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    Is the United States really a developed country?

    in Politics Discussion on 18 July 2018

    I'm not American, but it seems like the individual states have more control over their own development than most other countries, so you can actually see social experiments playing out from one state to the next. From the outside, it looks like some states do well and others don't. Maybe the states that aren't doing well in terms of standards of living should implement policies of the states...

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    President Trump Sides With Russia Against the United States.

    in Politics Discussion on 18 July 2018

    JRPGfan said: Locknuts said: I've never seen Donald Trump look like such a bitch. Putin is an absolute boss. Or Trump just owes alot of money to russians? and maybe they have stuff on him, so hes their bitch?Hard to be "tough" when your in a position of weakness. It has nothing to do with putin being a absolute boss, of a man.... even if yeah hes a ex KGB agent, so ofc the...

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    President Trump Sides With Russia Against the United States.

    in Politics Discussion on 18 July 2018

    I've never seen Donald Trump look like such a bitch. Putin is an absolute boss....

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    "Incel" terrorism

    in Politics Discussion on 01 June 2018

    Men have been lied to for decades about what women (on average) really want in a man. I was lied to as well and was angry when I discovered the truth. I was intelligent enough to look at the world objectively and discover what I had to do to become more appealing to women. I think these 'incels' are unintelligent, unattractive, weak men who have been lied to about 'being themselves' being told...

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    No more buying games until I get a job!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 May 2018

    XD84 said: Locknuts said: Surely Switzerland smashes the other two though. Don't you pay like 11% tax over there? The tax rate is compared to other contries quite low especially when you life in a low-priced area. What gets often forgotten are the compulsory dues such as health care (around $ 400 per month and person) and social insurance contributions (around 10 % of...

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    No more buying games until I get a job!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 May 2018

    Pagan said: VGPolyglot said: Well, my dad's side of the family lives there, so quite a few people! Yeah. Sounds harsh but you are still broken.  I was broken too in Vienna. I came to switzerland. Have now a wife a beautifull son and a nice life. Middle class. Thats a huge move. But think about it. Sweden is very good too. Or norway. Surely Switzerland...

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    GTA VI should have a female and homosexual protagonists.

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 May 2018

    Flilix said: I'll be disappointed if we don't get an 80 year old lesbian black Buddhist woman with a mental disability as one of the protagonists. If she's right handed though, I'll still be triggered....

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    Best FPS single player campaign

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 May 2018

    Original Half Life. No contest....

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    Democratic Party files lawsuit against Russia, the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks

    in Politics Discussion on 22 April 2018

    Lol they just shot themselves in the foot....

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    Critically Acclaimed Games That You Didn't Get Into

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 April 2018

    Horizon Zero Dawn Metroid Prime 2 & 3 Uncharted 3 Goldeneye God of War (all) GTA IV & V...

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    Doom graphics comparison Xbox One X vs Switch

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 April 2018

    I still can't believe the Switch can run it at all. The Xbox One X is incredible. Especially for the money....

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    Far Cry 5 video on feed question: Treatment of Conservatives

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 April 2018

    I watched it. A few assumptions on his end about the motivations of the Gamespot guys. Overall I think the tone of the video maybe correct for the left wing gaming media as a whole, but the actual Gamespot review only talks about 'missed opportunities' in the narrative and it got a score of 9. So probably more assumption on his part than anything else....

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    Is Justin Trudeau a disappointment?

    in Politics Discussion on 04 April 2018

    Alara317 said: EspadaGrim said: I know some Canadians that have told me that they only voted for him so he can Legalize Marijuana. Personally don't care for him dude is a giant SJW, media here fawns over him cause of his looks and progressive views. Funny to see that as of now his approval rating is lower than Trump's. I instantly disregard the opinions and thoughts of...

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    Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior

    in General Discussion on 03 April 2018

    I think Jesus really believed it. Nobody would go through all that if they didn't. Was he the son of God? Probably not. I mean if God exists then what is God? Can it even really be comprehended by humans? Then I'm supposed to believe that Jesus was God incarnate? It's such a great claim that I'm not sure I could even even begin to comprehend it and therefore don't believe it....

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    Online subscription. Fair or not fair?

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 March 2018

    Nope. Not fair. Sure, have a subscription service for games, but don't put the online component of games you've paid for behind a paywall. ...

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    Why is the United States so segregated?

    in Politics Discussion on 13 March 2018

    I think it's because the American left still focuses on race so much. You mentioned Buzzfeed and I think that was a good example. There are racists on both sides but the left seem to really openly focus on 'blacks' and 'whites' in the name of niceness towards people with darker skin for some reason. They use terminology like 'people of colour' to intentionally make people with fairer skin the...

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    Any gun nuts in here?

    in Politics Discussion on 04 March 2018

    Aeolus451 said: Could you not insult pro-gun people right off the bat? I don't think you're interested in a conversation on this topic. I'm not trying to insult pro gun people. I genuinely do want to know why the response from many Americans to the suggestion of gun control is so passionately negative....

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    Any gun nuts in here?

    in Politics Discussion on 04 March 2018

    vivster said: That's like the first coherent post I've seen from you here. Well done. I admit that I thought you were on the opposite site on the spectrum. Unless this is a joke thread. If so, shame on you. I agree with your points. I think the argument to own guns just to defend yourself from the government is ridiculous. Especially in the US where gun ownership isn't only in the...

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    Any gun nuts in here?

    in Politics Discussion on 03 March 2018

    As some of you may know, I'm Australian. Here we have gun control measures in place. This means that you can buy a gun but the type of firearm you can buy and how it is stored is restricted. You also need to be licensed. We have no right to bear arms in our constitution. So that's the perspective I'm coming from. I agree with US Conservatives on almost all points except for guns. I have noticed...

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    U.S. to Overtake Russia & Saudi Arabia as World’s Top Oil Producer

    in Politics Discussion on 01 March 2018

    spurgeonryan said: CaptainExplosion said: Does this mean it's America's turn to be invaded? =P Perfect opportunity now. We are losing our gun rights.  Unless you're  a teacher. Then you get a gun.  Does that mean the Librarians get silencers?...

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