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Recently purchased the LCD 40" Samsung 1080i for like $598.  Boom!!! I had to get PS3 for bluray right. Boom!!! Iit was the best bluray player worth the money.  I could of gotten a samsung bluray for like 140 but 150 more i could get a PS3.  Best Buys Bundle if it was a bundle not quite sure; it had PS3, extra controller, hdmi cable, and some other junk for like $449. I just told them to get me the unbundle 120 version.  I bought my Hdmi cable on ebay for like 1.99 and shipping was like 1.70 score.

Aight i have no games for the ps3 plan on getting Final Fantasy whenever it comes out. I have a lot of bluray movies and a lot of games on the wii. right now i am playing zelda spirit tracks sweet game.  What games would you recommend for me as my 1st purchase. i heard uncharted 2 was good and codmw2, but i never played uncharted 1. 

Please let me know i would greatly appericate it


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Run and buy Uncharted 2, that is definitely the first place to start j/k
Uncharted 1 and 2, Resistance 1 and 2, Killzone 2, Burnout paradise, InFAMOUS

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift.....Make sure you just go ahead and start a crap-load of demo downloads from the PSN store and run them in the background

Just waiting for that PS Vita to come out so I can play some full featured games on the go with that beautiful screen and control scheme...

Dragon Age, Valkyria Chronicles and Demons Souls if you like RPGs. Killzone 2, MW 2, Resistance 2 for FPS, Motorstorm: PR & Wipeout HD for racers, Ratchet & Clank & LBP for platformers. And MGS4. Most of these have demos but get Uncharted 2 first.


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HERES YOUR CHRISTMAS LIST: Uncharted 2, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Assassins Creed 2, Grand Theft Auto 4, Metal Gear Solid 4


badgenome said:

I somehow knew you would show up in the thread and say that.  But yes...It'll look beautiful on the new HDTV you bought, dsps3wii.

Just waiting for that PS Vita to come out so I can play some full featured games on the go with that beautiful screen and control scheme...

What Genres do you like?

With nothing but Spirit Tracks to work on, I'll just give you my personal favorite PS3 game, which is Valkyria Chronicles. Beautiful game, and great gameplay. It is a turn based strategy game, that sort of plays like an action game (to an extent). Definitely one of the more original games out there.

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u know i like rpg can't wait for final fantasy, adventure games like zelda., i like residetn evil 4 on the wii how is re5? i heard deadspace is pretty cool and metal gear also. when is white knight chronicles coming out? Is demon soul better than dragon age?