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< Ninten78 posted something on AZWification's wall:

Wii U sales are kinda sad I had hoped for a least same as Black Friday I hope it can at least make it to 9M end of 2014.

Things aren't looking very nice at all, but I'd say that it can reach 9M by the end of 2014!

2 days ago

Well 2015 should be better than 2014.15M end of 2015 possible or am I crazy? :P

2 days ago

I woudn't say that you're crazy, but there's a slim chance that it won't reach that!

2 days ago

< MohammadBadir posted something on AZWification's wall:

I'm starting to understand you on the whole "VGC is boring" thing, this site seemed way different a year and a half ago...

Yeah.. My lack of time for VGChartz doesn't help either!

3 days ago

You still have 28 PPD, lol. I have to work to keep my double digits ):

3 days ago

It's not that hard! Just keep posting and posting.. You'll eventually get there!

3 days ago

It seems farther and farther as the days pass ):

3 days ago

< Conegamer posted something on AZWification's wall:

Posting after a lock?

That's a straight perma if you ask me!

Please have mercy! :(

on 10 December 2014

Hmm...I suppose you did say please...

Alright, just this once then :)

on 10 December 2014

You didn't let it slide when I did the same ):<

3 days ago

< Leadified posted something on AZWification's wall:

Pooka kind of summed up my life story, huh. Although I stopped speaking and I never learnt how to read Romanian.

Wait, you were born in Romania?

on 10 December 2014

Yup, in Brasov

on 10 December 2014

Wow.. How much time did you spend in Romania before moving to Canada?

on 10 December 2014

7 years

on 10 December 2014

< HesAPooka posted something on AZWification's wall:

Hey man, I was born in Romania, but I live in Canada now. Still speak it and read it, but my writing is pretty pathetic, You'd understand what i say, but youd be doing some serious guessing work along the way haha

It's OK, man! You can just write in English if you don't really want to write in Romanian! :)

on 05 December 2014

Pot sa scriu si pe romaneste dar nu bine. Nu am fost la scoala in Romania. Am invatat sa scriu cund am intorse la tara pentru fotbal si am jucat acolo pentru doi ani.

on 05 December 2014

Hai, ca am inteles fara probleme ce ai scris! Si, unde te-ai dus sa joci fotbal?

on 05 December 2014

Am jucat la Poli AEK cund au promovat en liga A, si dupia en elvatia la Servette.

on 05 December 2014

Wow, chair ai jucat la Poli? Super! Ti-a mers bine acolo?

on 05 December 2014

A fost ok, a fost greau. I`ll have to write this part in English, but soccer in Romania is tough because you make a mistake and everyone yells at you. I've never experienced this in any other country. Every other country they only yell to tell you good play, but in Romania everyone is always putting you down. You can play well the whole game, but you make one mistake and boom baaa dute baaa depe teren lol

on 05 December 2014

Depe teren? Your language is crazy. :P

on 05 December 2014

Yeah.. That's how Romanians are when it comes to football.. Some of them just can't help it! :P

on 05 December 2014

Especially when you play with Hungary!:P

on 07 December 2014

Yeah.. FIFA/UEFA always does something to Romania after such matches! :P

on 07 December 2014

Hm!Which is the most eruptive match?Serbia vs Albania,Romania vs Hungary,Greece vs Albania,Greece vs Turkey and maybe Greece vs Fyrom!Can I add to that list Romania vs Russia and Romania vs Turkey?:P Nowray wth Sweeden and UK with Ireland could be explosive mathes but the people are peaceful.:P

on 07 December 2014

Definitely Romania vs Hungary! Serbia vs Albania was also pretty crazy though!

on 07 December 2014

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MohammadBadir said: No I don't mind that it's 45$, I just wasn't up to date with the news on this game, since it looks so boooooooring. When's that 3D Kirby? ): A 3D Kirby game you say? It will never happen.. :(...


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