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< noname2200 posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

Remember when folks were cracking on Iwata for saying that the mobile market was not good for anyone? I look forward to seeing that narrative change, albeit without conceding that Iwata had been right...

What made this relevant now?

1 day ago

Apple's starting to try to get developers to increase their game prices, but is finding a shocking amount of resistance from consumers.

1 day ago

< Hynad posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

This post cracked me up!

< padib posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

I'm waiting for an update on this

So, was Phil right or not right?

It looks like Phil was not right.

For Japan, he definitely wasn't; the Wii U is back to sub-10k weeks. For America, there was more of a boost, but we can expect a few sub-100k months for the second half of this year. For Europe, we don't know for sure, but it's not looking good when we consider the software charts of the bigger countries.

The goal was to reach a baseline above GC trends, because in order to beat the GC lifetime total, the Wii U has some serious catching up to do. However, the Wii U did not achieve this goal and the next big title (Super Smash Bros.) is several months away.

2 days ago

Our understanding was not that MK8 would make the U rise above GC levels, our understanding was that games make the difference, and not dual analogues. MK8 is proof of that. Not only that, but your use of JPN and EU as counterpoints is reaching:

NA is much greater in marketshare than JPN, and EU is a general unknown.

2 days ago

In the end it's all about sales and Mario Kart 8 ultimately didn't change anything. This is one of the biggest games the console will ever have and it still won't do much. When even games that should sell hardware only generate blips on the radar, then it's time to consider that the hardware itself might be the biggest problem.

The only thing that Mario Kart 8 proves is that there won't be any combination of games that will lift the Wii U above GC lifetime sales. And no, bringing up Japan and Europe is not reaching, because both combined are bigger than North America. You can't just dismiss more than half of the established video game market because you don't like how the Wii U sells there.

You know what Nintendo's games prove? That their developers don't need a dual analog controller. So why undermine a console's success by shipping it with such a controller, especially when it was correctly identified as one of the problems of the badly selling GC? If software is designed with accessibility in mind, then the hardware should be as well.

Not that the dual analog standard is the Wii U's only problem, but it is the most visible one.

2 days ago

According to VGChartz the European WiiU baseline is almost twice as high now as it was before MK8 launched (20k vs 10k). The global trend is now also double what is was before the MK8 launch (60k vs 30k). In both cases there is a significant lift to the baseline trend, not just a "blip" as you put it. So MK8 did change a _lot_. I am not ignoring Europe at all, I said that you using Europe as an argument is reaching because Europe numbers on vgchartz are guesstimates. We have no reference numbers to compare with, in contrast with NPD for NA.

MK8 does in no way prove that the U will never surpass the GC lifetime sales because it is not the only game that can push sales. The console has yet to receive a proper Zelda game (Zelda U), and Smash is about to release. What MK8 shows is that 1 game can cause an important boost, what then if a few key console sellers are released?? My understanding is that they will, in synergy, create a significant boost for the U. The first test has already passed, MK8 caused a significant boost for the U in one certain region, that is NA.

The dual analogue are an option among many options (stylus, touch, motion controls), they are not hindering anything so why are you so adamant that they remove them? Nintendo games can play with or without analogue sticks, this is what the Nintendo legacy proves. So there is no need to remove them at all, so long as they don't stiffle the use of other input methods. That's what the U has been doing pretty well, a combination of a few control inputs for a few various games.

2 days ago

< spurgeonryan posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

I am sure you are still against third party games, but did you buy any other Wii U games that are not listed on your chart in the Wii U pact thread?

NES Remix 2 was in April?

Yes, NES Remix 2 was in April. Since then I also got Mario Kart 8, The Wind Waker HD (free), Flowerworks (bad, bad, bad) and Mega Man 6.

3 days ago

Wow. Never heard of Flowerworks. Alright. Thanks!

3 days ago

< Smeags posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

Nice post. :P

nice wall post.

@ Rol

Welcome back.

4 days ago

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Apple frustrated with "mentality" in mobile market

in Mobile Discussion 1 day ago

Hardly surprising when there is no first party to set standards, quality control is basically non-existent and ratings are being manipulated by game makers. This is an environment where spending $2 is already a risk for the consumer....

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I've come to the realization that most first party Nintendo games suck.

in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

S.Peelman said: Obviously Nintendo's games aren't for everybody. I agree you have to be picky though like with any other publisher around even if you're primarily in their camp. I usually have the feeling with others, the games just aren't [i]'there'[/i]. WIth a few exceptions though of course. We just live in mediocre times. Still, with all the warning signs I just refuse to believe...

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How much do handheld games cost to develop?

in Gaming Discussion 2 days ago

Between $1-3m for mid to high production values. Of course it's possible to go higher, but that range is commonly used to (slightly) profit from unit sales of 100-300k after a marketing budget is added....


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