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< SmokedHostage posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

I'm around, mostly lurking while off this account. Being active just makes me feel awkward when I'm skipping this generation.

It's really been a while for you. You can respond to wall posts the way I did and the other guy still gets a notification.

Priscilla FTW!

2 days ago

I'm now tempted to play FE7. Thank you for that.

2 days ago

It's on Wii U's Virtual Console. You can create a quick save to make the whole "go to chapter 19XX on Hector's story" thing much easier.

2 days ago

< mZuzek posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

Look, I know my country knocked yours out of the World Cup, but I believe we're all through that since it's already been several months.

I believe your support in the Newcomer of the Year thread is evidence of this - and it's not as if you were just repaying me for voting you on the Greatest User Tournament as I didn't even do that.

Well that wasn't the best point I ever made. But seriously? With an avatar like that you can't possibly deny friend requests. It's just wrong.

However, that horrible formatting would have been a good reason to.

2 days ago

I rarely deny friend requests, so don't think that this means much.

2 days ago

I don't. I wouldn't deny a friend request from a German even though I am hurt to this day.

2 days ago

You shouldn't feel hurt. Germany showed mercy, something that they didn't do for Brazil.

Well, actually they did, but you know what I mean.

2 days ago

I'd rather believe our strikers showed mercy with the vast catalog of horrifying shots at display.

But as a resident in Brazil I gotta say that semi-final was quite memorable.

2 days ago

Memorable for the wrong reasons. A real shame that Brazil gave themselves up after the 0-2. It's still hard to believe that they really did that.

2 days ago

Well I know the Brazilian mentality up close and it didn't surprise me. I remember when they were losing 2-1 in the quarter-finals in 2010 and with a couple of minutes on the clock everyone around me had already lost belief. And yet I still thought there was hope when the Germans were leading us 3-0...

And now I just had a moment to remember how we were eliminated by the Germans in every World Cup I have watched. It just gets more horrible each time.

2 days ago

Well, Germany is THE tournament team on the planet. The only nation they really have to fear is Italy.

2 days ago

I think it's been a while since Italy had any reason to be feared.

2 days ago

Italy knocked out Germany in Euro 2012. The only nation that Germany has a worse track record against in tournaments is... Germany.

No joke, I think it was in 1974 that West Germany played against East Germany in the group stage and lost. West Germany went on to win the World Cup, but they've lost their only tournament match against their neighbors.

2 days ago

I wonder how the hell they haven't won more World Cups, but I guess they'll still probably have more than Brazil in some time.

I was going to moan about our couple of final defeats to them but I believe it must feel a lot worse to have never won it despite getting to 3 finals.

2 days ago

Yes, coming close a few times, but never being on top is certainly disappointing.

By the way, you know that I am not Dutch, right?

2 days ago

I was wondering about that. I remembered you supporting Netherlands during the World Cup but then your profile said you're from Austria, so...

2 days ago's only natural that I don't support my own country, yes.

2 days ago

Can't argue with that.

2 days ago

But it's looking surprisingly good for Euro 2016. The tournament mode was changed to 24 teams (up from 16), so it's going to be easier to qualify (top two of each group are in, third ranked teams play a playoff round). So far, 10 points from 4 games and 4 points ahead of second place in the group. Beat Russia and Montenegro, draw against Sweden (all games at home). These three are the real competition, but it's obviously going to get tougher on the road this year. The other two teams in this group of six are just there to improve the scoreboard for the favorites.

Austria hasn't successfully qualified for a tournament since the World Cup in 1998. We were co-hosts of Euro 2008 though.

2 days ago

Well if deep inside you do care a bit about your national team then I'll be wishing you good luck on the qualification!

2 days ago

< pearljammer posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

The likeness of our avatars is uncanny

We have good taste.

4 days ago

< OfficerRaichu15 posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

If you dont want to uh get notifications then cant you delete it?

Deleting such a PM doesn't solve the problem because the PM will appear again the next time someone sends a reply.

6 days ago

makes sense :P
I deleted it and wasnt gonna post on it :P

6 days ago

Also, there are some loonies who have chosen to receive an e-mail notification whenever they get a PM on VGC. So your mass-PM has already dropped about a dozen of e-mail notifications into the inboxes of their mail accounts.

6 days ago

oh..............shit I screwed up big time didnt I XD

6 days ago

Eh, people who get e-mail notifications are a tiny minority, so if you are lucky, then nobody in your mass-PM has chosen that setting. Besides, my reply in the PM should have already put an end to the possible damage that could have been done.

6 days ago

rol is saving the day again :)

6 days ago

First and foremost it was about saving my own sanity, but it doesn't hurt if others benefit too.

6 days ago

well at least your sanity is saved :-D

6 days ago

< noname2200 posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

Did you/are you buying Monster Hunter 4? Trying to pick between that and Majora's Mask...

Nope, I can't stand MH. Right after I had beaten all monsters in Tri (in summer 2010), I quit and never returned. Playing the demo of MH3 Ultimate on Wii U only confirmed how good of a decision that was.

6 days ago

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Definition of a 'Gen' in Gaming and The Anomaly of Gen 2

in Gaming Discussion 3 minutes ago

Definition of a gen is time of release. Based on that, 2A and 2B should indeed be two separate generations. I think they ended up getting lumped together because 2B never got a real foothold, died off quickly and people (in the video game industry) would rather not talk about it....

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Why Do People Say WiiU and Vita Are Dead? Both Are Doing Extremely Well For What They Are.

in Gaming Discussion 17 minutes ago

tbone51 said: RolStoppable said:That's the logic of someone who is butthurt because they feel it's false to like something that is a failure. Why Rol... Why? I never said they weren't failures, just not "DEAD" Jezussssss!!!! >_< That response... your poor butt....

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A Zelda Challenge for you

in Nintendo Discussion 18 minutes ago

And? Just because something hasn't been formally introduced doesn't mean that it didn't exist. Besides, Zelda 2 is a direct sequel to the first game....


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