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Forums - Sales Discussion - The Offical October 2009 NPD Thread (4 weeks ending Oct 31)

dolemit3 said:
GTA Chinatown Wars (PSP) < 10k. DS's number looks Halo like in comparison.


It's just that simple.

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Wow, besides PS3 they're all off by a bit. Other than Wii, which is "holy shi--" off.

Terrible for all software...

Chrizum said:
Wii overtracked for the millionth time. Why is VGChartz always overtracking it?

It is the fastest-selling piece of videogame hardware in history and had astronomical sales in the year 2008. Sales for the console have been unpredictable week after week since its launch over 150+ weeks ago. Trying to estimate how much such a product will sell is a little more than difficult.

NPD only accounts for USA and does have a few retailers missing. Sales from VGC can include other territories, like Canada!

Leatherhat on July 6th, 2012 3pm. Vita sales:"3 mil for COD 2 mil for AC. Maybe more. "  thehusbo on July 6th, 2012 5pm. Vita sales:"5 mil for COD 2.2 mil for AC."

Demon's Souls over 100k

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GTA Chinatown Wars (PSP, under 10k sales) > A Boy and His Blob (Wii) according to GAF

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Good to see Demon Souls with 100k+.
DJ Hero bombed pretty badly.

darthdevidem01 said:
psrock said:
@Darth, The PSP is making Sony more money than the PS3, why should I attack it. The Go probably cost $100 bucks to make, or less.

{shock horror}

Captain obvious....everyone knows that


Despite a new model release &  a GRAN EFFING TURISMO, PSP sold below last years numbers in october


PSP should be "attacked" as something is clearly going wrong here

Vilify Sony, not the PSP.

Brutal Legend (360) - 150,000 units
Brutal Legend (PS3) - 66,000 units
DJ Hero (360) - 62,000 units
DJ Hero (PS3) - 39,000 units
DJ Hero (Wii) - 19,000 units
DJ Hero (PS2) - 3,300 units

Wii, Borderlands (360), NBA2K10 (360/PS3), Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and FIFA 10 (360) should see adjustments.

Overall VGC tracking was pretty good this months except for Wii, Borderlands and NBA2K10.






lol DJ Hero. Down in flames.