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Forums - General Discussion - Show your true face!!!

I always knew you were hardcore, Leo.



This is me and my gf @ Modest Mouse. 

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This cucumber is grrrrrrrrreeeat!

Link in case image gets cropped too bad.


Oh, and could we all kindly EDIT THE PICTURES OUT WHEN WE QUOTE SOMEONE!!! This thread is going to be a horrible mess in no time otherwise.

Soriku said:
leo-j said:
@soriku's pic lmao!!!!!



Lol, that's not me.

 Don't listen to him Leo-J.

He is just mad at me because I have a gf...Don't be sad Soriku their are more fishes in the sea ^__^''.

I always knew soriku was a nintendo fanboy.


Soriku said:
Lol, shut up. That's from the fanboy thing DonWii posted.

And you look high leo XD And nice 'stache

I was sleepy.


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So when will we see Soriku's true face?

Soriku is scared.



Lol leo-J You are kidding right?

(I saw that pic also on your MYSPACE).

lol Soriku...You became a Nintendo fanboy because of a rumor? Oh this is wonderful. No wonder you cling so tight to that possibility. And what will happen when the next Sora/Rikku escapade ends up on the PS3, and nothing for little 'ol Wii. Will you defect?

leo looks just like how I expected him to look. like a gansta wannabe =P j/k

anywho here is my pic...i think. if it works