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Barozi said:
man-bear-pig said:
Barozi said:
man-bear-pig said:
Would be interesting to see trials evolutions first week sales.

Call me crazy, but i think 500k!

I think that's like a lot too high, but I guess it has done quite well.

On Trueachievements it has already more players in its first day than Fez had in its first 7 days.
Trials HD has some incredible steady legs, so I guess Trials Evolution will have them too and won't be so frontloaded.

Maybe that was the fanboy in me speaking, lol. I'll go with 350k. Anyway, about 10 people i know have got this game and it already have 9k reviews on XBLA. Oh, and its good that XBLA games now have 400G instaed of 200. I got 300/300G in the first one

Anyway, Im downloading it now and i cant wait, Trails HD was my favourite game of all time! 

btw I remember the thread where you showed you most precious achievement.

It was Marathon in Trials HD right ? and you wondered why it "only" has a TA ratio of 4.52.
I just read that they changed the tracks for that tournament and threw out all the hard ones ^^

Lol, im pretty sure i did it before they made it easier... I hope..

Oh, and i just checked the leaderboards on trials evolution and it has sold 140k copies so far. 250-300k first week may be possible!