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< monocle_layton posted something on pbroy's wall:

Just curious, but have you ever received any direct messages from horny people?

I thought everyone on here are already horny virgins. :P

on 30 January 2017

< Screenshot posted something on pbroy's wall:

Hi. Can't log into my old account. ( bucky1965 ). keeps saying my password has been reset and check my email but nothing is sent. created this account for now since the contact link at the bottom of the page doesn't work. thanks

Direct this issue to this guy. He's the website Admin:

on 25 January 2017

< Slarvax posted something on pbroy's wall:

You wanna co-host Most Attractive user 2017 edition?

Sure. I don't know how much time I can put into it this year though. So I'll let you figure out the scheme. :P

on 24 January 2017

Great! We still have a few weeks to go. I'd like to start after Greatest user of the Year is over.
I do have a lot of free time this year; you don't have go wasting yours ;)

on 24 January 2017

< John2290 posted something on pbroy's wall:

What is your purpose exactly?

I think we were put on this Earth to advance life and procreate. ;)

If you mean job duties on this website, nothing anymore. The GameDB is dead. Gamewise took that away from us and now Gamewise is dead. Other than that, just sit here and look pretty. :)

on 24 January 2017

Meant the site but now you got me on that first explanation which is surely our purpose on human timescales in the chain of life but what do you think is the true purpose, the overarching reason for DNA to start replicating with the help of retroviruses into more complex beings which can at this point in time self reflect, learn and build machinations that could eventual build universes within our own, virtual or otherwise. Do you think it's all information contextualizing in a form as which to create more information and all we perceive is just a byproduct of the expressions that this flow of information has constructed, aware or not. Like in the way virtual worlds seem solid but are just illusions. Are you of the mind that perhaps we are in a larger cycle of universal and on top of that multi-universal, reproduction in the shape of arranging the information we have in this world and structuring it to birth new universes by simulation and in a sort of fractal nature information keeps on restructuring itself into similar but slightly ever different forms, again aware or not.
And finally if you even remotely agree with this view or a view similar do you think we are in one of the failed/failing simulation of our Omniverse and perhaps the beings that created us?
Does it even matter?

on 24 January 2017

< BraLoD posted something on pbroy's wall:

What's her name?

Alexis Ren

on 19 January 2017


on 19 January 2017

Well that's my wank sorted for tonight.

on 11 February 2017

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Write 152

Fire Emblem Heroes Friend IDs and Tips

in Nintendo Discussion 1 hour ago

They changed the Focus Heroes again. Sucks cuz I wanted more of the new cast. Robin is now featured in a special map....

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VGC Most Attractive User 2017 - Stage 1 - Round 3

in General Discussion 16 hours ago

5p - LadyJasmine - 😍😍😍 4p - GolfGT170 - Gets better looking as he ages. Like fine wine. 3p - Guiduc - dat buldge though... censored by the name. 2p - TallSilhouette - Massive 1p - DroidKnight - hiding eyes...

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VGC Most Attractive User 2017 - Stage 1 - Round 2

in General Discussion 1 day ago

5p - NintendoPie - super cutie with dimples 4p - Nymeria - has a pretty face 3p - Slarvax - unique studliness 2p - FIT_Gamer - Looks like a cool dude 1p - Angelus - chicks probably dig the bald head...


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