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Forums - Website Topics - Time to hibernate from vgchartz for a while again- apple iphone ad is back!

Come on!  I can't stand this crap!!!

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I have never seen this add.

Neither have I.

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I get it, it depends on your global region and internet browser.

I get it, I'm using MSN Explorer, very rare occassions though. Maybe 3 times a day. Its very annoying as hell. If its quiet in you house and all of a sudden you go back to the home page of VGChartz. The guy says (yes their is a guy now that says) "Congratlations you just recieved a free Apple iPod" I'm like WTF!!!!!!!!

But all is good. This isn't gonna make me leave VGChartz. You start to get use to it after awhile. ioi should fix that ad though O_O