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< RolStoppable My Fantasy Football team is projected to be lousy.
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< RolStoppable updated his status:

My Fantasy Football team is projected to be lousy.

Well you named it "Lousy team" before the draft so it will fulfill your expectations :-P

10 hours ago

You should have showed up for the draft. The draft app had a chat and that was a lot of fun. Noble didn't want to listen to the advice that he should draft Romo.

10 hours ago

I wasn't at home by the time the draft started and I tried to log in on my phone but I couldn't.

Telling someone to pick Tony Romo sounds more like sabotage than an advice.

10 hours ago

< RolStoppable updated his status:

Is there such a thing as too much BasilZero? Yes. Yes, there is.

Why you hatin yo ;(?

2 days ago

Because I am a Ruepel.

2 days ago

You need to use a stronger form of Repel if you dont want me on your wall :O!

2 days ago

Even Google agrees with me ;p

2 days ago

I don't mind you posting on my wall. Means I don't need to hunt for easy prey.

2 days ago

; are such a meanie :(

2 days ago

The correct spelling is Rüpel (VGC wall posts might distort that letter, so it possibly won't display correctly), but I opted for Ruepel because the Ü might either not exist for banners at all or the dots of the letter wouldn't be visible due to the font size. Using the combination UE as a replacement is logical because that's what German crossword puzzles do.

2 days ago idea what you said but okay xD.

2 days ago

Google for the video game "Brutal Legend", the search results will slap dots on the U. That's the easiest way to explain which letter I am talking about.

2 days ago

So like an umlaut? Why didn't you just say that? :p

1 day ago

Because Basil might not know what an Umlaut is.

Also, Ka-pi, great job on selling your 3DS.

1 day ago

Have some faith in the poor chocobo :p

Also, thanks Rol :)

1 day ago

Worst status update ever.

1 day ago

< mjk45 posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

Just checking to see that your the real you and not some banned alt.

Man you are so late.

2 days ago

yep that's me ,no one keeps me in the loop .

2 days ago

< Teeqoz posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

What does Ruepel mean?

A person who has no manners and does not care about others' feelings.

6 days ago

So... a troll basically? :p

6 days ago

I guess you can interpret it that way too.

6 days ago

How did you manage to make it an official flag?

6 days ago

Years of dedication and hard work to earn it.

6 days ago

He did not spell Repel correctly :(

2 days ago

< Roketan posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

Just for the record, i read your wall of text. I just didn't want to continue the discussion cause it's happening in every Media Create (and COMG) thread lately. Also, i was kidding for the last part... or not?

I hope you don't expect that I will believe you.

on 19 August 2016

I don't care really. I never lied to anyone but you won't believe this either.

on 19 August 2016

Of course I won't believe this either. On one occasion in the past you even admitted that you were lying about something to me, so "I never lied to anyone" just doesn't work.

on 19 August 2016

Nope. don't recall saying that. but a lie about a lie is not a lie. it's a bluff.

on 20 August 2016

Random female Fire emblem character versus Female Kerotan! FIIIIGGGGGGHHHHHHTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

2 days ago

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NintenDomination! NA Nintendo eShop sale ends soon! More Nintendo Selects for NA/EU! Pokemon Go finally slowing. New 3DS XL Galaxy design!

in Nintendo Discussion 8 minutes ago

TomaTito said: That surelly was drawn by a kid... ... why is this even being discussed? It's being discussed because it's interesting that there was no mention that Nintendo will not only adapt Sony things, but also adapt the naming of their face buttons to be the same as Microsoft's....

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in Nintendo Discussion 28 minutes ago

Fingers crossed for Picross 3D Round 2. Also, Etrian Odyssey V for Europe, doesn't matter if it's going to be an early 2017 release....

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Attack, claims and wannabe mods vs Reality

in Gaming Discussion 1 hour ago

Also, this thread is more or less a preemptive strike to getting moderated. You know what you've done over the course of the last two weeks, you know that the mod team will now take a look at it because my reposted PM was clear enough. You know you won't get away with absolutely nothing happening this time (other threads merely ended up getting locked), so you decided that you may as well make...


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