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Forums - General Discussion - If You Could Have any Super Power or Ability, what . . .


what kind of power or ability would you like to have. It can be anything in the world.


It took me a while to choose but I would definately want the ability to manipulate people's minds. Then I can make people I don't like dance foolishly in public lol :D Or, I can get my Chem teacher to give me an easy A. Or better yet I can make all the cute girls fall in love with me and buy me stuff. Too bad I'm too nice to do that last part though. But I would definatelty make my best friend dance while he's at work though (not that I don't like him I just think that would be extremely funny). I could also make people say things they would never say, or reveal their deepest secrets. Man the list goes on. Oh and I would also like to turn invisible.

Sooo yeah what would you do?


nintendo forever . . .

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My super ability would be to be able to evaporate any person into annihilation by my will power alone.

Freeze time. I'd never be late for anything, no need to wait in line and I could easily rob a bank.


Be able to sing.

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definitely invisibility


be a ps3 cos it only does everything =)

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NKAJ said:
be a ps3 cos it only does everything =)

.... XD