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padib said:

Hello friends.

With all the announcements heard today, there is no longer a shadow of a doubt that Nintendo will be highly successful in gen 9.

The greatest wildcards so far were:

  • How will Nintendo merge its portable and home console software so as to avoid having to ensure momentum on two platforms?

This is now resolved with the merged API and OS for Nintendo's upcoming console platforms.

  • How will Nintendo contend with competition from the mobile industry?

Nintendo has revealed that they are already prepping mobile platform starter introductions to their current and new consoles, as well as entering into a whole new business (Quality of Life).


With that covered, here is how gen 9 will play out for Nintendo:

  • With R&D expenses unified under one cohesive system of platforms, Nintendo greatly saves on R&D costs and time to market for both platforms.
  • Nintendo games will be sufficient to support the twin systems as of launch, allowing Nintendo to find comfortable momentum from start to finish.
  • Transitions to gen 10 platforms will no longer require two transitions to 2 consoles, the same unified transition will be much better supported by software and community base (unified community base).
  • Nintendo will increase its audience by means of its new QoT business, increasing awareness of its brands and products/services in both businesses.
  • 3rd parties become accessory to Nintendo and the Nintendo dream at last comes true.

Thank you for dreaming, and luckily: we win.

Everybody's always looking for the "Next-Gen".
Generation 8 has just begun & it is THAT what we need to deal with right now.

Generation 8 is NOT lost for Nintendo & all Generation 9 will be is the Aftermath of what Nintendo accomplishes in this generation, Generation 8.

There's a REASON why the rumored name is called Fusion.
What is Fusion if it is not the result of a Unity?

Wii U leads to that Fusion.

Think about how much the Wii U Gamepad almost seems like a portable in itself.
But don't put your cart before the horse.
There's much more pioneering to do with Wii U.

3rd parties UNITE with Nintendo in Generation 8 before they are automatically accessory to Nintendo in Generation 9.
John Lucas

Words from the Official VGChartz Idiot