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< noname2200 posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

So...NEW 3DS. I have to wonder why. What am I overlooking?

What do you mean? You don't like it?

9 hours ago

I don't dislike it, I just don't really see the point. I see it more DSi than GBC, and the latter really only made sense because the hardware was nearly a decade old at that point.

Plus, the name is kinda dorky.

9 hours ago

DSi is a pretty good comparison. I think that's what Nintendo was actually going for.

Anyhow, this update was necessary for Japan. They've literally had no new 3DS re-designs since the XL, and it shows. For NA and Europe though, it does seem kind of weird. Especially the customizable part. Those poppy and super colorful shell designs most likely won't work very well over here. A better selling point would be much better battery life, not "approximately" .5 hours more. That's wimpy and pathetic.

And the name is dorky, but it might work. People are stupid and "NEW" might make them realize that, well, it's new. Also, Apple did it with the iPad so it can't be all bad, right? Right?!

9 hours ago

Heh, we're long past the days when Apple was infallible. But points taken, especially regarding Japan (didn't they get the 2DS yet?).

As an aside, what's this about new Mario Kart DLC? Zelda in Mario Kart!?

9 hours ago

I guess you missed the recent Miyamoto interview in Edge. Nintendo is now about catering to their most passionate consumers, so they'll make them buy another 3DS to play a port of Xenoblade Chronicles.

And yes, Link is going to be in Mario Kart, as well as characters/elements from F-Zero, Excitebike and Animal Crossing. They have to sell the Amiibos, so the more games support those figurines, the more perceived value they can have.

7 hours ago

I did miss the interview, yes. What little online time I had went to mafia: glad that's over with. It looks like the past week was somewhat eventful!

6 hours ago

Yeah, it was eventful. I got banned.

6 hours ago

Smeags told me. He seemed very pleased. :-D

6 hours ago

I really should report him to Conegamer. Gloating about somebody's ban is against the rules.

6 hours ago

I looked at the setup of the Mafia game. That was really skewed in the scum's favor. Daytalk alone almost guarantees a mafia win, because the town play is pretty poor. Plus putting Pent and Louise on different teams as neighbors, that's really malicious.

3 hours ago

You're right to a degree, but the setup did cut both ways.

The bodyguard/doctor combo was potentially very problematic, AND the bodyguard informs the target of the attempted kill (effectively clearing the target); having a cop who can (and did) become bulletproof should have proved much more troublesome than it actually did; there were two vigilantes, one of whom is effectively clearing himself upon acting regardless of the victim's flip; and a Mayor who likewise is highly unlikely to be scum once he's used his power.

Town made a lot of errors, some of which we pushed them towards, some of which were entirely unforced, but at the end of the day the setup wasn't nearly as unbalanced towards either side as the scoreboard would suggest.

It was also a blast. I don't have time to play in the future, but WoW's games are historically some of the most fun, and I recommend joining the next one if possible.

3 hours ago

Daytalk was key though. I think we used it several times to help my team not panic, which got them out of more than one jam. Daytalking as a Mason also helped a lot, because without that I firmly believe one of the scum would have been killed by the town instead of the Doctor, followed by a lynch of the cop.

3 hours ago

Mayor and vigilantes are double-edged swords. In theory they can hurt the mafia pretty badly, but more often than not town hurts itself. Mafia had a roleblocker and that other thing where you target an important town player and retrieve the names of those who target him. That wouldn't be so favorable if the setup wasn't skewed in the mafia's favor. Based on your own characters and roles you can figure that names and roles are related, so the doctor can be found quickly. Things would have been different if town roles would have been Louise-like, throwing the common assumption off.

But that's the usual story: The mafiosi say how they could have been screwed easily, but that usually requires town to get lucky during the first two Day and Night phases. Throw in daytalk and town needs even more luck. If the scum makes it past Night 2 without one of them going down, then they usually have a good chance to push the game to LYLO for Day 4. At that stage town has to be perfect while potentially still being in the dark for the most part.

2 hours ago

You're thinking of the Watcher.

In any case, I think the balance was fine. Besides, other than Daytalk and the Mason link we got roughly zero results from any of the night powers. At the end of the day the town largely played poorly: we just kept the team calm, planted a few seeds early, reaped the fruits later, and waited out a victory.

2 hours ago

Yeah, whatever. I guess the role distribution was quite balanced, but it's the daytalk that I despise. Like you said, it allows the mafia to give each other advice. The game would play out a lot differently if someone panics and his scumbuddies can only watch how he digs himself a deeper hole.

Considering the track record of VGC Mafia's town play, daytalk for scum should not be allowed, period. Town has about a 10% win rate when it is allowed. And of the losses, most of them are devastating.

2 hours ago

That I can agree with. Without scum daytalk, nickle and khan would almost certainly have been lynched, and fairly early at that. The game would have gone very, very differently. And without mason daytalk, I think khan gets vigilant'd instead of cone, which means sparks doesn't get lynched and suddenly we're in a deep hole.

2 hours ago

< Squeezol posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

You're gonna catch up on profile views. :(

< MohammadBadir posted something on RolStoppable's wall:


Exactly 39k posts though!

< spurgeonryan posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

He has done this before. I thought we could if we are cool about it? Or maybe I am just very forgiving... :(

" He has done this before".. That doesn't make it OK, though.. ;)

3 days ago

< kirby007 posted something on RolStoppable's wall:


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