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dtewi said:
Wyrdness said:
Interview, oh snap over 240 stars, lol looks like we'll be playing this one for a while.

No, SMG was the same. For 100% you needed 242.

Unless this is 241 for Mario only, in which case with Luigi you would need 482(!) stars.

Luigi was just the exact same stars so effectively it's just 120 stars I think Miyamoto here is hinting at 240 individual stars much like when he said 95% new content he didn't mean anything from the old game would return apart from Mario. They've had over 3 years of development and they've already have a working game engine throughout that time so it's not a hard feat for them to design 240 levels in that time as the's less to develop, we don't even know if Luigi is in the game or playable for that matter.

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Been waiting for this, hope it does better than the first one


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OMG 240 stars! That game is going to be very very Long!

miz1q2w3e said:

great thread but lacks a certain something, i'd be glad to help you if you want

well everyone says it's great, so what does it lack?

after seeing the boxart a 'wow' came out of mouth automatically :)

first time a boxart made me say that

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It's mine now!!!! My job is to stay tuned for any news on Super Mario Galaxy 2, one of the most awaited game for 2010.















 Story: Comming Soon!!

Characters: Coming Soon!!















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Click here to see the E3 trailer!!

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Sorry folks, no official music yet apart from the trailer track








(if you'd like one without the "shine", just ask!)





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North America

EU, JP & AU Comming Soon!!





Comming Soon!!!


miz1q2w3e said:





In my defense I could have done that, I just needed more time and creativity

the thread is beatifull, but the in key details the na and eu release dates are missing

Hey man, nice thread. Clearly, lots of effort have gone into the OP. It does have quite a few typos, though. Might wanna fix that.

Gahh, can't wait for this game! May possibly become my favourite game this gen, until Zelda.

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What does the orange Luma do in the game? New powers?