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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Most annoying flash game ever - Owata >_<

Its not a squirrel!

Its pedobear! HAHAHAHA!

Oh how do I love this game.

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I found a glitch

Go to where the squirrel is, stay close to the left, but let him run after you, go to the very end before he can get you and keep running. You won't get hit and after a few seconds he'll retreat.


MOTHER F... This game makes me so angry lol

I made it to what I assume is the end boss. He's some kind of enormous floating head.

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owata? i think it's a mispelling of otaku.

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I couldn't get past the moving platform... so frustrating!

Help! I'm stuck in a forum signature!

The game's name is "人生オワタの大冒険", which I understand as "the great adventure of life ended", but probably means "Life Ending Adventure" like it says at the top of the main screen.

Nobody except me recognised the first enemy btw?

I did Parokki

Yeah the end boss is hard. Gonna try beat him now, this giant cat thing called Tanisan or something.

what the hell?
how do you get to the end boss?

I went to the right, beat whatever that was, then there was a huge pit I couldn't get past
I went to the left, and there was a ninja bear that I couldn't even hit, he'd just reflect my shots back at me
I went down, and managed to get to a moving platform that runs away, so I can't jump of it


Help! I'm stuck in a forum signature!

i can't get past the smiling moving platform thing either!