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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - VC can't go bye bye! YOU HEAR ME NINTENDO!!

2 weeks without a VC title, but two weeks with a relatively big WiiWare title. (Monkey Island this week, but i forget what was last week, but it was fairly important).


I'd wait until a week witout a big WiiWare title before we assess the situation with Virtual Console.

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Ignoring the fact that the VC is not going to be shut down/frozen.... I wouldn't be that bothered if they did for my part. I would be a little annoyed on behalf of other users who clearly love the service though.

I have 10 VC games, would happily send 5 of them back.... I am planning to get Super Mario Kart when it releases for PAL (which it should) but other than that there isn't another game I want.


highwaystar101 said:
burgerstein said:
Fisrt you need to tell us what you're talking about.


It seems that Nintendo are just going to freeze the VC as it is. To be fair there are not many games left that they can put up there and be financially successful. Don't blame them really.

From the link:

A customer service representative for Nintendo, perhaps not the most reliable of sources, has revealed that WiiWare has become the primary focus for Nintendo of America. It looks as if there'll still be classic games added, just just less frequently than before.

Even this so-called "fake news" doesn't say anything about killing VC. I thought it has long since been obvious that Nintendo uses VC games to pad out WiiWare releases. Looks like this practice will continue.

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Haha, VC is the biggest cash cow. They do nothing to the games ... nothing! For that not to be profitable, they'd have to be selling 5 games a week ...

Nintendo will keep putting games on the VC as long as the Wii is alive.

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I'm sure that I can find a number of games that they could bring out for the VC that I know I would purchase, that isn't there already. Like the Final Fantasy Series. Sure I own most of them already but I could do with a copy that I don't need to blow out.

Wizards & Warriors*
Heavy Barrel
Ikari Warriors*
Boy and his Blob
Dragon Warrior*
Mad Max
Metal Gear*
Prince of Persia*
Blaster Master
Spy Hunter
Adventure Island II*
Tiger Heli
RC Pro Am*
California Games (NES)
Magic Darts
Super Baseball Simulator 1.00
Snake Rattle n Roll
Chrono Trigger
Clay Fighters 63 1/3
Demon's Crest
EVO: The Search For Eden
Illusion of Gaia
Joe & Mac*
Killer Instinct*
Lost Vikings*
RPM Racing
Top Gear*
Blast Corps
Perfect Dark
Quest 64

Just from the nintendo side of things these are the games that I still want to see added, anything with a * means it had more than one game and I would like to see all or both added

I think they should release Fire Emblem in America, just like they did with Sin and Punishment, those are great games and im sure they would sell

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They will keep the classics coming.

they will keep them coming. the only costs they have is to pay somebody to make the operations manuel ( a couple hours of labor at the most) make server space for it, and use bandwidth.

like a previous poster said. they won't look lose money unless the game doesn't sell at all.


EDIT: the reson i think there were no vc games added lately is the recent glut of wiiware games coming out (including some fairly big ones, like monkey island, bust a move plus, and my life as a darklord.)

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