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Left 4 Dead 2 as Best FPS for the 360?  Please!  That was a big enough laugh, but GOTY?  HA!  Here's what really bugs me.  They picked L4D2 over MW2 for the 360 and picked MW2 for the PS3 over Killzone 2.  Not only can we infer that they believe L4D2 is superior to MW2, but Killzone 2 as well.  I'm not saying it's a bad game.  Far from it.  But how do you say a game that's basically just multiplayer is better than 2 games with stellar single player campaigns to go with stellar multiplayer?

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You know what?

I'm one of the staff, and I really don't care. Complain some more, go ahead. They're our choices, and they're damn good ones. Go ahead, cry more because we don't agree with you. In fact, go find a site that agrees with every one of your opinions. Please do, because I don't want to see you anymore if you want to have this spoiled little attitude and call us crazy for having our own opinions.



So I'm crazy?
Also I agree with the dog...

Former something....

Keep this in mind when reading what I type...

I've been gaming longer than many of you have been alive.


Why don't you make like a tree and get out of here?

cry moar

L4D2 > Any other FPS this year.

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I like the choices and they are sane (consider what I said when you consider NSMBwii as GOTY )

YOU are crazy.

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We really didn't need these GOTY awards to know that they are crazy. In the past they've banned each other's accounts, edited each other's news posts and other crazy stuff.

But that's why we love them.

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dougsdad, that is not really a proper attitude to take or to express. They're allowed their opinions, and some of these guys love the Hell out of Left 4 Dead.

Montana, I don't think that's an appropriate reaction either. There's no need to defend any of these articles, much less letting someone's disagreement drive you to urge them away from the site.

He's right... I'm crazy for sure.

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