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    What Nintendo "Developed" game do you want to see with the Wii U launch?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 January 2012

    Metroid or F-Zero to showcase the graphics of the system....

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    Obama loses in the November 2012 election, now what? Hypothetically speaking....

    in General Discussion on 08 January 2012

    Ron Paul seems like an honest guy....But honestly I think the U.S may screwed no matter what. I really don't want to see Obama go for another 4 years.....honestly he sucks....

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    Why has Nintendo not put in a achievement system in the 3DS/Wii and has the HD twins missed a golden opportunity?

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 December 2011

    achievements aren't that great....besides Nintendo said they don't want to add achievements since it makes you progress through the game in an unnatural way or something..... And I believe them, there pretty smart when it comes to game design its like there strongest point....

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    Wii U Meant for Consumers with Higher Disposable Income, Says Nintendo

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 December 2011

    Damit Nintendo!Your not Apple you can't just sell stuff at ridiculous prices like they do and get away with!Not even sony could do it! $399 MAX!!!!!...

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    How should the 3DS redesign look like?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 December 2011

    They just need to fix the D-Pad, battery life, and maybe put a stronger hinge and then just upgrade the friends list a little more with a simple firmware update....

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    Will the 8th Generation of consoles be different enough to excite you?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 October 2011

    I'm kind of excited but nothing has really been shown yet, even by Nintendo for the WiiU, Honestly though i'm just super excited to see Zelda and Metroid in those crazy graphics!!!! and I bet Star Fox will look incredible too!...

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    The 3D Will Mean Something In The Next Zelda Game For Nintendo 3DS

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 September 2011

    I kind of wish they would give zelda to somebody else over there at nintendo....apparently one of the guys whos been the producer of mario since the N64 would like to make a zelda game...he asked anouma if they could swap places in an Iwatas Asks...Anouma said no :( The only game that guy worked on was Zelda OOT so i'm sure he has some credibility even though he's only been working on mario for...

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    Your most hated movie of 2011 so far

    in Movies Discussion on 12 September 2011

    Battle:LA one of the worst movies i've ever seen ever as well as Transformers 3 that was terrible...ugh.....

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    Dragon Quest X Requires a consistent Internet Connection, Only the 1st few hours can be played offline.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 September 2011


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    3DS getting flood of ports from the unreleased Vita, said "one analyst"

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 August 2011

    I can't even believe people are actually considering this rumor...Nintendo isn't stupid there not going to add a second stick when the touch screen works perfectly fine to act as a second stick would. Hasn't anybody played the Metroid Prime Hunters on the original ds?! Perfect Example of this control type! ANd I had no problem playing super mario 64 ds with a D-PAD! On the original ds...Jeez...

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    What Does 3DS need to beat PSV?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 August 2011

    by doing what it does now and have plenty of great quality games...

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    Greatest Video Game Systems Elimination Thread - The Results

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 August 2011

    + SNES - PS3   Edit: Few I have enough posts! I don't post on these forums much! But just check it out and this seemed like something cool to participate in.....

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    Diablo 3 Beta Preview Released, Buy Items With Real Money Revealed

    in PC Discussion on 21 August 2011

    When real world money is involved with other games it's considered cheating, Guild Wars for example will ban you if they find out, I tried buying off one of those sites for guild wars ( i know i'm so bad I was 14 and I wanted good shit!) and I was banned about a day and a half later. I am against this because I realize how cheap this really is, for example.. you see someone in the game with...

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    Do YOU want the Last Story? If so, speak up!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 October 2010

    I really wanna play last story it looks so sick they better bring it over!!...

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    What is your take on creationism/creationists?

    in General Discussion on 06 June 2010

    headshot91 said: WereKitten said: ^I really think you should tone that down. Let's confront the ideas and the actions, not the people. Not really. The first paragraph is a statement. The second paragraph is a statement. If you reject logic and ignore evidence to believe in creationism then you really aren't very smart... I have no qualms about people believeing in allah/god etc etc, but...

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    Will time travel ever be possible?

    in General Discussion on 03 June 2010

    read about warp holes im not sure who said it but I think it was eisntein everything happens at the same time and there are different dimensions and you can use these warp holes to travel into different dimensions or places in space.Like a shortcut through space....

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    What is your take on creationism/creationists?

    in General Discussion on 03 June 2010

    SecondWar said: DannyW said: Evolution is all a lie. Humans started walking upright about 6000 years ago, when God made 'em from dirt. There is no compatibility whatsoever between random, purposeless, Godless evolution and Christianity or Judaism. Any divine oversight or guidance means that natural evolution never occurred. Science is full of frauds, hoaxes, misinterpreted evidence,...

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    Where Does Mario Go Next?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 May 2010

    Back to the mushroom kingdom maby?...

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    Who will have the most embarrassing E3 this year?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 May 2010

    if cammy shows up on stage nintendo is screwed...

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    Zelda Wii: "Expect Surprises"

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 May 2010

    What would be cool was to have a big open world with lots of secrets to discover that kind of makes me want to explore it.The open fields in twilight were kind of boring and didn't really wanna make me explore it.It was more like a hub....

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