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This is a general thread. Who's your favorite villain? Could be from a game, from a movie, from a TV show, comics... hell, I'll be nice, you can even include a WWF villain if you want. Just tell us who it is, and why. Mine's Two-Face, from DC comics. I was introduced to Two-Face way back in the early 90's, with Batman the Animated Series. I honestly didn't like him back then. I was something like 8 years old, and he wasn't someone I recognized like The Joker or Penguin, and he didn't have cool powers like Clayface or Poison Ivy. He was just this half-deformed guy that acted like an old-timey gangster, as far as I was concerned. But, see, now I know better. Two-Face is one of the most brilliant villains because, not only did he used to be Batman's friend, he used to be the closest thing Gotham had to a second superhero. Batman knows that, and just like he thinks of his parents every time he tosses a baddie into Arkham, he thinks of his parents, *and* his old best friend every time he has to go up against Two-Face. In the cartoon, the "Harvey" element of Two-Face is mostly lost after his first appearance (although there are a few really good exceptions), but in the comics, Two-Face has gone from bad guy to good guy and back a couple times. It just depends on how the coin happens to flip. Batman is one of the most psychologically cool characters in all of comicdom, which explains why so many of his villains aren't so much "villains" as they are "psychopaths who keep escaping from prison." But among the random crazies, Two-Face is the one rogue whose psychosis has meaning. Why is Bane angry? He abuses drugs. Why is Poison Ivy crazy? She just really loves plants. Why is the Joker crazy? Who knows? Harvey, though? Harvey's crazy for the same reason Batman is... he hates crime. He's a vigilante at heart, he's just lost control and fallen into the void that Batman manages to just barely keep himself out of. (your turn)

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Hmm, I have never really thought about that. I'm going to say Zelda from Terrahawks, I watched this show when I was a kid and can still remember the old and the family of 'freaks'. Zelda, the Imperial Queen of the Planet Guk. Zelda is an android who was accidentally given the power of self-determination by her creators. Her burning ambition is galactic domination and enslavement of all humanoids. She has combined the best attributes of humanoids - 'beauty' and age, with her own mysterious unearthly powers. Oh, and MOID - Master Of Infinate Disguise. That puppets eyes used to freak me out! Where does one end?!

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Villian...... hmmmmm. I would have to go with, hands down,...... The Lord of Darkness, played by Tim Curry in the movie legend.

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Kefka, Final Fantasy VI I've never hated a villain so much in my life. >:(

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Ganondorf and Black Shadow (F-Zero X/GX). Why? They are true vilain seeking for power and you have to be the one who stop them They also got the attitude (A least Ganondorf).

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Ghaleon from Lunar. I could understand his motivation. I disagreed with it, but I could understand it. Sephiroth was not a very good villian. Sure he looked cool, but that was about it. I didn't like Kefka, but he was a good villain. I mean Kefka does some brutal things in FFVI. He is far better than Sephiroth. Sephiroth and Ghaleon are similar villain concepts. They both start off as heroes and become villains. The difference in my opinion of them is execution. Ghaleon does not believe he is a villian, he believes he is doing whats best for Lunar. His motivation is different depending on which version of Lunar you've played, they changed it when remade Lunar. I prefer his original motive, although his motivation in Silver Star Story Complete was still quite good.

Ganondorf, zelda the windwaker: The art was superb!



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