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Super Mario Galaxy hands-on or new trailer tomorrow on February 24th? Would it be possible? WOOT!

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Release date updated. Super Mario Galaxy 2 due to a May 23rd release in NA. Screenshots coming soon.

Game looks amazing, I'm excited about having Yoshi in the game. I should go back and finish off the few remaining stars I have to collect in Galaxy to hype myself up for this game.

Screenshots and new trailer added. CAN'T WAIT! THIS GAME IS GONNA BE FUCKIN AWESOME!
I'm amazed how the level are so rich in details and how brand new ideas they brought to the sequel! Is it possible the sequel will be better?


I can't even stop looking at the logo.


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I hope they use Yoshi for more than a few areas. The tongue is strong with the little green dino.

European release date updated. June 11th.

Possible boxart. Maybe.

Logo updated. Little Luma added.

No hub world in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Thank you, the observatory was annoying.

The visual effects of this game are tranquil. This game will certainly be more revolutionary than its predecessor. Yoshi may have had a cameo appearance in Super Mario Galaxy (though Yoshi was featured as a wooden planet) but Yoshi needed to be incorporated as character into the game. The solution was a direct sequel. Also there needs to be a new antagonist in Super Mario Galaxy 2.