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< AZWification Only I can turn a thread about sales into a thread about alcohol! :P
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< Hawk posted something on AZWification's wall:

Alcohol, I'm game!

< Conegamer posted something on AZWification's wall:

Think of something to say...think of something to say...


Do you have anything to say? I'm all out of ideas.

Umm...... The weather outside is nice! :P

1 day ago

Isn't it just? Glad you agree!

So I'm gonna guess you like Infinite :P

1 day ago

Yes I do! Not as much as the original BioShock, but I still do! :)

1 day ago

I prefer it to the original, but in all honesty it was so long ago I remember very little about it. Will have to go through it again sometime.

Shame it's unlikely we will see another, though.

1 day ago

I'm pretty sure Take-Two said that more BioShock will be made!

1 day ago

Perhaps; but somehow it won't be the same :(

Hopefully we will know more soon!

1 day ago

Yeah.. BioShock is a great franchise and it would be a shame if it would simply disappear.. :)

1 day ago

< AZWification updated his status:

Only I can turn a thread about sales into a thread about alcohol! :P

yep romanian alcohol
all we got here is bud light and sam adams beer :P

1 day ago

Poor Americans.. It's a shame you guys won't get to taste this brutal alcoholic drink! :/

1 day ago

< OfficerRaichu15 posted something on AZWification's wall:

time to party and dance wii us gotta new baseline

*starts dancing*

Oh yeah! Mario Kart 8 is our damn savior! :-P

1 day ago

is it bad that im starting to not get excited for wii u doing 60k its almost like im use to it :P

1 day ago

Not really. You should just hope that it doesn't go below 60k anytime soon! :)

1 day ago

< RealGamingExpert posted something on AZWification's wall:

Man 22 posts average per day? Thats crazy! I have like 5 or so... It got better since the last week though!

Heh.. I used to have 5 posts average per day in December/January! :P

2 days ago

Were you ever banned? :P

2 days ago

Yes, 3 times actually for trolling! I was also warned for trolling, flamming and quote trees! :)

2 days ago

Really? I didnt expect that from you lol!
Well as long as you dont get banned for quote trees... :D

2 days ago

To be honest, I've changed quite a lot as an user in one year.. I actually used to be pretty bitter at first! :P

2 days ago

Thats hard to imagine... You're a really nice guy now! Thats quite a good change you made then! :)

2 days ago

Here is the post that earned me the first moderation for trolling.. I've changed quite a lot, eh?

2 days ago

lol! Well thats definitely not a nice thing to say. :D
I fail to see why you wrote that before the console even released though! How did you know? :D

2 days ago

I guess the Xbox One's DRM really made me hate the console... Now I actually like it more than the PS4! :)

2 days ago

Meh.... I still dont like it. They only changed it to sell some consoles, but the intention was still there. :\
I really hope the Xbone gets the last place this gen, but it seems like the place is reserved the Wii U. :(

2 days ago

Nintendo did some things wrong with the WiiU and those things will sadly affect it in the longrun.. :(

2 days ago

I think the reputation of the Wii hurt it quite a bit...
Yeah they made some mistakes, but i dont think they're that important.
This year has shown that they can still change the console into a success, atleast Mario Kart 8 gave the console quite a good reputation. Its still not enough, but its getting better. With Smash and next years line up there might be some sort of turn around happening...
Well thats atleast what i hope! :)

2 days ago

Yeah, I would be so happy if the WiiU could at least reach N64 numbers! :)

2 days ago

Me too! I actually believe this "Wii U numbers are Wii numbers but reverse" thing.
Of course not as high, but maybe 30 Mio.!?
Would be awesome, especially after the terrible start!

2 days ago

Yeah.. I do believe the awful start affected the WiiU's sales quite a lot.. :/

2 days ago

Im not so sure about this tbh.
It has the bad word of mouth, but so does the Xbox One. The Wii U has been getting quite a lot of positive news lately with MK8 release and the digital event.
Maybe even the Amiibos will get some people to buy the system!
I think the console still has a chance of selling well for nintendo standards!

2 days ago

I would also love to see Splatoon become the next hot thing and maybe help the WiiU, but that probably won't happen..

2 days ago

It did get good reception on the E3 though.
And its also really good to see a new IP by nintendo, maybe this will be the next Mario Kart, who knows!
And if it doesnt work they can still make a similar FPS with Mario next gen. :P

2 days ago

I would really love Splatoon to take off. It looks like a game that everyone can play, but at the same time it also looks like it could be awesome for competitive play! :)

2 days ago

Exactly! Its also colorful and has online multiplayer! It pretty much has everything it needs to be successful, i think it could hit 3 mio. lifetime which would be great for a new Nintendo Ip.
Well its a day one for me anyway. :P

2 days ago

I wouldn't mind to see Nintendo tackle other genres in the same way! :)

2 days ago

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NintenDomination- Shovel Knight Is Awesome! Latest News And Opinions Inside

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The Great Fox, in HD, looks really......... great! :-P...

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Sony bringing Donkey Kong to the big screen

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Ljink96 said:Smash bros will probably be delayed until may 2015 just because Pacman and DK are in it. I always wanted a film like Wreck it Ralph but with famous Nintendo characters in it. Just sad that none of them can talk. Oh, hell no! Smash 4 is Nintendo's big holiday title and delaying would be simply moronic! :-P...

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COMG! Japan Pre-order Chart Thread - Daily updates!

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Well, at least MH4G is doing well.. :-P...


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