Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who else solved solved all riddles in Batman AA?

Just did it and heck it took long..

Going for for first platinium now!



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I'm still trying to solve my money issues so I can buy the game

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I did. It was awesome!

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I did it, loved every minute. Finding those question mark ones was really really hard sometimes.

I think the map ruined the fun, but I know why they put it in.

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I did. Plus I got platinum trophy.
7 days after I purchased the game actually.

Damn, AA is so an awesome game.

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i did!

i hated when you already could see a question mark, but couldn't get to it :D

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I did. I did it like a day after getting the game too because I couldn't stop playing it for the life of me. Just cause I did it that quick though doesn't mean it was easy. It couple of them were really hard!

i did aswell, its my only 1000/1000 game to date. I thought they were really easy, compared to what other games demand of you.

im trying to do the game on hard and im stuck on the titan just before poison ivy its impossible!!

i did and did not think that it was too hard.

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