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    < BraLoD posted something on estebxx's wall:

    Finished it?

    Literally got the platinum an hour ago XD

    on 11 May 2018

    Nice! Did it last friday xD
    Do you plan to play it more after the platinum?

    on 12 May 2018

    I do want to beat it on GOW dificulty but im just exhausted at this point, i might have played the game far longer than the supposed 40 hours, heck i feel like i might have played it for 80 or more hours thanks to Nifelheim and Muspelheim.

    Getting the blades of Chaos gave me goosebumps it was such an amazing moment, so well done in every way... the music, the pacing, the reveal, the dialogue and it culminates into some epic gameplay full of adrenaline.

    The Stranger fight at the beggining has to be one of the best boss fights and opening acts on any game ever, just absolutely loved it (i fougt him bare handed) and the moment i gave him a full combo and with my last punch i sent him flying only to see him crash agaisnt 3 trees and shatter all of them i knew i was in for a very special ride.

    The Dragon boss was another highlight, the moment it appeared i was so blown away from a graphics and technical perspective that i legit felt i was playing on a PS5 all of a sudden, ("so this is what PS5 is gonna feel like, huh" was my first thought when i saw him on the elevator), and the way you take him down... that entire sequence and how Kratos ends up posing in front of its mouth when it dies, thats gonna be really memorable.

    The game is filled with stuff i could spend time just talking about (like the reveal at the end) but i guess i will cut it short here, and just say that it got robbed because this does deserve that 95 on metacritic and even that 96 it was slowly getting to.

    on 12 May 2018

    I'm asking it because there is something you maybe still did not do, if you think it's ok I'll tel you where to go so you won't know what it is before it happens.
    I don't want you to get spoiled of that.

    on 13 May 2018

    You mean the true ending that you get by going home? Because i got that days ago.

    on 13 May 2018

    Yeah, that.
    How did you know about it?
    Anyway, now that you knoa, that was one of things I wanted in this game, Thor and the Mjolnir.
    Kratos had ice and fire weapons, I was expecting him to take the Mjolnir to be his eletriic one, but it'll be a GoW 5 thing.
    I'm glad they at least shown it, tho, looks beautifil.
    I dunno if you know but Magni and Modi were destined to survive the Ragnarok and inherit the Mjolnir from Thor. Magni was actually supposed to the the strongest (raw power) Aesir ever.
    The Aesir are quite changed in the game personallity wise than they were in the mythology, I've been arguing with a friend about it and we have two theories.
    The first being that they legends were lies manipulated by the Aesir, which the games hints a lot, Odin keeps trying to reshape history to his liking and that makes a lot of sense, as the powerful and victorious are the ones that write the history.


    The second is that the pandora's box effect has reached them and changed them like happened in Greece. We know Kratos got there and maybe Athena too (not clear if was just his mind, even as her appearence was the stony athena she used to incorporate statues instead of her spiritual one, but we know she still existed by the end of 3).

    Be what it is, it's really cool Kratos is reshaping the mythology, he is getting to build a mythology of his own hahaha. Cory also said he has 5 more games planned, and we (me and my friend) expecting it to mean they will also go on the Egyptian mythology as they were really wanting to do it too, and they even showed it exists and has gods in this game too.
    There is a lot to discuss about the game and the series future, a damn lot, this franchise has a really cool power of making me thinking about it and what it can be nonstop when they are to and after they release a new game.
    It was one of the very best games I played in my life, even as beating TLoU on Survivor+ made me rethink if it deserves to be under GoW, both are so powerful, so good, so interesting, so masterly crafted, and so different...

    on 13 May 2018

    Atreus literally tells you to go home when you get the first ending, so thats how i knew.

    So you guys are already theory crafting, well thankfully i did got the platinum for GOW 3 as well so i do know about Pandoras box and what it did to the greek goods, however i do not think for one second that its reach extends to other mythologies, simply because it would complicate things and compromise things far too much, (especially if they keep going to other mythologies).

    The way i see it and the way it seems to be presented is that even though every mithology exists in the world at the same time, they are all encapsulated in their geographical locations, and dont seem to be affected or concerned at all with mithologies that exist in other parts of the world, as to the Aesir being different from the original myth i think that is to be expected (why should they follow the myth 1 to 1?), they are obviously taking their liberties with the mythologi as well, (just look at Loki i think that says it all).

    I never expected the game to be completely accuarate to the real myth, i think when you are writting fiction and you are basing yourself on an already established and known lore (like Norse mythology), you need to give yourself some liberties in order to truly surprise the audience (like the loki reveal) otherwise some people would know what to expect and it wouldnt be as exciting or interesting.

    on 13 May 2018

    That's not it, their personallities are widely different, that's the thing, not that they need to be following the mythos religiously, but why change their personalities, it's likely to do with something they want to on purpose.
    Well, they know about each other existences, Baldur talk to Kratos on he knows on how better them think they are, mimir knows about Zeus, Egypt gods and all that (so do Odin).
    They do not influence each other on purpose but Kratos opening the Pandora's box was out of their expectations, maybe it did affect the Aesir.
    For some reason Odin decided to screw the Valkyries and bring the dead back to Midgard after Kratos moved there... why? Maybe he became corrupted, maybe Kratos getting there changed his Ragnarok profecies and he decided to act.
    The point is, Kratos is there, a Greek god is changing the Norse mythology, they can affect it.

    on 13 May 2018

    Nothing in the game itself ever implies that the gods personalities have changed, you are just taking the real mythos comparing it to the one in the game, seeing the differences and assuming that there must be a reason why they are different (like pandoras box), but the reality of it is that Norse mythology is nowhere near as popular as Greek and most people dont even know who the heck Baldur, Magni or Modi even are, (much less what their personalities are) and that gives Santa Monica all the freedom in the world to do with the characters whatever they want.

    Also i think its very clear that stuff that happens in one mythology doesnt affect the other ones, Kratos opening Pandoras box has no effect on Norse Mythology, and Ragnarok happening will surely not affect Egyptian Mythology.

    Why do i think this? simple really... Kratos while killing all the gods of the Greek pantheon caused all sorts of plagues and disasters that went on to practically destroy all of the Greek civilization, yet in Norse Mytholgy there is no evidence of any of this plagues or disasters (like the giant flood) ever reaching the Norse Mythos, so why the heck should we asssume that the effect of the Pandoras box ever reached them?.

    Of course Kratos moving into Norse Mythology is something completely different, since then he can indeed mess with the events of that "world", and its obviously something that the Gods can not ignore.

    on 13 May 2018

    < BraLoD posted something on estebxx's wall:

    I decided to platinum The Last of Us (if still possible, because I have it on the PS3) after getting GoW's platinum, to see if it can pull any kind of fight with it for my #2, because GoW is just smashing it on my mind rigjt now, lol.

    The multiplayer trophies really make that one a painful platinum to get, Good luck with that one (hopefully there is still people playing it on PS3).

    on 02 May 2018

    Yeah, don't know if there will still be poeple over there, probably will tho, there is always someone else xD

    on 03 May 2018

    < BraLoD posted something on estebxx's wall:

    Boy oh boy that game is incredible.

    Have been playing almost all day long this last two days and will keep for the next two as well

    Just can't get enough.

    Hey stop!, I don't want you to beat it before i do. >:(

    What did you thought about the fight against "stranger"?

    Also a bit of a warning, be careful as to how much side content you do before continuing the main story, you may end up screwing up the pacing of the game, especially the more side content you unlock later on. (I know from first hand experience).

    Also what difficulty are you on? I'm on gimme a challenge which honestly felt relly difficult at first, but the more you advance it gets easier (heck it feels like i'm playing on normal), though that may be because of how much extra exp and stuff Ive gotten doing side content.

    on 30 April 2018

    I'm playing on normal, was planning on playing on hard but I heard hard only gives enemies a lot more health which makes battles pointlessly longer so I decided to play on it.
    Even on normal there is a lot of VERY HARD battles if you sidetrack asap as I did, enemies are really overlevelled from the time they get available, I was fighting lv.6 dudes on lv.2, lol, they just 1 hit koed me.
    Now I'm on level 4 and have already seem lv.8 enemies too, which also one shoted me haha.
    I love doing the side content, but you have to analyse where to go first on it as well, or you just get screwed, even on normal. So yeah, sticking with the story and doing some side quests here and there is the best, though I love to try once really damn powerful enemies once in a while to see if my skill can beat their massive power advntage.
    I can't stress enough how good this game is, it's like a dream, it's already sitting comfortably on my all time #2, and I don't even fell like I'm close to finish it.
    This generation have a king, unless Sony finally pulls off the LoD miracle card there will be nothing having a chance to beat it. Not The Last of Us 2, nor Ghost of Tsushima, as great as they may be, God of War (4) is the king of this gen, it's the best game in the last 18 years.

    on 30 April 2018

    Oh yeah, about the fight with the stranger, it was great.
    He tauting Kratos and I was: boy you don't know who you are messing with.
    Then the fight was amazing, and still really fun.
    The first time Kratos spin throw him he is laughing, the second after Kratos let his rage act the stranger is now mad. I was "not having fun anymore huh bitch? 'cause I really am", I even laughed out irl hahaha

    on 30 April 2018

    Another thing that I really liked, which keeps happening in the game is how you keep reshaping the envyronment around you as you go.
    Linear games do that a lot but games you can go back to all places, open world or not, hardly do, like Nier Automata main area is destroy in the battle with the massive robots and then now you have more to do and more places to go.
    This games is fucking brilliant.

    on 30 April 2018

    < BraLoD posted something on estebxx's wall:

    Kudos on beating France

    I thought we lost lol, i couldnt watch it and heard we were losing at first.

    on 23 March 2018

    God now i wish i could have seen it.

    on 23 March 2018

    seems it was a fun game to watch.

    on 23 March 2018

    Heard was the first time you ever beat them, I hope you guys keep up the good results in the cup.
    (Until you cross us, that is xD)

    on 23 March 2018

    < BraLoD posted something on estebxx's wall:

    Forgot to tell you, but I got Drag on Dragoon 3 beaten last saturday (platined it as well).

    Didn't take much time to finally get it done when I got back to it, gladly xD

    Glad that you got the platinum for it, (we are platinum bros)

    Did you do it with the video i sent you? also i wanna hear your opinion on the game and the characters.

    Btw i also forgot to tell you that MHW is truly amazing, i have never played a game where interactions with the enviroment blended so perfectly with the gameplay, to the point that you are using them all the time during fights, in fact they become essential to getting an advantage over the monsters, not to mention regular gameplay is top notch and just feels amazing.

    The story is nothing amazing (its just OK), the soundtrack has its high points but its mostly also nothing spectacular, so this is mostly about gameplay being awesome and beautiful graphics, which sounds kind of simple or superficial, but believe me its pretty adictive and just a lot of fun to play.

    on 19 March 2018

    Yes I did with the video.
    I was actually probably make it on my first try that day, until the video frozen when I got to One, lol.
    About MHW, nothing wrong with being a fun game, not every game has to be a Horizon: Zero Dawn and be good at everything xD
    About DoD3, well, I liked the lore more than anything, the lore, not the story xP.
    It was fun sometimes, but overly obsessive with sexual jokes.
    It had some good tracks but few nailed it.
    The character I liked the most was Mikail, Zero sucks most of the time honestly, and most of the other chars are there just for more sexual jokes, the reason why Cent and Two where my favorites, they actually really liked eachother, even though Cent was annoying sometimes.
    Gameplay wise it was ok, feels really dated nowdays after things like Bloodborne, Horizon and Nioh, but well, it was still a PS3 game afterall (God of War Ascension that released the same year for the PS3 as well was vastly superior gameplay wise, tho).
    I loved the game having several weapons but the amount of money needed to upgrade them completely killed the mood to keep switching weapons, tho.
    Overall it was good but with several drawbacks, it does not come near Nier Automata or great PS3 games, still, I had fun.

    on 19 March 2018

    Yes absolutely agree that the lore is the selling point and the only thing that stands out in the game, sad that you didnt liked Zero (she is my favorite) but i understand why so its ok, i also really liked 3 but i dont remember why it was (its been almost 4 years after all)

    BTW have i told you that they changed her character completely in the english translation? she isnt even bitchy, as angry or as slutty in the japanese version, she is just apathetic so basically she just wants to get the job done and move on with it.

    on 19 March 2018

    Zero relationship with Mikhail was great, it was really fun, but Zero rush to kill the intoners and treat them like shit out of the blue was just bad, she tries to act like some hip kid for some reason and everything about her is just sex, it's something that bothers me, obssession with trying to push sexual jokes all the times often decrease my interest for the series, happens a lot with manga/anime, it gets old really quick.
    The chars that fun sides, but all the focus always went the same way every time, it's just sad.
    Dunno about Three, she had cool weapons (scissors and katanas) but that's about it xP
    The best enemy weapon was Five's Cross Sword, tho, lots of Mihawk vibes xD (if you are into One Piece).
    It was a fun game, I did go for the platinum afterall, but it could have been much better.
    Gladly we got Nier Automata.
    And I did not know about the localization changes.

    on 19 March 2018

    I didnt had a problem with the sex jokes since its not a thing that normally happens in the games i play, so i found it really amusing (especially coming from a woman).

    Also about the changes in translation, watch this video when you have the time (its pretty great), this woman is even a bigger fan of this series than i am.

    on 19 March 2018

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