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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Most annoying flash game ever - Owata >_<

Sorry, I don't know what to tell you. I couldn't get past the first level either.

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You're supposed to go under the thing that shoots up when you touch the moving platform, then fall to the left as far as you can or you'll get a flash kick from Guile. If you make it past Guile, you have to move to the right fast or you get a Body splash from Zangief.

so random

wow thats.. annoyingly random, btw go through the letters on your keyboard and the creature makes different faces and does different things.

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Jump on the platform then back off, then on again to pass the first level, dont know how to kill the damned pig though.

Soriku said:
Lol, you either? Btw, welcome to VGChartz .

Thanks. I need to get an avatar and everything, but that's not about to happen tonight.

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You mean go right. If you time where the squirrel jumps you can run under him, but you have to shoot him to go right further.

Its not a squirrel!

Its pedobear! HAHAHAHA!

Oh how do I love this game.

MOTHER F... This game makes me so angry lol

I made it to what I assume is the end boss. He's some kind of enormous floating head.

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owata? i think it's a mispelling of otaku.

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