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Nes with duck hunt/super mario cartridge

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My first taste of gaming was the Atari ST :)

Then that was followed with the Sega Mega Drive + Sonic 1 but it was dead out the box :(

My stepdad took it to Sega Europe HQ to complain and they gave him a Sega Mega Drive II + EA Sports Double Header as a way of saying sorry.

Best bit was that we got to keep Sonic 1 as well. So that's an updated model + 3 games for the price of an original one. Happy days.

The NES. I had the Commodore 64 before that, but even though it was about as close to being a console as a computer can get, it cannot count.

Should be a poll!
Intelliivision. best memories: Dungeons and Dragons Treasure of Tarmin - all 99 levels baby, the platinum book ruled. And the shortcut my brother found in auto racing.

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1st was ATARI and 2nd XBOX360!!

SNES!!I had a snes with super mario all stars super mario world and super the empire strikes back great times!!

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My father has had a Colecovision and an intellivision after. The first one they bought for me was a NES.


eliasg said:
1st was ATARI and 2nd XBOX360!!

OMG! biggest gap I've ever seen

Atari 2600-October 1977

Xbox 360-November 2005

Although you didn't specify which ATARI

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PS1? I am too young=(


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