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    Nintendo's best E3 of the 2010s

    in Nintendo Discussion 4 days ago

    curl-6 said: E3 2013 is quite the anamoly; it is the only year not to receive a single vote for either "best" or "worst" so far. In retrospective I think this E3 was actually quite good. It was the first E3 Direct and they showed Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Tropical Freeze, Bayonetta 2, Smash and Xenoblade Chronicles X. Games that were way better than expected. But the damage...

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    Nintendo's worst E3 of the 2010s

    in Nintendo Discussion 4 days ago

    I voted 2012, because this E3 made clear that the new Nintendo console would go in the same direction as the Wii. A console which should fit to everyone and should end up to fit to no one. No exciting games announced and my interest in Nintendo was on the lowest possible point. Mario Kart 8 was an unexpected good game though in 2014. But in 2012... Nintendo was dead for me. ...

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    Rank your favorite Zelda games!

    in Nintendo Discussion 5 days ago

    A Link to the Past Breath of the Wild Twilight Princess Link's Awakening DX (GBC) Minish Cap Four Swords Adventures I've also played the water dungeon of Ocarina of Time, but I can't put that game in a ranking. ...

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    What's the single best game Nintendo has ever created?

    in Nintendo Discussion 5 days ago

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It's just a perfect game. Visuals, gameplay, music, sound fx, everything. A timeless classic. Breath of the Wild has its unique advantages, though. But Zelda III nailed it, especially the soundtrack. ...

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    Nintendo's best E3 of the 2010s

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 October 2019

    mZuzek said: 2014 was the best for me. The Smash stuff was hype, the new Zelda looked amazing (and I for one totally believed it actually was coming in 2015), Splatoon was a great announcement, and it was the first time they did the whole Direct/Treehouse/Tournaments thing and they nailed it. This. We haven't seen any big new IP like Splatoon since then (ARMS is not such a big...

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    DQXI Switch in the West

    in Sales Discussion on 01 October 2019

    I played Dragon Quest VIII on PS2 and had a ton of fun with that game. Much more fun than with Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX and X. I bought DQ XI S for Switch but haven't played it yet. I can't imagine that this game will disappoint me. ...

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    Global Hardware 21st Sept 2019; Switch Lite launch numbers!

    in Latest Charts on 30 September 2019

    BraLoD said: No PS4 price cut is indeed ridiculous by now.Of course, it's still selling well, but it's time to let it sell all if can before next gen kicks in.Next holidays will be all about the PS5, the price cut time is now. I'm still quite sure we will see a PS4 Super Slim before PS5 launch, combined with a price cut. I expected it would be released in September/October this year,...

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    Famitsu Sales: W38, 2019 (Sep 16 - Sep 22) -- Lite Edition

    in Sales Discussion on 24 September 2019

    That are good numbers. Worldwide we should also see 2/3 Switch Lite and 1/3 Standard Switch in Switch Lite launch week. In the upcoming weeks and holiday season I expect a 50/50 ratio and a 300k worldwide baseline from now on. ...

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    Best Nintendo console

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 September 2019

    Of course the SNES, which is the embodiment of the Nintendo seal of quality. You have to search with a magnifying glass to find a real bad game on this console. You can almost choose any title you want and it's mediocre in the worst case. All 2D games aged very well. The analog sound chip was very charismatic, imo better than the one on Sega Genesis and N64. ...

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    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening reviews: Meta 88, OC 88

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 September 2019

    The Game Boy version really needed a remake. I played it a few years ago for the first time on the Game Boy Player for Gamecube but the game really suffered by the limitations of the weak Game Boy hardware (physics + buttons). A Link to the Past is still my favourite Zelda, it's perfect in every kind of view, but Link's Awakening is not bad at all. I liked the combination of items, which was new...

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    Nintendo 2020 predictions

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 September 2019

    We should see Breath of the Wild 2 in September/October next year together with new hardware (Switch Pro) to compete with Sony/MS next gen hardware. There will surely be another yet unannounced big Mario title for holidays next year, maybe Super Mario Sunshine HD, Mario Galaxy 1+2 HD or Odyssey 2. A Splatoon spin-off is also likely to happen during the year. Depending on how good the new motion...

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    Nintendo's New Fit Game (Ring Fit Adventure™)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 September 2019

    JWeinCom said: I could still see this selling 2-3 million, maybe even 5. It'll be a decent seller, but not a megaton. I also see that it can make 1-2 Switch numbers, although the target audience is not clear with this product. Wii Fit gamers are not very interrested in adventure mode, I think. Maybe we see another party game which uses the ring-con. That could be fun. ...

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    What Mario games are more similar to 3D World?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 September 2019

    You have a time counter, so Galaxy/64/Odyssey are no option. You have 3D, orchestral music and multiplayer, so 2D Mario games are no option. In this case it's 3D Land or other. ...

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    SNES Games are LIVE on the Nintendo Switch Online Service

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 September 2019

    I just played Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts on Switch. It was nice, I thought. Then I played Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts on my SNES console and a CRT and thought.... wooooooaaaah! The controls are so direct and precise!!! The same with Super Mario World. In Super Tennis it was hard to even get one ball, although I played the game 50+ hours. I only have 20ms input lag in game mode on my flat TV, but the...

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    New Nintendo Switch Experience (Learn More on September 12)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 September 2019

    Right in the time when I thought that Nintendo has given up on motion controls with Switch Lite and Mario & Sonic Olympics, they surprise me with a new Wii Fit similar game... There's no space in my room for such kind of games. Additionally, I wouldn't play it either. But my uncle still loves his Wii and doesn't like traditional video games playing with a game pad, so I guess there still could...

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    Predict the Next Direct (Summer 2019 Edition)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 September 2019

    I am surprised ^^Hopefully we see more of that untitled goose game which was mentioned in a direct last year ^^ ...

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    What is the Best Beatles Album

    in Music Discussion on 31 August 2019

    I wasn't aware of that my favourite Beatles song "She Loves You" isn't on an album... ...

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    Global Hardware August 17th 2019

    in Latest Charts on 30 August 2019

    DonFerrari said: The strangest part is that although Switch have improved again the total YOY PS4 is not that far behind, after they have already peaked and are on the 6th year. In 3 weeks the Switch will activate war mode with Switch Lite, 2D Zelda, Luigis Mansion and Pokemon coming in November. PS4 won't have a chance YOY, even with Death Stranding. But yes, still impressive...

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    Tell us something we didn't know about you

    in General Discussion on 29 August 2019

    I always wanted to have a younger brother. Thanks Life is Strange 2. Oh, I'm a musician by the way. My debut album will be released next year. ...

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    Predict the Next Direct (Summer 2019 Edition)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 August 2019

    I don't think there's enough stuff Nintendo can talk about after Gamescom and the Indie World Direct. A dedicated Pokemon Direct is very likely at the beginning of October. And then the last direct of the year with a preview of the upcoming titles for the first half of 2020 should come during November. ...

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