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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - VC can't go bye bye! YOU HEAR ME NINTENDO!!

you know, if VC isn't profitable anymore, then why not simply have a price cut on certain VC games, how about they also revamp the the channel and merge both Wiiware and VC into one elegant channel that features content from both, that way a person who may want to see what's available on wiiware may pick up a VC game instead if they find nothing they want from the wiiware stuff, same goes the other least this way they maximize exposure.

I figure Nintendo should at least TRY to do something like I suggested, rather than dump the channel all together. I now they haven't officially dropped VC yet, but if they start by slowing down it's release to the point where it's not updated anymore, then the next logical step is to stop the service and remove it, because it'll reach a point where it cost more money than it's worth keeping it alive.



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That sucks, I want Super Smash Bros on VC before they freeze it. Then I'll be happy.

I am sure they will release Super Smash Bros on the VC in NA eventually. They know the huge fanbase will pick that up.

But really, not missing many games on the VC anymore, after they finally added Majora's Mask. Would be cool with some more real NES classics tho, like Capcom's DuckTales, but it probably won't happen due to licensing...

Virtual Console was supposed to become the iTunes of gaming, according to Iwata when he announced the service in 2005. I doubt they're freezing or abandoning the service in any territory, they'll just be scaling down the number of releases. In fact, over the course of the last year, they've done that in Europe, Japan and America to accomodate WiiWare.

highwaystar101 said:
burgerstein said:
Fisrt you need to tell us what you're talking about.


It seems that Nintendo are just going to freeze the VC as it is. To be fair there are not many games left that they can put up there and be financially successful. Don't blame them really.

You do know you just sourced a random blog that existed for less than 2 months that claims they actually got an e-mail out of Nintendo. We are a legit website and can't even get an e-mail out of Nintendo. We have to send elgefe with his mask on to Nintendo events where he wrestles Reggie or Cammie to the ground and then interviews them

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how about, you post up a template email for people to use.

a lengthy one at that is logical and has reasons outlined why it shouldn't.
then i shall email them.



People are still talking about this blog's fake email?

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ClaudeLv250 said:
People are still talking about this blog's fake email?

Not everyone is smart enough to recognize fake news.  Trolls are especially receptive to any news they can use in their trolling, true or fake.

Glad this is debunked since it just wouldn't make sense for Nintendo to stop VC.
Sure they may slow it down but I highly doubt they will stop it.

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So is VC doing bad?