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< Seece posted something on johnlucas's wall:

Xbox One has Overtaken the WiiU, I'd like to see you discuss this in the forums some time?

He is never coming back. Well maybe someday... when he wants to have a laugh.

on 21 November 2014

Well he keeps saying he will post but doesnt.

on 21 November 2014

He should, I miss the Unity thread, he should do a new one!

on 21 November 2014

< Seece posted something on johnlucas's wall:

< Metalheadgamer posted something on johnlucas's wall:

Hmmm, it's been a while since you came here. People have been waiting for you because they secretly agree with you, but refuse to admit it. Think about it: if they truly considered you stupid, why would they even pay attention to what you do?

of course, just because I said that, they will cry to me ''nyan nyan nyan, it's not true! nyan nyan nyan! you're a fake account!''. XD

I find it ridiculous how people are hurt by this story, as if their lives were threatened.

on 12 October 2014

I'd be amazed if anyone agreed that the WiiU would sell 30m consoles this year or whatever his prediction was.

on 12 October 2014

I don't agree with the sales. I agree with the rest.

on 14 October 2014

Hey Metalheadgamer! Nice to see you. I know I have been missed & I will make up for my absence for most of this year when I come back in full.

I think it's a combination of people agreeing with me & also people scared that I am right.

The hate towards Nintendo comes from the simple fact that people know they're the strongest force.
It's resentment. They can't conquer this one & it frustrates them.
That resentment & frustration comes from the 3rd party developers/publishers in rebellion against Nintendo then filters into the general gaming public.
The public apes the attitudes of the bitter spiteful 3rd parties trying to wrest control of the industry from the one who MADE this industry 30 years ago out of the ashes of the 1983 Crash.

So when I underline how dominant Nintendo is, how resilient Nintendo is, & how all the traits Nintendo is known for will ultimately give them the final word...
...people under the steady drumbeat of spiteful 3rd party propaganda get mad.
They have been thoroughly convinced through decades of gaming media distortions that Nintendo is on its way out, that it's past its prime, that it's time is up.

They keep waiting for the other shoe to drop since Sega had to pack it in with the Dreamcast 13 years ago.
Nintendo was supposed to fall right after them so the 3rd party can rule this business outright...
...and then That Didn't Happen...
...and then It's STILL Not Happening.

Anytime you show this truth of what Nintendo is, you get the backlash from those who have fed the false picture.
It doesn't matter how many facts you show historical or current, certain gamers have been convinced that Nintendo is Done.
And if Nintendo is FAR FROM Done in Reality, what does that do to the people who believed in the Falsity?
5 Stages of Grief I guess.
Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.
It's hard to lose a false worldview you built your life around.

Nintendo UNIFIES the business in the 8th Generation.
And there's nothing the rebellious 3rd parties & their believers can do about it.
Right now I will receive the Laughter of Denial mixed with the Fury of Anger.
As the generation goes on, I will receive more Furious Anger along with the Whys of Barganing.
Towards the end I will receive the Tears of Depression along with the Whys of Bargaining.
Who knows if I'll ever get the Serenity of Acceptance from them?

on 03 November 2014

"I will make up for my absence for most of this year when I come back in full."

LOL Believe that when I see it. You're never gonna come back to posting because WiiU is never gonna beat XB1 and PS4 :P

on 05 November 2014

< spurgeonryan posted something on johnlucas's wall:

Are you doctre81?

No I am not. I like his channel though.

on 04 September 2014

You have some real funny videos on there!

on 06 September 2014

< Nintentacle posted something on johnlucas's wall:

Well, if you ever come back, at least admit your prediction of 240 million will come true.

Sure, the Wii U still has a chance at boosting sales past PS4 permanently, but 240 million?

I don't deviate from my predictions. I predicted UNITY under Nintendo & that's exactly what's gonna happen. If my short-term numbers are off, so be it. It's the long-term I'm concerned about. Keep your eye on Japan. Nintendo is locking down that market as we speak. And Japan is the Capital of the gaming world (since 1985). Whoever wins Japan, wins the world.

on 04 September 2014

Locking it down one 8k per week xD where did you go??? You said you wouldn't leave if you were wrong ;-)

on 04 September 2014

Can you at least admit it won't get to 240 million, then? That is just impossible.

on 05 September 2014

I said 240 million & I meant it. I said Wii U will be the leader of the 8th generation & I meant it. I said Nintendo would bring UNITY to the gaming world through Wii U & I meant it. I'm not a fickle person. I make the call & withstand the criticism. I wait for the final picture to develop even if it takes YEARS. My UNITY call was not a short-term call. I don't care if I'm the ONLY one who stands by it. When the dust has settled I will be right & I will receive the respect that comes from not changing my stance.

on 12 September 2014

If it was a long-tern thing, why did you say it would get to 12 million at the end of 2013? That was close to 4 times the lifetime sales at the time!

In other words, I really wouldn't consider "long-term" as the same thing as one year of bad sales, and then suddenly start selling amazingly until it ends at 240 million.

I just don't understand why you won't admit you were wrong. Year by year It's going to be like this:

2013 - It's at 3 million, it will be at 12 million at the end of the year.

2014 - It's at 7 million, it will be at 30 million by the end of the year.

2015 - It's at 12 million (Just a guess for August 2015), it will be at 60 million by the end of the year.

So, what are you going to do if I'm right about 2015? Are you going to say "In 3-4 years, Wii U will multiply It's sales by 20"?

To finish this off, you should be able to see that 240 million is crazy. You're stubbornness on this subject is almost as bad as if a Musim said "Jesus isn't the way" even after they're thrown into Hell for not believing in him.

Besides, you should be glad that not everyone like the Wii U... "for that which is highly esteemed among men, is abomination in the sight of God."

on 15 September 2014

Why did I say 12 million at the end of 2013? Because that's what I saw. Maybe I underestimated the hype vacuum caused by both the PS4's & XBO's launches. So all that did was alter the timing. It threw off my short-term calls but it did not throw off my long-term call that Nintendo will own the 8th gen when it's all said & done.

When I said Wii U is on the same trajectory as the 3DS, that's exactly what I meant.
The release strategies are exactly the same.
Mobile was supposed to kill the handheld console 3 years ago & yet it's still here as you see from the 3DS.
PS4 & XBO are supposed to kill Wii U but you will find out how equally wrong that statement is too.

Remember this Nintentacle:
The Strongest Console NEVER wins.
Your most recent example is shown in the 3DS vs. Vita contest.
Vita's done for only 2 years in while 3DS is still going strong.

Wii U has all the weapons to win this race. And before long Wii U will WOW U in how it takes over the 8th gen piece by piece.

Crytek is already conceding that it's getting harder to wow players with graphics.
All they had to do is listen to Iwata: "The time when horsepower alone made an important difference is over."
Iwata warned 'em 10 years ago at E3 2004.
8th gen separates the boys from the men.
8th gen separates the pretenders from the gamemakers.
And who's the best gamemaker in the business?
Nintendo, that's who.

on 06 October 2014

Nearly 2 years in and WiiU is still not at 10m (or even 8m) yet you stillt hink someone it's going to be doing 40m a year. Something the DS never even managed. You won't be right. There is zero logic in your predictions and the fact is you just can't admit you're wrong. And you won't admit it at the end of the gen when you're wrong either.

"strongest console never wins" guess what, this time it will. There isn't some mythical reason why strongest consoles have no won in the past each generation is unique.

You really still think "hardcore" or even general games buy XB1 and PS4 for the graphics don't you? It's so much more than that, and just a fraction of why people are picking those systems over WiiU.

XB1 will overtake WiiU this holiday, and PS4 will be more than double it.

on 10 October 2014

What I'm thinking about the most is; "I'll have PLENTY of time to discuss the events on vgcharts & in the industry this time." Seems like something came up. John; you are quite simply pathologically unable to admit fault. Missing by inches is fine but this is all miles off; the charts and companies have acted more or less exactly like I said they would this year despite my lack of insight and failure to the the "truth". If you're not going to own up to your statements; quit making them.

on 10 October 2014

Well well, it looks like it's time to finish up that long-awaited post. Sorry I kept you all waiting.
I have been missed, I can see that.

Seece, the strongest console NEVER wins.
That hasn't changed in the 42 years the videogame industry has existed & it won't change now.
Nintendo forced Sony & Microsoft into this current situation. They poisoned the waters. They planned this & now it's time to execute the plan.

Endless remasters of last year's games, overhyped disappointments, cross-gen tepidness, ridiculous game droughts.
Nintendo knew this was gonna happen. That's why they risked the early launch & short-term losses.
Sony was trying to recoup the massive money they lost from PS3 & PSP by hanging on to 7th gen.
Microsoft was foolish enough to think they ran Nintendo off of 7th gen & that they owned the gen.

I see it more clearly now than I did even last year.
There was a REASON why Nintendo withdrew the Wii in 2011 at the height of its power. And I see it more & more clearly as time goes on.

Miyamoto said in 2006 "It's like having ferocious dinosaurs. They might fight and hasten their own extinction."
It is fitting that the name of the game that owns the holidays of 2014 is called SMASH.
The competition is not ready for the 8th gen & it's proven. Now is the time to SMASH them.

on 11 October 2014

And to Mummelmann. Paying my bills is much more important than typing in a forum.
I do this forum thing in my spare time.
Luckily for you, my spare time is freeing up a little bit so you'll get another chance to mix it up with me here again.
I got one massively delayed post from February to make & I better get it out before real life intrudes on my spare time again.

on 11 October 2014

"my spare time is freeing up a little bit so you'll get another chance to mix it up with me here again." uh huh, we've heard that before.

As for the post directed at me, it's all just hot air. Nintendo didn't withdraw Wii in 2011, it just started its natural decline as casuals lost interest. Despite ports, cross gen games, and disappointments ect, why don't you take a lookey at this months (Septembers) NPD and watch PS4/XB1 outsell WiiU by at a factor of x4 - X8.

The WiiU still does not appeal to casuals or core gamers, and that isn't changing (and won't change).

on 11 October 2014

You can't even talk about why nothing has happened yet for WiiU, at this point in time it should be seeing a change but it isn't, sales are still very low.

on 11 October 2014

Seece, Nintendo withdrew the Wii while the other guys were playing catchup to Wii with Move & Kinect.
Just as soon as they started putting these Wii-imitations, Nintendo withdrew the promotion of Wii.

You got a short memory there. All Nintendo did in the holidays of 2010 was paint the console red. That alone stopped the 360 & PS3 that year. If they painted Wii gold in 2011 they would have beat 'em again.

"The casuals moved on". First of all that term 'casual' means nothing but let me argue in your framework just for kicks.
In the holidays of 2013 the WII version of Just Dance 2014 outsold ALL OTHERS on the charts & was prominent in the top 10 during the holiday season.
Not the Wii U version, the *WII* version.
Definitely not the PS3 version or the 360 version.
If "the casuals" moved on why did that happen?
It shows that Wii was de-promoted prematurely.
There was still life in the console & many were not ready to move on & STILL are not ready to move on even now. I was one of them as I stated in my UNITY post.

There was no reason for Nintendo to chop the Wii up like they did in 2011 with those rapidfire price cuts & Wii Family Edition *UNLESS* they were TRYING to end the console's life.
They wanted Wii out of the way so it would not interfere with Wii U.
I think they should have done this less abruptly & that's my only point of contention.
That's why I say they bungled the transition between Wii & Wii U in my UNITY post.

But Nintendo was more focused on short-circuiting Apple's & Google's encroachment on their handheld market & forcing Sony & Microsoft into making a mistake as the two hastily transitioned to the 8th gen.
They were willing to take the risk even at cost to themselves.

I would tell you more about Nintendo's strategy but you'll just have to wait for my upcoming posts.

on 11 October 2014

You must have a busy life; you're talking to a guy who has worked, in effect, a 150% position since April. I still find time to slack off, play games and post a little in here as well. You were dead wrong on all accounts and fled, don't think for a second that anyone doesn't understand that much.
I bet you'll be banging the same drum this time next year as well, ever waiting for a divine sales increase.

If you think I have any intention of getting into 25.000 word posts with you again even after you have failed in a spectacular fashion yet again; you'll be sorely disappointed. There is no reasoning with you and even though I have some spare time; I have a hundred things I'd much rather do than spend my time hammering out words to someone with zero interest in anything but himself and his own, ridiculous views.

on 11 October 2014

Mummelmann, you'll be right there in that thread just like you're right here on my wall jawjacking to me now.
Your priorities are different than my priorities.
Posting here must be very important to you.
I simply didn't have the time.

When I resume my posting here, I look forward to seeing you try to debate me.
Nintendo will win this fight & remember you heard from me first.

on 12 October 2014

The only way Nintendo's gonna win is with Illuminati crap.

on 12 October 2014


on 21 November 2014

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