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< mjk45 posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

finally got around to beating Ganon , I was running around completing upgrades that I didn't really need and ended up way op for what was a relatively easy fight.


22 hours ago


22 hours ago

I went to him after about the 6th hour. Obviously could not beat him though. Yesterday I was lost in the desert for nearly 5 hours.

22 hours ago

5 hours why not travel to the nearest point and start again?

21 hours ago

Well less lost and just trying to see everything in it.

Do you think with later updates they will add to the size of the world?

Would be cool if we could take down the barriers and make it a small world.

2 hours ago

< mjk45 posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

Is this progressive mod naming devised to torment you ? maybe it's time to call up amnesty international.

< mjk45 posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

Did you end up completing botw?.

Three shrines to go, eight sidequests, 50% map completion,

on 18 March 2017

your getting there ,how about the 900 seeds what number there?

on 18 March 2017

map completion how are you calculating that .

on 19 March 2017

After you've beat Ganon, a completion percentage is displayed on the map screen. I think it only counts names of places, plus koroks.

80% map completion now, but I've used a guide since I've hit 52% and 350 koroks.

on 21 March 2017

wow , I'm lazy in comparison, beat the 4 dungeons , 144 korok's still have 39 shrines to find and have been putting of fighting Ganon for to long.

on 21 March 2017

< Hynad posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

So, will you write a biased review for Breath of the Wild?

Not sure.

on 13 March 2017

Why not?

on 15 March 2017

< mjk45 posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

So how are going with Zelda ?, I'm pretty slow only just finished my first dungeon, and only 20 odd shrines .

forgot to ask what order did you do the dungeons?.

on 10 March 2017

I beat Ganon yesterday.

The order I played the dungeons in is Zora, Gerudo, Orni (I think they are called Rito in English?), Goron. It looks like the game's chronological order is Orni, Zora, Goron, Gerudo which makes sense considering that I felt that Orni was the easiest and Gerudo the hardest, and Goron felt harder than Zora.

on 10 March 2017

finished zora so ,looking at your description I will do Orni next , now you beat ganon are you still playing?

on 10 March 2017

I am trying to find the remaining shrines and sidequests. Not sure how much I'll bother with the Koroks.

on 11 March 2017

so how would you rate the experience?

on 11 March 2017

Very highly. 100% completion will probably be tedious, unless there's a way to add Koroks to the Shiekah sensor.

on 11 March 2017

Yeah korok's can be any where, under rocks , in wall puzzles etc and might mean a lot of back tracking not sure if it's worth it.

on 11 March 2017

Looking around everywhere could lead me to find better stuff that I missed. Still need 15 shrines and about the same number of sidequests.

on 11 March 2017

Do you think that you might do a future replay? if so that might be the opportune time to find them all if you don't this time round.

on 11 March 2017

Of course I'll replay this. There are plenty of ways to shake things up on another playthrough.

on 11 March 2017

If you want theres an interactive map with korok locations at zelda dungeon net

on 12 March 2017

I might turn to that if I can't find any new ones anymore. But it's going to take a while until I'll get to that point.

on 12 March 2017

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