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Forums - Sales Discussion - The Official 5 week Sept USA NPD Thread (Data released ~6:30 pm 10/18/2007)

The MP3 sales aren't that surprising to me. I predicted 175k for the first week so I wasn't that far off.

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Soriku said:
Lol, I love your pics and GIFs, Dolla.

A few are of my own creation, but I borrowed a couple from GAF, as well.

gorgepir said:
I have put up the complete breakdown already at with a simple comparison to vgchartz.

You should post them in here, this is the official NPD thread for September.

Well atleast the ps3 is selling at 100k or more monthly(which 119k is terrible...very bad indeed) Now, wii did amazing, suprised a little bit that the 360 outsold it.


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PS3: 22M

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I'm surprised that it took a price cut and the MASSIVE Halo 3 to barely outsell the Wii, with it's own amazing (sarcasm) software releases for the same month.

I wonder how Sony Defence Force plans on spinning these numbers, since the PS family was not the highest selling 'combination' this month.

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Seems like Halo sales really brought down Wii sales. I'm worried for the XBox360 though. When 3rd parties see how well the 1st party software does it may scare them off from trying to compete.

DonWii said:
I wonder how Sony Defence Force plans on spinning these numbers, since the PS family was not the highest selling 'combination' this month.

That's easy... PS2+PS3+PSP > X360... barely...


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maybe the 60G is actually running out and less people are bothered about the 80G?...i mean sales are almost as low as the went before the price re-shuffle.

@ thet MS thing you posted DonWii..."outsells PS3 5:1", can MS not count, the Wii outsold the PS3 4:1, the 360 was a bit more than 4:1.....5:1 would have meant 600k sales

Just a random thought here.

Is is possible that NPD may understate the sales of some systems and software (and consequently overestimate the sales of others) because it does not track Wal-Mart?

It seems almost everytime I am in one of those stores, someone is getting something out of the Nintendo case (or at least looking at it). Meanwhile, I never see anyone showing interest in the Xbox 360 or PS3 cases.

Maybe it is just happenstance. Or maybe certain shoppers go to different stores (and not game stores). Certainly if you go into a Gamestop (or read GameInformer) you get the impression that the PS3 has a lot to offer and the Wii is just kind of there.

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Stranglehold at 104,200 -- Midway is going to be hurting...

Other shockers:
Warhawk at 45K and Madden PS2 outselling Madden 360 in September by over 20K.