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Lostplanet22 said:
Pity I can't find the last three books. And I am not really interested in the forerunners trilogy.

They usually have them in stock on Amazon.  And whats the forerunners trilogy?  I've never heard of it.

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Because it's too basic looking, and please dont say anything like GRAPHICS are not everything! Because when this gen console looks like the previous one,,,there is a problem
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Saying Halo has bad graphics is a crappy reason to hate it...

yo_john117 said:
Seraphic_Sixaxis said:

@John- No, but i'll give you my Answer...or rather... Answers.....

1. Halo was a One-Of-A-Kind at the time, therefore it was a thing of popular gaming in the 6th gen, i admit even i enjoyed VERY much.

2. A sequel Ruined it for me because i could careless about the story and all that sort of thing, i sure as hell am not gonna read any frickin books on a damn FPS game, this ain't a MMORPG or JRPG here...

3. Halo 2 came out when there were more options, i think i got into Black and one other at the time as far as i go, and Halo 3... I have WAY many more options, TimeShift for example is my FAVE FPS of this gen, it innovates more then any other FPS of all time imo, then there also KZ2 and battlefield, but i hardly play FPS at all now an days unless some friends wanna get together.



{~So those are my Answers~} 


Halo was popular at the time, so i got into it and liked it.

Didn't care for Halo 2 since other FPS's came out like BLACK.

Halo 3 is shit VS games like TimeShift, sure many others may not agree, but i dont give a rats ass, its my taste and i think Freezeing Time and Blowing someone to Hell and back is FUN rather then Dual-Wielding and Sticky nading peope then Teabaging them all day long only to get6 SCREAMED at in the end by a buncha 12 year olds.

I lol'd.  But good answer.

Lastly though, you should really read the Halo books, I know you'd think they would suck and have shitty stories, but really they are some of the best books i have ever read.  Once you read them you realize that the Halo story is as deep if not deeper than most story-driven games.  Its not like you have anything to lose...

Glad you liked my answer. 

Well, if i can find it for cheap, i'll give it a try, im not a fan of "READING" at all you see, so even if hey made one on say "Final Fantasy VII" one of my fave games of all time, i'd still not read it due to being lazy. :D


Still, if i ever get around to it, i'll try to put up with the reading, good day sir. 

It is because it is popular. Anything popular is considered overrated and overhyped there for it is no good and no one should enjoy it. Also, a lesser known game that much less people enjoy is at least 10x better than the popular game. That is of course until that lesser known game starts to become more popular and then an even lesser known game takes it place.

If it is a series the earlier ones before it got popular are ALWAYS better.

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yo_john117 said:

I don't get it why does the majority of people on this site hate Halo with such a passion?  I know the majority of them haven't played it, so why hate it?  Is it because its too popular?  Is it because you want it on your choice system but can't have it? Is it because you got destroyed the one time you played, and now hate it because you suck at it?  Is it because you have no friends that play it (Cause Halo isn't quite as fun if you have no friends to play it with) 

I can understand not liking the game, but there is absolutly no reason to hate it.  And each Halo has improved massive amounts above the prior one.

So how about the haters stop hating on Halo, play it, and read the books.  And you'll find you enjoy it alot more.

Because the franchise is getting milked. Thats why I hate Mario and now GuitarHero franchises, they just keep releasing crap and make millions off those games, meanwhile other companies are making really great quality games and not getting much. I've always liked Sonys consoles and nintendo handhelds for some reason, but I have to admit Halo was one of the funnest franchises Ive EVER played. I LOVED playing multiplayer ect. with friends. After Halo3 the series got ruined for me. Halo WARS Halo3 ODST Halo Reach Halo Chronicles all these halo games but I dont wanna play any of them, they're just rip offs of Halo3. I want a Halo4. See guitar Hero was going good but after the fourth one they ruind it. They are releasing 6 GH games this year! DJ Hero, Band Hero, Guitar Hero5, Guitar Hero: Metallica, Guitar Hero: Van Hallen and Guitar Hero: Smash Hits. When companies do stuff like this, it ruins the series and makes the consumers realize the developers dont give a shit about our gaming experience, they just want our money and that they will do that EVERY WAY possible.

I'll be honest with this one.

I was always a PC gamer.... the first FPS I ever really played on a console was last summer.

To me Halo always seemed like a step down, mostly because I didn't know anything about consoles. Also, people said they really like the multi-player... which I thought was clunky and slow.

Chances are if I grew up playing consoles I would think completely different. Part of it was comfort with the controller, part was having different standards. Not that I had higher standards, just different.

Main Mario games are not getting millked. I feel sorry for you if you think that way. I don't even think Mario gets milked at all as most games with mario in it have good quality and some are one of the best games of all.

ps-button said:
Because it's too basic looking, and please dont say anything like GRAPHICS are not everything! Because when this gen console looks like the previous one,,,there is a problem

PS3 Trophies

Halo 3 does not look anything like previous gens.  Its actually quite a good looking game, and its colourfull (which most games lack these days)

The links are broken BTW

Timeshift? More like Timeshite.

Sorry, but that game was garbage........... sure, it had gimmicks, but they were implemented poorly.