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Forums - Sales Discussion - The Offical June 2009 NPD Thread (Data in 3 hours - 5 weeks ending July 4)

One hour from now + however long it takes for someone to post it.


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Some high hardware estimates there especially the wii
I believe the figures will be lower

All bow to me the VGChartz current reigning 3DS prediction champion 

 Bet with tbone51: Pokeon X & pokemon Y will not sell more than 8 million in 2013

 jarrod said:The Xbox360 or ps3 will not sell more than 75million units

July 2009 daveJ saidTrue the wii has a large lead now but by 2017 the most likely result will be 1. ps3 2. xbox360 3. wii <-- wii's successor launched in 2011 effectively killing sales of the wii

 2009 daveJ said: The wii will not break the 50% marketshare barrier it will go below the 40% marketshare barrier though in the future. VGChartz members: Impossible, youre an idiot that knows nothing about sales

why isnt anybody excited?

Imagine not having GamePass on your console...

I guess nobody cares for NPD anymore, since the console war is pretty much over and settled

"¿Por qué justo a mí tenía que tocarme ser yo?"

I'm going to say Fight Night is quite undertracked.

Numbers please?

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I think X360 is slightly undertracked and Wii slightly overtracked. Let's see how my prediction turns out in about one hour :P






DirtyP2002 said:
why isnt anybody excited?

Low numbers expected, bad economy, it's summer, "Teh console warz isn't funny anymore" pic your choice.

venepe said:
I guess nobody cares for NPD anymore, since the console war is pretty much over and settled

nah just slow months of the year usually means predictable results. Holiday season is the real party.

Can someone post last month's numbers



i am right on time

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