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Nintendo Decides

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If the DS shows that hardware power doesn't matter that much, I can't see why Sony would ever up the specs of the PSP that much with a new unit.  If they do, it'll most certainly be able to play current downloadable games, obviously, so it'll be more of an evolution even though it may be a step up in hardware.

I guess if Nintendo puts out a handheld more powerful than the PSPGo, it may force Sony's hand, though they could wait a year before coming back with a clearly superior unit at a comparable price.

Portables don't run through the standard generation cycles any such concepts are fanbois trying to impose personal values on such machines. Portables run by product increments based on technological or economic needs.

Squilliam: On Vgcharts its a commonly accepted practice to twist the bounds of plausibility in order to support your argument or agenda so I think its pretty cool that this gives me the precedent to say whatever I damn well please.

PSP-2 will most likely release next year, and Nintendo will release a DS-2 whenever they want because they won't lose their position by releasing another handheld only years later. Such a thing never happened before in the console market.






no idea, im DONE with portable systems

i LOVED the PSP, when it first game out, and the first 2 years of the PSP's life (PSP is the best system i had ever owned)
then there was no games and now there are.... i have got a PS3 and there are so soo soooo many games i want for it!
plus one day i wnt a PSP-GO when they come down in price, so if i keep getting games now then when tht day does come i wont be able to play them on the go...

that probs made no sence to anyone but it did to me lol

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I dunno, but I really want a DS that connects to mobile phone networks for online gaming (even if it's predominantly turn based games), and can buy games using phone credit. If digital distribution would be good for anything, it would be buying games while bored on the bus (plus carrying carts/umds around is much more bothersome with a handheld than discs are for a home console).

A game I'm developing with some friends:

It is largely a technical exercise but feedback is appreciated.

never, I hope


2011 for Sony, but a lot later for Nintendo.




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Nintendo Decides


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killeryoshis said:
After the DS stops selling

that will be in a long time.