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< Volterra_90 posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

Have you tried to farm all the outfits in Odyssey? How long did it take you, and is it a better way to farm coins that the clouds level from Bowser Kingdom? I... might do it but just the thought of doing it is painful xD.

It took two hours and I don't know of a better way than the clouds. Cut the grinding into smaller pieces of 30 minutes max and divide it across a few days. It's quite manageable.

2 days ago

< Veknoid_Outcast posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

In your review of F-Zero X on WiiU you mentioned inferior analog stick controls. Does that extend to other N64 games on the WiiU virtual console?

Only have Donkey Kong 64. That game has lag, but the game is very slow, so it doesn't hurt that much.

on 08 November 2017

OK thanks. Would you say, in general, N64 games play better on Wii than WiiU?

on 13 November 2017

I forgot that I also have Wave Race 64 on Wii U and that game controls fine, meaning no distinguishable dropoff compared to the N64 controller. F-Zero X is a very special case because there's really no other game that depends so heavily on accurate analog controls.

I have hardly any N64 games on Wii. Didn't have controller problems with either Star Fox 64 or Sin & Punishment.

I have none of the games on both Wii and Wii U, so I can't really compare. What I can say is that Donkey Kong 64 comes across as an outlier with its lag.

on 13 November 2017

Thanks, Rol. Very helpful :)

on 13 November 2017

< Cerebralbore101 posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

Found your new avatar today.

Damn, people are cosplaying as Rol now.

on 29 October 2017

< TalonMan posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

...well - I think I've made you suffer enough.

No - we did NOT make Kirby a Moderator. I was screwing with you, which is ALWAYS fun! Hell - I even went the distance to moderate you and make it look like Kirby did it! Give me credit for effort and creativity!! ;)

I would have believed it if the PM and moderation history lined up. They didn't, so I figured that you adjusted the code. Nevermind that the four PMs for moderations only resulted in a single entry in the my moderation history.

on 22 October 2017

i got a proper solution

on 22 October 2017

Well actually, they would have lined up PERFECTLY had the database (and website) not turned to shit, just as I was doing this.

The moderation PM was generating, but the entry into the mod report was getting screwed up and not inserting the way it was supposed to. Had I known the PMs were generating the whole time, I would have stopped after the first one!!! :(

on 22 October 2017

just do it again ill fix those 4 pms

on 22 October 2017

Admit it - you were pissed!!! LOL!!!

on 22 October 2017

TalonMan, I don't think you know about all the things that were done to me on this website. Your prank was like a rain drop on the helmet of an NFL player.

on 22 October 2017

Rain drop on a helmet, eh???

Yeah - but nobody has gotten down and dirty with the code, have they???

on 22 October 2017

You didn't even ban me, so most people here are unaware of what happened.

on 22 October 2017

Well - I didn't want to be THAT cruel... like that 'Reupel' banner - don't you? Makes you feel special???

on 22 October 2017

It makes me feel very special.

on 22 October 2017

How about now? Still feel special? LOL!! :P

on 22 October 2017

Well, I know that you don't have the guts to stick with it for more than a few minutes.

on 22 October 2017

Ha! Ha!!! You don't think so???

I have no problem leaving it like this for WEEKS!!!

on 22 October 2017

You don't even believe that yourself.

on 22 October 2017

its not like there is anyone else who can fix it

on 22 October 2017

Say "Uncle!" and I'll take it down... :P

on 22 October 2017

Lol, this wall is more interesting than the forums currently.

on 05 November 2017

< TalonMan posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

Don't worry, Rol - I still love you... LOL!! :P

Four PMs with moderations, really?

on 22 October 2017

Four PMs?? Not sure what that's about - the site has been CRAZY since whatever updates were done on the backend... :(

on 22 October 2017

Only one of them looks like a duplicate. That still leaves three others.

on 22 October 2017

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Global Hardware Sales 7 October 2017

in Latest Charts 11 minutes ago

AngryLittleAlchemist said: Japan, dafuq? Does anyone know how an average Nintendo handheld(like a GBA) sells in Europe in comparison to an average PS console? According to what's listed on VGC: PS1 - 36.91mPS2 - 55.28mPS3 - 34.55mPS4 - 26.07m, still going GB+GBC - 40.05mGBA - 21.31mDS - 52.07m3DS - 18.81m, still going Important points: 1. Breadth of game library and amount of...

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Official Nintendo Switch Third Party Society

in Nintendo Discussion 51 minutes ago

The society does not accept any new members from here on out. I want to remain in the top 100 without having to buy third party games....

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The Nintendo Switch is winning because it’s ‘good enough’

in Nintendo Discussion 1 hour ago

Zekkyou said: TheMisterManGuy said: Of course, if the Switch was a stationary home console with the same specs and price, then it would be unacceptable because there's nothing to justify that price. But the portable nature of the Switch means the $300 is justified. What I mean is that the narrative that Nintendo somehow needs the most powerful, or an equally powerful console to...


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