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Thanks to Final Fantasy XIII, The Slim, The Price Cut, and new marketing, the PlayStation 3 has not only shattered expectations once again, it is ahead of it's closest competitor in EU, sells 1 million units Worldwide, and has now crossed the 30 million unit milestone!!!! Congratulations PlayStation 3!



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Updates inbound!


YES party time.

Can it be at 40 by this time next year? :)

Who knew that were possible in 2007?

GO PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Xbox 360 sales vs playstation 3 sales, 5.7 million difference. Getting close.

Congrats PS3! keep on selling :)



Congratz PS3!!!

This means that it just passed the MegaDrive, and soon it will pass the N64, leaving only the Xbox360 in the fight for the best-selling losing console...