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"The graphics are simply stunning and surprisingly quick to render. The minutest of details can be picked out with great clarity, from individual blades of grass to an interior's every button, switch and carbon fiber weave

12 cars, 4 tracks

"Load times are faster than Forza 3, but remember that this is a demo and official comparisons are impossible until we see the finished product."

Nurburgring Nordschleife for the win!!!! My god, I can't wait to do a 24H endurance on that track :D

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MY GOD its a bad quality but STILL GRAPHICS are amazing!

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So much for that GT Academy


Sony's latest commercial featuring GT/GT Academy.

Good Job Lucas!


I need GT5.

Day/Night cycle, dynamic weather...on all tracks. PD have outdone themselves.

I hope that there is a car wash and oil change feature though. I used to like that in GT3.

And that boxart looks so damn sexy!


Some new videos of GT5 from CES thanks to gamespot

    * Nurburgring Nordschleife Replay (HKS Mitsubishi Lancer)
    * Fuji Speedway Replay (Lexus SC430 JGTC)
    * Indianpolis Motor Speedway In-Car Gameplay (Lamborghini Gallardo)
    * Indianapolis Motor Speedway Replay (McLaren F1)
    * CES GT5 Demo Menu Screens and Options

Bout time a game site shows videos of other cars on other tracks rather then Tokyo.

Just listen to the sounds of the Evo at the ring. Sounds amazing.