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d21lewis said:
TheRealMafoo said:
Most of your answers seem out of Jealousy. I mean Taylor Swift and Beyonce? While I never buy any of there music, they as individuals seem like very nice people, and I am happy for them, regardless of talent (in Taylor's case, lack there of).

For me, the two people I would like to see fail the most, would be Michael Moore, and Perez Hilton, because I despise both of them. They are a waste of human DNA.

 I admit that I am jealous of Taylor Swift (she looks so much better in short shorts than I do!) but you stated Perez Hilton.  That is the correct answer.  Good lord, do I hate that guy.....err....girl......err......uh, abomination?

That ain't so, d.

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SciFiBoy said:
Craan said:
SciFiBoy said:
Actors: Johnny Depp, Leonardo DeCantActIo and the guy who played Anakin in the new Star Wars films (dont know his name)

Musicians: all rappers, all manufactured acts, muse, coldplay, radiohead, countless other overrated bands

Misc: anyone famous just for being on reality tv, anyone famous for just appearing in shitty gossip magazines

Thats funny I count Queen and Oasis(two great albums a slew of mediocre ones and a shit sandwich don't equal the greatest band ever among the most overrated bands (not The Stone Roses as no one likes them anyway) 

Now I know you have to hate Jay Z cus Noel told you to but don't hate Coldplay just cus Chris Martins done a song with him, and really "all rappers" now while I doubt you are racist your'e whole post and many other post's you have made seem to make a strong case for cultural elitism (Do you listen to any music not made in the UK Freddie Mercury is the only thing Keeping your favorite music list from looking like a post Tiger Woods sex scandal country club do you just think black people suck at making music?  If you like the Watered down RnB The Who and The Beatles produced early on maybe you should try the real thing. Finally Radiohead? Just cus you are one of the ten people that don't appreciate Radiohead doesn't mean they suck.

im sorry, when did I say that I agree with everything Noel says and does? I like alot of his music thats all, I couldnt care less what he thinks of jay z or coldplay, Ive heard boths music and dont like it at all

id rather listen to a song by Oasis, Queen or The Stone Roses than the acts you mentioned anyday of anyyear.

also, calling me a racist is just pathetic and ignorant, im not even remotley racist and I resent that pathetic vile implication

The Who and The Beatles dont sound anything like the RnB songs that ive heard

Radiohead's music sounds bad to me and I dont like it at all, deal with it, now who's being elitist?

so you managed to insult my opinion, imply that I cant think for myself and then call me a racist for no reason all in one post

 Everything else is a matter of opinion...... but your factually wrong on that one. Early Beatles, early stones, early Kinks,early Who were all covering and composing RnB and Motown,(although the Stones were much more partial to the blues) In fact the "Rock and Roll" itself is African American in origin.

So basicly you spend your time listening to cracka ass crackas(no disrespect to them or you) play black music that originated on a whole nother continent. Cultural Elitism at its finest. 

Any issues I have with you are tempered by the fact that you don't like Lil Wayne. we should all be able to agree on something right.

damkira said:

Nicholas Cage. He is so annoying... I will literally not see a movie if he's in it no matter what it is. I don't feel this way about any other celebrity.

well.. maybe Taylor Swift is almost as annoying.


Lol I go to Nick cage movies to laugh at his bad acting, If you ever see Knowing Theres a part in the movie were Nick Goes up to a woman and says "Hey...Thats your daughter over there with my son". 5 min uneasy silence where they both stare at each other. I imagine this is what it is like to talk to Nike Cage in real life



Any band that consists of brothers are annoying. Especially groups that break up sporatically for years at a time.


Oh wait...That technically means they did fail. my mistake. :P

blame it on the ah ah ah ah ah alcohol.

No-one could fail harder then the people that pick the nobel peace prize did this year.

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axumblade said:

Any band that consists of brothers are annoying.

Another racist. Get him, Craan.

- Kanye West (is he even considered a celeb?) for obvious reasons (him being a total dickhead)

- Lady Gaga, her 5 minutes of fame should have been up a long time ago

- Tom Brady. We all know this pussy will fuck up in the playoffs

- Sidney Crosby, he plays the game like a european. I don't think he knows what a body check is but he sure knows how to dive.