5 days ago

potato_hamster said: johnlucas said: Well well. :-) Strong Start For Nintendo's Wii U Shooter Splatoon   "Nintendo has announced its quirky team-based shooter Splatoon has sold over one million copies worldwide. According to official figures provided by the platform holder, more than 230,000 physical and digital copies were sold in Europe, while the Japanese market...

Write 141

Prediction: Splatoon – 1 Million Worldwide by end of May 2015

in Sales Discussion 5 days ago

Well well. :-) Strong Start For Nintendo's Wii U Shooter Splatoon   "Nintendo has announced its quirky team-based shooter Splatoon has sold over one million copies worldwide. According to official figures provided by the platform holder, more than 230,000 physical and digital copies were sold in Europe, while the Japanese market accounted for 360,000. 476,000 copies were sold in North...

Write 141

Prediction: Splatoon – 1 Million Worldwide by end of May 2015

in Sales Discussion on 13 June 2015

DonFerrari said: Marvelous story and quite interesting narrative (not all is factual, but I liked it)... but even like that it wouldn't explain 1000-2500% boost in sales... NES had the unity and it didn´t even passed 100M. PS2 curve stomped all and didn't passed 200M... how in the name of the lord is 240M possible??? It's like MS PR saying this gen was a 1B consoles...


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