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2009 had a lot of epic movies... a lot of epic fails too (Transformers 2, Terminator Salvation)

For the best movie of 2009 (and I would easily say the best of the decade):

Inglourious Basterds

2nd place goes to:

District 9

3rd place:

Observe and Report

4th place:


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I haven't seen Zombieland... and I'm a huge fan of zombie flicks. Is this game still in cinemas in the US? I hope they'll show it in cinemas here in the Netherlands.

This is it!

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twesterm said:
axumblade said:

These are the 2009 movies I've seen this year ranked in order that I liked them. :p

Inglourious Bastards
District 9
Star Trek
The Hangover
I Love You, Man
Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs
Julie & Julia
Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince
The Invention of Lying
Where The Wild Things Are
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Whip It
Madea Goes To Jail
Fast and Furious
The Proposal
The Haunting In Connecticut
Angels & Demons
Halloween II
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Confessions of A Shopaholic
The International
All About Steve
I Can Do Bad All By Myself
The Ugly Truth
The Goods: Live Long, Sell Hard

They are in order by which I liked them. Blue movies I enjoyed the most. Green movies I enjoyed. Yellow movies I liked. Red movies had some good parts. Black movies were a complete waste of my time. And there are some movies I don't want to see even that I didn't bother watching (despite my friends letting me into movies for free). I paid for a lot of the movies that I thoroughly enjoyed instead of letting friends pay for them because they deserved to be paid for. I can say that i've paid to see all of my top movies and other than Coraline and Inglourious Basterds, I have seen all of the movies in blue at least twice. :)

I should have looked at this list before posting...

Anyways, going through your list of movies I recognize:

  • Inglorious Bastards-- Really?  I heard meh things about it but I still kind of want to see it.
  • District 9 -- As stated above, amazing.
  • Star Trek -- bleh, it wasn't bad but it wasn't good either.
  • Zombieland -- great great great
  • Coraline -- Still want to see this one
  • The Hangover -- I *loved* this movie.  It's so nice to have a nice rated R comedy in the sea of shitty tame romantic comedies.
  • Watchmen -- wait, that was in 2009?
  • I Love You, Man -- Another great comedy.  I actually didn't expect to like this one.
  • Extract -- I love Mike Judge but this movie just wasn't very good.  It started out good but I was just bored by the end.
  • Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince -- blah, they covered the interesting and important parts in the first and last 10 minutes and left the middle two hours to Ron and the chick (because I can't spell her name) being stupid teenagers.  I would rather have that be a total of 20 minutes and spend the rest of the movie on the actual important parts.
  • The Invention of Lying -- Fun concept, shitty movie.  Again, started out good but by about 1/3 way through the joke just wore extremely thin and I was ready for it to be done by 1/2 way through.
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine -- FUCK YOU (not you axum, fuck you to the twat that fucked up that movie and the Marvel characters/timeline in it so badly).
  • Madea Goes to Jail -- I'm afraid you listed this one incorrectly, it should be Tyler Perry's, a film by Tyler Perry starring Tyler Perry Madea Goes to Jail produced by Tyler Perry.  Fuck him.
  • The Proposal -- remember that sea of bad romantic comedies I mentioned earlier?...
  • All About Steve -- WHAt!?  This movie wasn't fantastic by any sense of the word but it was actually one of the better bad romantic comedies and worth watching.

Everyone that i know that saw Inglorious Basterds loved it. Coraline was great but just keep in mind it's more aimed at kids if you watch it. I agree about Wolverine but it was practically Citizen Kane in comparison to that damn X-Men Last Stand movie from a few years ago. I think that the reason I liked the Proposal is because I appreciate the weirdness of Betty White. All About Steve should probably have been higher on my list actually...same with The International.

Honestly, what makes me mad about this is was that I started off with Clive Owen and Gerard Butler being my 2 favorite actors (because of Children of Men and Rock N Rolla specifically)....and sadly enough they have just fallen in with the crowd lately by making movies that aren't up to par with previous efforts.

Inglourious Bastards
District 9
Star Trek
The Hangover
I Love You, Man


Really looking forward to Avatar.

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twesterm said:
ManusJustus said:

Is that the one with Kevin Spacey as the robot and that guy from Matchstick Men?  If so, that movie was pretty good and they both did an amazing job in that movie.

Yeah, thats it.

The only movies i saw this year were
Harry Potter
The Hangover
The Orphan
Hannah Montana: The Movie (my sister and cousin begged me to take them)

It's probably a tie between Transformers and The Hangover for me.

I was thoroughly disappointed with the ending in Harry Potter. The WHOLE movie i was looking forward to the big battle, which was the only thing i liked in the book. Biggest waste of money for me this year. I liked Hannah fucking Montana more than this crap.

OMG i forgot all about 500 days of summer. I LOVED it so much!! Definately in my list.
I enjoyed Moon also!

I can't beleive nobody else has seen "An Education" :(

Hm... let me think of a full this year break down.

First off, the horrendous.

He's just not that in to you - an ensemble romantic comedy that attempts to suggest that sometimes things just don't work out, except that everything works out. Saw it with the girlfriend and my mom (don't ask) and the only enjoyment any of us got out of it was ripping it apart

Transformers 2 - holy crap. The "it's supposed to be a dumb action flick" argument doesn't work. Because it's not dumb fun, it's obnoxious offensively lame garbage. There isn't a single redeeming aspect of this unfunny, plotless pointless cacophony of noise.

G.I. Joe - Exactly what you'd expect (hey it wasn't my idea to see it), by the time they were trying to escape getting crushed by the sinking ice, we were all laughing to hard to feel actual malice for this stinker.

Knowing - If knowing only had a sense of humour, or perhaps, a sense of self knowing, this absurd tale of the end of days could have been a dark, tongue in cheek cult hit of the year. Instead it's about as coherent and sensible as Nicholas Cages' screaming.

Now the Bad

2012 - some reduced repetition and an hour shorter running time would have pushed this in to the good, but by the time I left the theatre I thought 2012 might actually be the current date. Emmerich knows his way around an apocalypse, but he hasn't figured out yet how to give us characters that we want to survive.

Surrogates - The problem with this real life second life world film isn't that it was a bad movie. The problem was that this bad movie wasted a concept that could have been the backbone of a great movie. A world is presented, questions are asked, and answers are avoided for some mediocre action sequences.

Wolverine - This isn't a geek out dislike (but seriously, bone claws?), but the thing just kind of wandered on aimlessly, and the action sequences just seemed... small.

Angels and Demons - The book was ok before it got ridiculous. The best I can say of the movie was that it was slightly better than the Da Vinci Code. If they make a movie of his third book, I'm avoiding it like a catholic tomb.

The Ok -

The International - a small scale political thriller that works. It tells it's small scale story and gives us some small scale thrills. Largely forgettable, but still enjoyable

Push - The series pilot of the year has the bad fortune to come out as a movie instead. Push worked very well at setting up an existing mythos and even had a very "TV" feel to it. But a good TV feel. I enjoyed the movie and wish I could get a weekly series out of it. But it never should have come out on a big screen.

Terminator Salvation: I had the good fortune to watch this in a completely empty movie theatre with just My girlfriend's sister and two bottles of soju(Korean vodka). So instead of worrying about the tacked on story, we just whooped, screamed at the characters, and nearly peed ourselves laughing at "Tell them I'll be back!". All in all it was a lot of fun, even if the story has trouble deciding who the main protagonist should be.

Now the Good

Star Trek - Here's a quiz. you consider one of your crew mates to be a danger to the mission. Do you A) send them to the Brig, or B) eject them on to a crazy monster ridden Ice planet? If you picked B, you're the guy who wrote Star trek's silly script. But that doesn't stop the movie from being lots of fun and a great reboot of the series. Good stuff all around.

The Hangover - The bearded dude's character definitely went beyond funny moronic in to just plain stupid, but there was just the right level of panic, over the top situations and good natured humour to keep this one on the rails. Though it's got to be said, Mike Tyson just can't act.

Coraline - I'm a sucker for a beautiful presentation like Coraline's stop motion filming. And fortunately this film has the sincerity to back up the pretty packaging. It sure would have been nice to see it in 3D.

Paranormal Activity - This generations Blair Witch mostly lives up to job. managing to scare you most when we're waiting for something to happen, even if the pay off doesn't always equal the prior tension. Fortunately, it mostly sticks to the tension. It also gets a thumbs up for not treating us like boobs that need everything explained. 

And the Glorious

Inglorious Basterds - Quintin Tarantino, you truly are an auteur. And Basterds is your masterpiece. Spreading his gift for dialogue and enthralling characters in to historical fiction and across several languages, Tarantino offers a film like no other. I was worried that the film would be preoccupied with jew on nazi action scenes, but Tarantino seems confident enough to not have to result to that. I think I might go see it again in theatres.

Bruno - I'm going to have trouble writing about this one, because I'm already thinking about the dancing penis and I just can't stop laughing. It's not as consistent as Borat, but fuck it was hillarious.

District 9 - This shouldn't have worked. It really shouldn't. But somehow it managed to balance the line between social satire and all out Alien explody gun action fest. And extra kudos for casting a twerpy looking dude for the protagonist. That's the kind of ballsy move that pays off.

Drag me to Hell - My hands down favourite of the year. Bloody good fun. Hillariously over the top with inventive scares and a no nonsense story. Gypsie Curse! An honest to goodness Gypsie curse movie! Predictable ending aside, this is the kind of high quality, no holds barred, horror movie that we're lucky to get every few years. A more than adequate apology for Spiderman 3.


I also got to see two films at the Busan International Film festival. "A man who ate his cherries" an Iranian film with next to no story, very little dialogue and one big sense of disappointment, considering how great Iranian cinema can actually be. And "Lost Paradise in Tokyo" A really touching film about a man who hires a prostitute for his severly autistic brother. It's too bad that probably no one will get a chance to see Paradise, because it's a really strong film that treats it's subject matter well.

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Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

Bet with dsisister44: Red Steel 2 will sell 1 million within it's first 365 days of sales.

For everyone else who enjoyed Drag Me to Hell there was a really interesting take on the film posted on the IMDB boards. There's a link below to another site which sums up the view. I'm not sure it is actually what happened but I definately think it fits as a viable alternative interpretation and makes for an interesting second viewing.