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< archbrix posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

Have you been here? Man, that's beautiful looking, especially at night:


No. I've never liked skiing, so such places aren't even on my radar.

on 04 December 2019

That IS beautiful but now let's talk about the real things... you're one of the 13 people who uses Bing archbrix?

on 04 December 2019

Haha, no Trucks, this picture came up as my laptop's lock screen photo.

@Rol, yeah I don't ski either and frankly I'm not a fan of cold weather in general, but it might be worth layering on the thermals to visit this place.

on 13 December 2019

< Pyro as Bill posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

Is your PS5 v XB1,2 v Switch (home console) prediction thread ready yet?

No, because there's too much guessing involved for Sony and Microsoft.

on 25 November 2019

< COKTOE posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

Add me on PSN.

I don't even add people on Switch.

on 25 October 2019

Your loss. I'm just the type you'd like. Boundary respecting to the point of almost-total/total non contact.

on 25 October 2019

< superchunk posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

Hey Rol. Just stopped by to say hi and see if anyone is running a nextgen comparison thread like I used to do. Looks like no one has done so. /sad. Welp, later old-timer.

Activity has dropped sharply on this site. Every now and then I have to make the thread for Japanese weekly sales because nobody else is bothered by the lack of it when the regular thread creator has no time on that day.

on 24 August 2019

What's with the VG$ ? Do you get to buy yourself out of jail?

on 02 September 2019

They are useless.

on 04 September 2019

< MTZehvor posted something on RolStoppable's wall:

Mind if I run the NFL thread again this year, given that you seem to be down on it?

Go ahead and do it.

on 22 August 2019

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VGChartz Gap Charts December 2019 Discussion Thread

in Sales Discussion 52 minutes ago

CGI-Quality said: RolStoppable said: Talking about the probability of something to happen isn't the same thing as making a prediction. Considering that the Xbox One is only ~5m behind the PS4 despite all the fumbles that Microsoft committed, an XSX that is equally priced to the PS5 has a higher chance to beat the PS5 than vice versa. The statement and reasoning are completely...

Write 311

Nintendo Switch in Japan: 2018 vs. 2019 - Final Results

in Nintendo Discussion 59 minutes ago

Coolback said: Yo, 2019 vs 2020 was created ? Nope, that would be redundant work because I've made it a habit to post the year over year comparison in the weekly Famitsu thread. My post is commonly among the first ten posts in the Famitsu thread, so you won't have to scroll long to find the table. A prettier version of the table is part of one of my Google spreadsheets, so...

Write 62

When will Switch pass Wii?

in Sales Discussion 1 hour ago

curl-6 said: RolStoppable said: It's doable if Nintendo wants it, but it isn't necessary. I wonder why you asked that question. Was it about Switch's chances to pass the PS2 in lifetime sales? More just being skeptical of Switch having as long legs as DS. You are confusing the hell out of me. I explained why the DS's legs were cut short. Won't be hard for Switch...


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Favourite Games: Nintendo all the way!

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Favourite Books: Blue Ocean Strategy

Favourite Food: Wiener Schnitzel, Pizza

Hobbies: Video games and epic threads

About Me: I like good games. I don't like bad games.

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