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Forums - Website Topics - Trolls: a suggestion

The trolling in the forums is getting out of hand.  Is banning based on IPs not possible? 

My suggestion: If this site made those who create new accounts wait 24 hours (or even longer) before they can post in the forums, that would cut down on the trolling.


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IP Ban is possible but problematic...this has been pointed out in several threads, including many recent ones.

Making guests wait 24 hours to post is not a good idea. Most first posters only post because they get so excited or angry about a particular conversation that they feel the need to express themselves. Usually this is a fleeting moment that if forced to wait 24 hours, many potential posters would just stop caring.

I don't think the trolling is any higher now than it usually is. One particular poster continues to troll heavily under several names, but there really is no difference with said poster's behavior now and prior to his ejection from this site. It just looks like a lot more because of the multiple accounts.

I think the mods are quick to stop this behavior and they are more effective than IP banning. The only people that should be complaining about the lack of the IP ban are the mods, since they have to work that much harder to make this site run smoothly.

I think the trolling is the worst it's ever been. JJseth was the perfect example. This guy has been acting like a jerk for months. It was so predictable that guy would go too far. Had the guy just been warned a bit earlier, a lot of the ugliness could have been avoided.

You guys are pussies. JJseth spoke the truth. Mario is a nazi dicating plumber


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Nazi hater said:
You guys are pussies. JJseth spoke the truth. Mario is a nazi dicating plumber

 What is dicating and why is mario doing it to Nazis?

What did JJSeth do?

Crusty VGchartz old timer who sporadically returns & posts. Let's debate nebulous shit and expand our perpectives. Or whatever.

Look above. More of that and worse.

Is that the fastest ban ever? 3 posts?

I think the mods are doing jobs okay, if people learned to click report post once in a while.

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Enough with these topics tonight - by conitually introducing these threads, you're giving the idiots a reason to keep trying to disrupt these forums.

We all know there is a problem with the banning situation - if you have a suggestion or request, PM ioi about it and I'm sure he'll give you a reasonable response. In the meantime, please ignore the little children...