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    < Cerebralbore101 updated his status:

    Just to elaborate further. Do you really think Nintendo can make one console game, with the same amount of work that it takes to make a handheld game? Of course they can't. Console games take ten times as much work as a 3DS title. So handheld games would have been useless for predicting Nintendo's future yearly output.

    So to recap.

    Smash: Spawned a lasting, critically acclaimed series, should have gotten higher if not for reviews posted years later, and sold well.

    Wii Sports: Spawned a series that didn't last, and didn't sell well at all, because giving your game away =/= selling your game.

    on 29 June 2018

    < VGPolyglot posted something on Cerebralbore101's wall:

    So, with your sig I guess you're still trying to deny that Pokemon Let's Go is a big release; despite the fact that the thread you made originally referred to "big titles", and didn't make any mention of Metascore until after people brought that game up and then you came up with a way to disqualify it. For one: has anyone here even claimed that Pokemon Let's Go would get higher than 78? If not, I don't see who it's even supposed to be directed at.

    Metascore is what I originally meant by big. If you look at my thread from the day before that one you can see the thought process. Notice how the thread from the day before talks about 80% and up being quality games? My first thread had to do with Nintendo's average yearly output of quality 1st party titles. My second thread had to do with the fact that Smash Ultimate was going to be Nintendo's only quality title this year.

    Yes, I should have elaborated more, but in the first thread, I did just that. And people ignored it. If you go back and look you'll see that I mentioned why I didn't go into handheld analysis. And yet people kept asking me about handheld analysis throughout the thread. So I tried to keep the second thread short, and sweet. Didn't work though.

    on 29 June 2018

    Your main problem with those threads is that they were inconsistent; with both of them you would come up with reasons as to why some counted while others didn't. In the end it was just you wanting us to prove your opinion wrong, which of course is impossible as we can't disprove an opinion.

    on 29 June 2018

    Yep. That's why I edited and changed the list of the first thread as people mentioned things I missed. Totally just wanted someone to "prove my opinion wrong." Right? Seriously though, if I was looking for that I would have stuck with my original list all thread long, and denied anybody else's additions or exclusions. The fact that I didn't do that is proof that the spirit of the thread was genuine. And the second thread, when looked at in the context of the first thread makes sense, when interpreted as "games with metascore above 80%". But that was too wordy for a thread title so I threw the word "big" around. And I already explained why the second thread's OP was so short. Even if I had gone into extreme detail to explain myself ahead of time, people would have ignored it, and talked about things that I already addressed.

    on 29 June 2018

    Next time I make a thread, it's going to be a million mile long OP, that explains everything ahead of time. Then when people fail to read it, I'll just call them out for not being able to read.

    on 29 June 2018

    You had an arbitrary list of exceptions, counting Super Smash Bros. but not Wii Sports, which made it impossible to have a proper discussion. The lack of handheld titles also seemed pretty arbitrary as that is where many of Nintendo's biggest hits were. As for the second thread, we're on a sales-related site, if you say "big" (again, not sure why big would even be assumed to be by critic scores, as many titles that sold a lot were not highly rated), most people are going to automatically think of sales.

    on 29 June 2018

    Yeah, counting Smash (above 80%), but not Wii Sports (below 80%). In a thread that was all about Nintendo's output of quality (80% and up) games over the past 22 years.

    I explained in the OP that I wasn't going to touch handheld titles, because the workload going from handheld to console increased exponentially. Congrats on being one of the idiots that failed to read the thread's OP.

    Yeah you are right about the "big" thing. I should have elaborated on that in the OP to the second thread. I've made that mistake more than once on these forums. But again, big as in sales, wasn't what I meant. The context of the first thread shows that.

    on 29 June 2018

    Nope, Super Smash Bros. is below 80%, you even stated that in the thread. And it doesn't matter that you say why you excluded handheld games, that was an arbitrary decision made by you, so of course people are going to call it out.

    on 29 June 2018

    Well, it did spawn a series that went on to get 80% from then on out. And if you look at the gamerankings score, there are several reviews that are written way after the fact like 02, 04, etc. Electric Playground gave it a 2/10 in 2004 for example. Anyway, yes I gave it a 1.5 point bump, because of the legacy of the series.

    But that's hypocritical because I refused to add Wii Sports? A title that came free with the Wii? Like I said in the thread, sales don't mean anything if the game is free.

    on 29 June 2018

    You don't know the meaning of arbitrary. The goal in mind was to try to predict how many games Nintendo would make for Switch. Handheld data is fairly useless for that analysis for the reasons I stated. Arbitrary means, without reason. I stated my reasons.

    on 29 June 2018

    Wii Sports was not originally a pack-in in Japan, yet it still was on top of the Wii sales charts in that region, so it shows that the game had appeal itself, it wasn't just the console that people cared about, they also cared about the game.

    on 29 June 2018

    So to recap.

    Smash: Spawned a lasting, critically acclaimed series, should have gotten higher if not for reviews posted years later, and sold well.

    Wii Sports: Spawned a series that didn't last, and didn't sell well at all, because giving your game away =/= selling your game.

    on 29 June 2018

    That still doesn't change the fact that it didn't sell 82 million worldwide. Or the fact that the series is now dead. Or the fact that it contributed to the rise of waggle shovelware for the Wii, which in turn made Nintendo synonymous with crappy games, for an entire console generation. In the long run Wii Sports did more damage to Nintendo than it helped.

    on 29 June 2018

    You just ignored my point about Wii Sports selling well in Japan. There was also of course the 30+ million selling Wii Sports Resort. Of course the series isn't going to last though, you can't really make a game titled "Wii Sports" on the Switch.

    on 29 June 2018

    I added Resort due to the scores it got. Series just needed to be renamed, and continued with the same look/feel.

    on 29 June 2018

    The main problem we are having here, is that you don't like that I made an exception for Smash.

    But I think you have to understand that I hate that kind of "can't see the forest for the trees" analysis. For example: Pachter claims that consoles are dying, because not as many consoles were sold in the 8th gen, as in the 7th gen. But he fails to take important factors into account, such as the Wii sales bubble, and the fact that XboxOne isn't needed, due to having almost no exclusives.

    A dry, analytic analysis with zero common sense exceptions being made, can often come to a ridiculous conclusion. So I try to avoid it. Human input is important from time to time.

    on 29 June 2018

    I'm against you adding Smash because you yourself listed the criteria and then did not stick to that criteria, thus the topic shifted to talking about the rules rather than what you originally wanted to discuss.

    on 29 June 2018

    < KLAMarine posted something on Cerebralbore101's wall:

    I would be very tempted to buy a labo bomb.

    :D You could put the Switch inside, so it would have sound effects. Or the Switch could be the countdown timer, and you gotta defuse it!

    on 06 April 2018

    Seriously though, I would prefer to use labo for decoration rather than gaming. A piano stand for my Switch is neat.

    on 06 April 2018

    < AngryLittleAlchemist posted something on Cerebralbore101's wall:

    Hmmmm ... how is Monster Hunter World treating you?

    I was expecting a little more based on the trailer I saw last year. Aside from being able to have monsters fight, and better graphics it's the same game as the Wii/3DS games. One thing I've noticed is that since the community is split between PS4/XB1/PC there's a lot less hunters to play with. On the Wii/3DS you had to fight for a spot on a four man hunting team because it was so crowded. Now you're lucky to have a party of 3. Overall though, I like it. Monster Hunter was always the sort of game that had no business being on a handheld.

    on 20 March 2018

    We are now enemies again.

    on 20 March 2018

    Lol why? Do you hate or love MHW?

    on 22 March 2018

    Oh I love it. I just disagree with the notion that it's too similar to the 3DS games. You have the ammo pods which you can use to destroy parts of the environment, the scout flies really add a new dynamic to the game that rewards you for collecting monster evidence, the hanging beatles that you can attach yourself to really makes jumping attacks that much cooler, you have a radial menu that allows for easy item use, being able to catch little creatures and make them your pets is nice, and they reworked a lot of weapons (they even added a new way to dodge for the Great Sword).

    But yeah ... I guess at the end of the day, the differences are mostly things that affect the game's longevity ... they're "quality of life" changes so to speak, so they are probably lost in translation and don't seem that impactful while playing I guess. The new ways to use the environment are really awesome, though, and pretty noticeable.

    The only real problems I have with the game are that they dumbed down the grinding too much, now it's too easy to craft certain items and equipment, and that there's just not that many monsters. There's still a lot granted, but I'd like to see at least a couple more.

    on 23 March 2018

    Ha! Everything you just mentioned are things that I fully expected for a full blown home console version of MH, not running on a Wii. I guess I just took it all for granted without noticing.

    Also, what's this new way to dodge with the greatsword? I'm a greatsword user, and am still hitting X/A to dodge.

    on 23 March 2018

    That's ok lol, I'm not actually mad.

    I guess it's not a "dodge" as much as it is a parry system. You have to time it. It's like a ... tackle. If you press O and then O you can activate it. Or when you get out of roll (X) you can press Triangle. Or after you charge your blade once you can activate it while charging using O. It's super powerful if you know how to use it, it basically stuns enemies and makes you take almost no damage if you time it right.

    on 24 March 2018

    Just beat the game. Until you get Bomber armor, 75% through the game, being a greatsword user sucks. You need the earplugs on the Bomber armor or else you miss out on so many hits. You can't use gems in this game to get as many skills as you could in Tri, so getting your own custom build takes a lot longer. Too many creatures fly for too damned long. Meaning you always have to be sure to carry and use flashpods. Early game tricks you into wasting time grinding for armor spheres when late game you get completely new armor.

    I'm loving post-game though. There are missions to hunt multiple monsters at once. Investigations, and Elder Melder make getting rare items a lot easier. There are ultra secret gems that very rarely drop, and give you really good abilities

    The Gunlance is fun too. Using Barroth Armor to get stamina drain, and then using Wyvernfire once they are too tired to move.

    on 18 April 2018

    < shenlong213 posted something on Cerebralbore101's wall:

    What with your signature ?

    Since Nintendo merged their Handheld, and Console divisions, we should be getting handheld franchises like Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, and Poke'mon on Switch.

    Since 3DS and Vita are both leaving the market, this means Switch will be the only place for AA developers like Atlus, Falcom, Square Enix's handheld division, etc. to go.

    We are already seeing a deluge of AA games being planned for or released for the Switch this year. We've got Ys VIII, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Dragon Quest Builders, Octopath Traveler, and DQ XI.

    Falcom's Trails series should be coming to Switch too.

    on 13 January 2018

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    Mods please lock. Thread based on either outdated info, or relying on biased source (Valve itself).

    in Gaming Discussion 20 hours ago

    Ka-pi96 said: Cerebralbore101 said: That doesn't mean that 40% don't even have a single steam account. People can buy their games across multiple storefronts, and have multiple accounts.  It's still more evidence than you provided, you didn't even provide a source for "There are 291 Million Steam users, but 64% of them speak Chinese" so that could have been made up...

    Write 28

    Mods please lock. Thread based on either outdated info, or relying on biased source (Valve itself).

    in Gaming Discussion 21 hours ago

    Ka-pi96 said: Cerebralbore101 said: If I say "Pretty Sure" then I'm not claiming it as an indisputable fact. And facts are by definition indisputable. I'm choosing to ignore everybody that argues otherwise, not because I think I'm 100% right. I don't, and the phrase "Pretty Sure" proves that. I'm choosing to ignore anybody that argues otherwise, because like me, they have no way...

    Write 28

    Mods please lock. Thread based on either outdated info, or relying on biased source (Valve itself).

    in Gaming Discussion 21 hours ago

    jason1637 said: Cerebralbore101 said: That's according to Steam's hardware survey. Meaning what percentage of hardware running steam has Simplified Chinese set as the default on their hardware. The problem is that because of the rise of Internet Cafes multiple Chinese speaking Steam users share the same computers. The important thing to remember here is that Steam's hardware...


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