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If that whole convenience store thing doesn't work out for them, 7-Eleven could get into the lucrative business of exposing video game sequels in advance of their official unveiling. The latest spoiler concerns a possible sequel to that late life PlayStation 2 masterpiece, Okami.

A 7-Eleven online database made mention today of "Okamiden." This is a name that appeared recently in trademark databases. In Japanese, the kanji characters suggest that this is indeed a sequel to the PS2 title which was later ported to the Wii.

The 7-Eleven listing isn't actually for the game. It's for next week's issue of Famitsu, which, according to the retailer, will have coverage of the game.

If this sounds familiar to you, you might be recalling a similar incident back in late May when a 7-Eleven database listing for an upcoming issue of Famitsu PlayStation mentioned a new Metal Gear game. This was prior to the formal announcement of Rizing and Peace Walker.

The mention of Okamiden comes in a listing for the main Famitsu magazine, which covers all platforms. There's no indication of platform for the game. However, it may be worth noting that the Wii version of the original has been getting considerable attention in Japan of late, where it's due for release in mid October.

I'm not sure what to make of this I mean 7 Eleven? It seems kind of unlikely.

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I didn't know the Wii version wasn't out in Japan yet. Well, here's hoping...

Hmm it would be nice if we get a sequel, but Capcom keep on saying if you want a sequel then why haven't you bought the original, I would think that means there dissapointed with the sales of Okami.

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Yeah, Okamiden's sudden appearance coupled with Capcom's sporadic decision to release and promote the Wii version of Okami in Japan...I know where this is going.

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if Okamiden is true then it will be on the wii right?

Wow the wii keeps getting better.


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developing for the wii would cost them less, they can reuse the engine they used with okami wii and revamp the filter, but why would they want to make it for wii??? they keep saying the wii version hasn't sold that well.


Capcom's going to catch a lot of flak if it's for anything other than Wii, that's for damn sure.

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